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  1. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Sounds [email protected] needs to stick to being the purple wiggle. Ok that's my reading done for the 1/4. Talk in 3 months. Hahaha
  2. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    @lochie58 whats your point in the sh*t talk. You have issues with arron. Maybe talk with him and not be a wanker on the forum.
  3. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Going to grab the popcorn from the cupboard.
  4. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Didn't don break a repco one?
  5. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Not now. Was on Christmas eve
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

    Phat lunch at moms and a big dinner at the brother in laws. Lots of beers and some fine scotch.
  7. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    He said it doesn't work. Not sure how to use the pedals yet. Lol
  8. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Not the first bike I have put together. Thread had no starting point. I Bananas wish I took pics now. Starting point was on the inside. I guess that's what ya get for buy cheap sh*t.
  9. Weight Training For Beginners

    sh*t I love beers and lifting heavy. Not a good combo but still works for this fat fuker.
  10. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Na left peddle was stuffed. I know its a left thread. But they fuked it up. Old man fixed it in the morning. Kunts.
  11. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Putting jrs bike together tonight. He wanted the cars bike from target. 90% done and the jerkoffs that make the bike have fuked the thread on the left peddle. No starting point. Taps are at work so im fuked for Christmas day. Jr is walking to nans. Ahhhhh !!!!
  12. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Na its not to bad for buck. Seen many others asking more for less.
  13. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Thought so. I got kicked of facebook. Just noticed jonny sticker
  14. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Is that maz car
  15. Big stone chip

    Did see on ebay gs/gt $660 sprayed. It looked like the colour but not 100% sure

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