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  1. fg engine rebuild

    Ordered the exhaust valves & head gasket but the pistons $242.00 each list! Are they worth it? capa via fleabay has diamond piston, Par rods & total seal rings for $2245 is this comparable? Or am I muddying the waters & should just wake up to myself & go with what Jet suggested? Who do you recommend in Sydney to do the machining? ( I'm in NW Sydney)
  2. fg engine rebuild

    Thank you for this information it's invaluable!
  3. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Double check your plugs under the coloum, make sure a wire hasn't backed out of the ignition harness ( the one with the really thick wires) if the icc wasn't plugged in the remote locking wouldn't work. check that all the plugs are plugged into the fuse box especially the one in the frount (I think it's brown with big yellow wires in it)
  4. fg engine rebuild

    Thanks for the replys. I did not even consider the stock pistons but that's something I will seriously consider. I discounted main studs & girdle as unnecessary for my power goal (or am I wrong?) I was going to keep the chain & guides but that's out the window now! I do intend to run head studs (12mm) Stock rings or something 'better'?
  5. fg engine rebuild

    Its time for a rebuild. I've just picked up a NA fg engine (9k so it's like new) I'm happy with 400kw (at the moment!) so I would like your opinions on A : pistons. looking at a spool kit but I want the engine to be quite, on the manley site it was talking about the wrist pins being offset (like original) & this will make the pistons quite (especially when cold) I don't want a 'rattler' like GHP ended up with. I thought the noise was from excessive piston to bore clearance's? Atomic sell cosworth pistons which don't need as much clearance & should be quiter but is it worth $1400 more? Do I need another balancer as I don't intend to raise the rpm limit. A new set of billet gears for the stock oil pump & a yella terra flex plate. B: With the head do I put better exhaust valves & plaz. springs (with retainers or just springs?) or atomic sell a head ported with springs for $2600? I'm going to use all the other valve train components from the NA engine as it's nearly new (and genuine) The cars already got KPM injectors, 460 walbro pump, 3582 turbo with a 11 blade wheel, flapper mod, 3 1/2 x force turbo back etc.. which will be transferred to the new engine. I'm open to other opinions on this build but I'm not after a dyno queen as its a weekend car that has to have good manners. I can buy spool rods for around $600 for H beams or$700 for I beams (which I don't think I need) I hope somebody can point me in the right direction especially regarding the pistons
  6. fg cyl head difference

    thanks for that, it's what I thought & a big help
  7. Hi, is the NA head different from the turbo head? I know the short mtr is different but is the head (and cams) the same?
  8. New Car - F6 Typhoon R Spec

    How many rwkw's can your wallet support?
  9. Swapping BCM with PCM

    Just use the ICC out of the sedan that way it will 'talk' to the ecu, & key & should run then it should be strait forward for someone with a scan tool to sort out the air bag & trac control lights. The ICC has the key reader on the top & the bcm on the bottom With the scanner it will read the sedans VIN but that's of no concern Use the sedan cluster
  10. Imagine trying to get that through ADR's!
  11. Change them both & only use genuine. Open the bonnet, put the car in drive & load it up against the brakes & watch how much the engine moves! try the same in reverse to check the other side. They are a consumable so don't think they will last forever
  12. Issue Xr6t fuel

    Don't try & clean sensor just replace it with a new quality one (only the frount one not the one under the car) O2 sensors are not designed to last the life of the vehicle veiw them as a long term spark plug. While these engines have suspect coils (replace with genuine only) if it runs good on the road it does not sound spark related, as you accelerate you add more fuel and therefor need more spark to light it. If there's not enough spark at idle there's not going to be any were near enough under acceleration for it to run properly. by all means change the spark plugs (and do a comp test while your there) check or replace coils is a maintenance thing on these engines. You might just have a leaking inlet gasket or the injectors need cleaning but you have to make sure the basics are right
  13. cheap gtx3582r

    spares box has special till 28/3/18 20% of everything 3582r $3600 down to $2900 seems tempting!
  14. Conversion question

    The engine loom is different (ecu has 3 plugs not 2) fuel pump is different (but not big enough anyway) change ICC (with bcm) change cluster & It should start & run but lights may come on dash about ABS (if it hasn't got it now) Just put them side by side & start switching stuff, It's not that hard just remember they were designed to be assembled in a hurry so as long as you understand the sequence of installation the dismantling & reinstalling is straight forward
  15. Can’t identify noise

    Try the bolts that hold the exhaust housing onto the turbo (next to the oil feed pipe) there's 4 or 5 of them & Ive seen on a couple of cars that one has actually fallen out

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