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  1. some bad company in this thread
  2. He either gets the disclosures made or you gonna roller blade.
  3. Manifold mounted sensor is tmap. The other us boost pressure.
  4. Not quite, ba/bf1 struts are different to BF2 and have a different spring length. Ba/f1 spings are not suitable for bf2 strut assy's and vice versa for bf2 to ba/f1. As complete assemblies they are interchangeable. Either way unless the r-spec suspension was very very low km and on the near side to free...not much point.
  5. I like. Do it.
  6. OK¡¡¡¡¡
  7. I just sat down with a beer and downloaded each doc whilst shitposting on here. *sorry I meant to say that's what I would do if I was a legal copyright owner of the documents.
  8. Battery is dicked, or you have an and earthing issue. Or both.
  9. Media fire servers will be hurt'n Tonight.
  10. Utes doen't get DSC so don't have the steering angle sensor. You've probably given the lhf ABS sensor a whack.
  11. 90kg/cm or 6.5ft/lb or 8.8nm of meth.
  12. So to further recap Stripes (who is now either Singaporean/Taiwanese), has bought a Methlab that is contaminated with toxic chemicals from a factory fire/explosion that occurred in 2014 in a suburb 17kms away? Ezy2Confuze, have you considered having yourself swabbed for meth residue?
  13. So to recap, Stripes is buying a methlab that he already lives in?