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  1. Is the munted thread in the sump? If so bulk room to helicoil it. Plug the drain hole with rag first and don't drill all the way through. The holes are blind from the factory.
  2. I hadn't seen that question, if the thread is munted and jams before compressing the gasket to the point it'll seal then the only fixed is to fix the thread. Otherwise a sly washer on the bolt may give enough compression before it jams. Either way paper gaskets in an area that sees as much heat as a turbo drain is testicles and a high temp oring arrangement will always be better
  3. No. I have no doggie in this scrap. Not all the way through to the diffuser but through the thread and flange. I'd still run it though.
  4. Last two appear cracked to me?
  5. Good to see nordlocs will be used
  6. Sound like grounds for legal action.
  7. What spec rear housing? Got a boost v rpm plot? I've got an s364.5-sxe on my F6 and love it. #datspool
  8. squeak will be related to pad contact in the caliper. A little CRC Stop Squeak (or plan old RTV) in the piston to pad contact point and on the pad wear pads the noise will stop.
  9. Pics of S369??
  10. -stever- might have a set laying around
  11. https://I.imgur.com/gksirGO.jpg In this pic it looks like the top of the disc isn't flush with the top of the pad? That patch of rotor that's not seeing any pad action is weird?
  12. Hi, I'm Ralph Wiggum, president and CEO of Ralph Wiggums logitec numeric keypad emporium and warehouseThanks to a shipping error, I am now currently overstocked on logitec numeric keypads and I am passing the savings onto you!!!!!