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  1. Aftermarket coolant temp sensor location

    Why not tap the end of the thermostat housing. B series have it plum back to the header tank, FG on have the provision there but it's blank.
  2. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Screwed up twice today, good thing the utes not a daily, kinda funny though. Wash the ute, oh great idea I'll degrease the engine bay.. Mixed it too strong and the paint on the rocker cover starts to come off. Righto I'll respray it. 1.5hrs later it's on and all done. Move the ute and there's an oil patch. Fark, went and pinched the rocker gasket. Brilliant Sunday lol.
  3. So take it out Simples
  4. My 2010 XR50T Ute

  5. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    Nah. Did a dumb last year after a cruise and got done 35 over, got lucky and it was reduced to 5 weeks back then. This time got done for points accumulated, lasted 7 months with 1 point then done a few ks over. Fun times.... At least the pushbike got me fit again.
  6. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    No progress on the ute for the last while, until today anyway. Got my license back yesterday. Was lucky enough to be able to get Chris from Mobile Custom Fabrications to come over and sort out new cooler piping. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Left the silicone elbow on the little GTX as I plan on upgrading that later this year, no point wasting a plazmaclamp on it.
  7. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Nah just overtime dollars on the ute.
  8. Koya SF01 18x10 All Round

    3* neg. East coast suspension have the jig to do it. I'll pm pics.
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    Apparently. Hilux felt quick this arvo, xr is gonna be mental all over again once the new cooler pipes are together tomorrow.
  10. Koya SF01 18x10 All Round

    285 fronts or gtfo 285 all round is sweet.
  11. Exact badge placement

    ^^^^ That would help lol
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Last day of push bike Weeeeee Day off to get the ute together tomorrow. Happy days.
  13. Making A Non T Barra Perform

  14. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    2 days left till I get my license back. Bikes back tyre decides to blow out on the way to work this morning. Good fun walking the next 5kms.
  15. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Sick of my ute being in peices, decided cooler pipes are getting done properly this time. Picked up a set of 3" plazmaclamps to go with the turbosmart 50mm BOVs. Getting the new cooler piping fabbed up later this week. Hopefully turns out kinda like this but 3" not 3.5".

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