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  1. Best guess was a mastiff x American Bulldog but he was a rescue dog so we never really knew his breeding. Im going to miss him hanging out in the shop and constantly pinching and chewing my tig gloves.
  2. Not pissed off, just plain old sad... After almost 12 years we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to the big guy tonight, old age caught up with him so we decided to let him go peacefully. I could not have asked for a better dog and will miss him terribly.
  3. MTX-L outputs are configurable with logworks
  4. MTX-L are a good unit. Have one in my car.
  5. GTW series are based on To4z architecture from memory
  6. Is it a miss you can hear at the tail pipe or feel through the steering wheel? If the later, have a good look at your engine mounts.
  7. BF2 322 x 28 with good pads and line will perform just as well.
  8. Painted and likely smaller than your current ones
  9. Pads and lines would be a better upgrade on a BF2
  10. @JETURBO what cats do you recommend?
  11. Nope. BF manual PCM will work,best to avoid FPV pcm for any conversion and use the bf equivalent of the car.
  12. Here's on I built earlier so I'm pretty confident this one will work out well
  13. best place for them. Chimmons? Australia says no.
  14. for which car?