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  1. charge your battery
  2. I'd be more worried about the poke on the lawn than the poke on those wheels
  3. Mixer/Blend shaft controlls the ratio of warm to cool air not the vent allocation. Remove the glovebox and ave a look in the Passenger side foot wheel up under the dash next to the icc and you see the HIM , its a white/tan coloured unit with three coloured levers coming out of it. Have a look and see if and of the link rods have come off the levers or if the levers actually move when changing vent assignment. Also try disconnecting and reconnecting the him. I've seem them come back to life after doing this. Or get really techo and use Forscan and an ELM327 to run the HIM test/diag
  4. You're getting old and discontinued.
  5. I have a ship it to premium account
  6. Flick it over to Diesel and sh*t gets weird
  7. Ain't going to hurt, but probably ain't going to help either. Either way kudos for spotting it and thanks for sharing your work.
  8. It's a split belt. Noise isn't consistent because belt speed is much higher than engine rpm and the belt isn't timed so the same section of belt doesn't contact the same section of pulley each rotation.
  9. Belt
  10. Smells If it's still slipping either the new trans is dicked or there is another issue. Get the fluid level checked ASAP before you hurt the replacement.
  11. does the ecu require recoding after the repair?
  12. Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you where using the pump booster on the spark plugs (given they are essentially the same device) Upping the pump voltage makes a huge difference to flow. If you can get 18v out of the boost to the pump the 460 will move some serious fuel.
  13. They work no doubt. But I doubt you'll see much power gain. Better off boost/idle from the larger Gap is the best outcome I'd expect.
  14. Floral