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  1. Fuel pump upgrade

    My intank works a treat. No multiple pump bs either.
  2. How do I remove rear lower control arm

    Cradle needs to be dropped
  3. Fz auto slipping when cold

    Give It a decent whack on the face of the plug first. It's also good practice when trying to remove steel parts that are threaded into ally to tighten them slightly first then back them off.
  4. Fz auto slipping when cold

  5. Torque Twist

    Leaf spring life Fit a rear Sway bar will make a big difference
  6. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Why not blues?
  7. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    1 pump or 2?
  8. BA Tailshaft

    I broke an na half shaft stalling a car against the convertor Was stationary in my driveway at the time Made from high grade Swiss cheese
  9. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Aww that's cute, do you keep it in your purse with your tampons?
  10. Stay in spa cabin

  11. What Made You Feel Good Today

  12. What Made You Feel Good Today

    They are pretty versatile with the input, they will take a 0 to 5V input or a Pwm signal (20 to 90% DC) or just plain old pulled to earth signal.
  13. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Mines a 41401-3 the smallest 1200hp unit, but on 18v it still pushes 420ltr hr at 84psi fuel pressure. Im using a boost a spark to pump the volts up, off boost the speed control relay disconnects the control signal from the Reg and switches the control terminal for the pump to earth for minimum pump speed, once it comes onto boost the boost a spark pulps up to 18v and the pump gets full speed control. This is all geared around reducing return flow. With a big mechanical reg you could just use a Hobbs switch to control pump speed.
  14. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Test Drive Small snippet Pump and controller are working perfectly and zero surge/stable afrs on less than 1/4 with no surge tank.
  15. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    I heard @discostigis laid up for a while with a tender hose

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