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  1. Issues with poor XR6T

    Exhaust leaks.
  2. Problem with performance mode

    if in doubt,clout
  3. Diy Tuning

    Reduced cost if all you need is a pwm controlled pump, PCM Speed control signal output and a FPS.
  4. Diy Tuning

    External speed controller I have now is built into the Reg. No pressure sense for pressure control bothers me.
  5. Diy Tuning

    Pump speed control. No return, pump output based on engine demand.
  6. Diy Tuning

    Do it. I detest surge tanks and running big pumps flat out all the time. I'm primed as my fuel pump will take take a PWM control signal and im part way through and intank conversion. Driving this with one wire from the ECU would make me very happy HACCKFB KGO Get that working and you can post a pic of me using my MVPI as a door stop (well temp door stop as I'll need still need it for logging ...hint hint) Yeah but LPG is for Fork Lifts and BBQ's Or ecoboost G6's? aren't they a completely different ECU?
  7. Diy Tuning

    No I haven't. Agree re painful. Start harassing Toads his mustang needs boost and a tune.
  8. Diy Tuning

    My F6 does Rolls. But only because I've got a fuel lab pump and reg setup that varies pump speed based on return flow... The only return flow systems I've seen with FPS's are the diesel setups. Enable returnless control. We can all run mustang dual intank modules and pump controllers and get on with life.
  9. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I think its closer to 115% imported
  10. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Our resident metalolologist will chime in at some stage but that pipe has cracked due to poor quality steel being place under stress. Hence cracked next to the weld and propagated from there.
  11. Diy Tuning

    I like turtles
  12. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Are you able to source any additional flanges and transition pieces?
  13. Diy Tuning

    If your cars idling like sh*t at stoich you have a bigger issue. Have a listen to the power and speed podcast EP with Greg Banish. Lots of good info about cats and lambda.
  14. Diy Tuning

    Unless you want your cats to stay lit and not melt
  15. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    About 5k over priced given the kms imho

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