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  1. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept/Oct, South Island

    Queenstown is my fave NZ town then Wellington 1886 pub (converted Court House) in Queenstown has great ribs at a reasonable price
  2. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept/Oct, South Island

    I tend to throw up if I'm not driving on the sort of roads we like I prolly will have to pass as I'm expecting my next major customer device to be in development that time frame so all hands on deck at work ... But as you know - I luv those roads on South Island
  3. FG F6 - System Comms Fault whilst driving

    Yep - when my neg terminal was not tight on the battery on my FG F6 - all sorts of lights and wizardary happened on my dash to the point where (well for obvious reasons of lack of current flow) the car would not start. Tightened the neg terminal screws and all good At least had a reason for being late to meet the marketing lady when I offered my greased up hand (no time to clean it properly after hunting around the engine bay for the root cause before the meeting with her ...)
  4. Should I Buy This Xr6T (Merged Topic)

    why Sahil?
  5. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Day 3 Orford Breakfast Swansea Wineglass Bay Bicheno Lunch Matt's Place what more is there to say ahhhh I'll try to get a vid up soon - have something like 450GB of footage to go through ...
  6. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Day 2 Strahan Queenstown Lake Burbury Nelson Falls Derwent Bridge Strathgordon
  7. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Enjoy Day 1 Devonport Hellyer Gorge Stanley Reece Dam Strahan
  8. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Would that be Snowies Cruise in Nov?
  9. For Sale: FG MKII G6E Turbo

    Wow $20k for a 2012 MkII G6E (read luxury model) Turbo with LSD - only 6 years old with all those reputable mods - that's a bargain. Hope you find a new home for it soon mate
  10. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    So what a long weekend - OMG I kid you not - I had to keep the air-con on just to dry away the sweat from my palms for fear of steering wheel slipping through my hands (mind you it was 31 deg C on the West Coast of Tassie at one time). After I got off the Spirit of Tassie had to rush straight in to work as had a customer engagement all day so only now putting fingers to keyboard. I'd like to thank @Rab, @k31th and @YLD127 for making it a fun filled long weekend, great mates, spirited cars, phenomenal roads and rare blue sky balmy weather in Tassie This time we a good number of new roads we hadn't done on the East Coast and some faithful challenging West Coast twisties that we loved so much in Nov last year we had to do again. Tassie really turned on the weather for us - made for some awe inspiring scenery we'd not seen before due to overcast clouds and rain previously - like mountain ranges just rising up as you come over the hill and lake vistas that reminded much of South Island New Zealand and Swiss Interlaken. Gotta hand it to YLD127 for letting us stay at his place on the East Coast - farrk me was that holiday shack an awesome sleeper - if he told us earlier it has such panoramic views of Freycinet and Marie Island and its OWN private beach I would have suggested farrk stayin in Hobart and let's just base ourselves out of YLD's shack Thanks k31th for showing us the way - even with the myriad of let's say roads that did not stay sealed (well one of 'em was my doin ). And Rab plying us with beers even when we knew we should not have had a coldie (like after comin back from the Wine Glass Bay Lookout 1 hr walk quite frankly totally dehydrated and then drank something to make us even more dehydrated but farrk at least it was cold ... Well YLD - he supplied us shelter and used his local intuition for consistent picks for us to partake in Tassie home grown dining. All up for me 2105 km over the 4 days and on this trip there was reasonable number of locations for 98 RON (though not for Strathgordon - we had to come almost all the way back to New Norfolk for fuel but that was expected). I have not worked out the total vid footage yet but as a guide day 1 was about 149GB just from me alone. I'll try to post up some more pics soon.
  11. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Bye Bye Tassie - thanks guys for a fantastic long weekend Fond memories of Wine Glass Bay ...
  12. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Hello Good Morning Hello Good Morning How Are We Today ... Much thanks to Matt for letting us stay at his folks place This is the view from his back patio this morning ... yes - there is a short path leading to the beach lower left - he has his own private beach ...
  13. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Upsey Daisy guys - Battery Point in Hobart looking good ... We got in much earlier last time (cruise last year) so had a good look around Salamanca that trip Puff - ended up having dinner in trendy North Hobart
  14. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    @fpvf6typhoon Congrats on that Maybe PM one of us and if you have time on Sunday you could meet up with us for a short bit as we're planning to be on East Coast tomorrow?
  15. 2018 Tassie Cruise - 08/03-13/03 (All states)

    Breakfast at 8:30am is morning (I'm running late). Thank farrk slept til alarm went off at 7:30am. And forgot to say if anyone had any doubt that this cruise is ON

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