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  1. $5 to $15 P/m seems expensive? My Dropbox is 1tb and is $9.90/M Im only using 26.8% of it. I'll rent you 50gb for $10/m
  2. I have the best prepared, car of all time. Nobodies car is better prepared than mine, let me tell you.
  3. If you go any lower than front and rear LCA's parralell to ground...
  4. *wholeshafts Because ute
  5. Do/have you smoke/smoked a lot of pot?
  6. Dropbox holds all of my tune files
  7. Mines pass all scrutinity besides yours. #overthetopoilline #nofrontentry
  8. Do a sick *beep* ya burnout
  9. He was the same when trying to get him to stay in his own bed all night. He wasn't even 3 yet and I said to him one day that him waking up and then waking up mum and dad was making us very tired and it was going to be worse when the baby arrived. "okay Dad" Has slept through since. Normal child rearing tactics do not work on this child.
  10. Toilet training my son, Him-"Dad I don't want to wear Nappies" ME- "Use the toilet and you don't have too" Him- "Okay" One or two little accidents later he was toilet trained.
  11. Bullsh*t Asshole, nobody likes the camaraderie here.
  12. Miss fire will be spark related. How old are the coils?
  13. I can't recall if you do or don't need to. I've also got another incode generator program that's paid, but small enough to share via dropbox etc Me on weekends