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  1. Hi Ralph wiggum issues I have with  my o6 tornado ute. ...it runs and starts well but when stopping at light  it feels under load on drive gear and it seems like its gona stall it dose that all the time..... the car got 90kms on clock  few workshop told me soo many damn different things  so over it.   I like bit of help from  your its that's cool with  you..... what's your suggestion? Please 😆😆😆😆

  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    They test for masking agents.
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    I would never have a beer again if it was legal. My chosen industry means I'm not able to indulge but if I ever get laid off and have the opportunity to take an extended amount of time off I know what I'll be doing to unwind.
  4. XR6 Flex fuel kit

    Get ya signals bent
  5. My journey to a empty bank acc and a divorce lol

    Pics of tits summit?
  6. ZF conversion into older car, is it possible?

    So essentially you are using the abs module as a signal converter? The system can be setup with an aftermarket hall effect sensor and the correct tone ring to avoid using the abs module.
  7. ZF conversion into older car, is it possible?

    Did you use factory ABS sensors for wheel speed/VSS input?
  8. ZF conversion into older car, is it possible?

    Looking at this in detail it looks like a nice piece of kit, however someone would need to be willing to strip the TCM from a 6hp26 and rewire to run off the standalone controller (the unit is designed to run a 2011+ 6r80 which doesn't have an integral TCM) but the major flaw I see for us is all the mapping is TPS based load not MAP based. As we know with a turbo car under 100% TPS, TPS and Load don't always correlate.
  9. ZF conversion into older car, is it possible?

    It can be done with just the PCM and wiring for the trans. transplanting into an older chassis that doesn't require BEM or ABS integration is a much easier task. It won't unfortunately. Although mechanically similar the brain in the 6r80 is quite different. It would be far more cost effective to use a factory setup modified to suit. OP it's entirely possible, as always best to start with a donor vehicle and make sure whoever you use understands the conversion otherwise the cost will rack up very very quickly.
  10. Sa Members

    Now, I don't follow the footy per sae, but I'm fairly sure that's not the best idea?
  11. My Build

    Thanks Brian, will be interesting to see how it performs at high revs Assume your running spark cut on the shift?
  12. Sa Members

    What's kicking Radelaide? What's the hotness on a Thursday night in the Cbd?
  13. RACEWARS 2017

    ?? I thought you had a built box?
  14. My Build

    Did you go with faceplated gears Brett?
  15. Ford ba xr6 turbo ute problem

    How healthy is the battery?

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