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  1. #1 cylinder cops a lot of heat from the thermostat housing. Start there.
  2. Have you checked the manifold to cylinder head gasket for vac leaks?
  3. Pressure side (from the thermostat housing) should go to the bottom fitting on the core, suction hose to the top so the core remains full. It does sound like a mixer issue though.
  4. Keep the daily, daily spec. Spend wheel money on fixing f6
  5. Link to ad?
  6. Older ID1000's aren't etched with the logo but do have hand engraved batch numbers on plastic body and have the last 3 or 4 digits ground off.
  7. Get the latest model fg turbo pcm you can find.
  8. Have you had the connectors off the pcm lately?
  9. Op is still a ginger FGT
  10. In all the years we've been tooing and froing regarding tuning and cars in general he's failed to mention that. I have mixed feelings about that.
  11. Op is still an FGT
  12. Did you scale the data for 4bar base pressure? PM Me an email address and I'll send you some info
  13. Shame I didn't read this sooner, I was in karratha this week, could have looked at it for you.