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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning people thank fark it's friday. Pixy Jr turns 12 today.
  2. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    The checkout did a sheet thread count. I think some may get the sheets after watching.
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    oh dear someone been a hungry boy.
  4. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    HOLLY CRAP!! nice gear people I'm way behind. When the time comes I'll be heading for costume build now.
  5. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    @skidxr6t sh*t I got pissed off when the kids lost their Energizer 300 lumens head torch. I know there is better out there but for the kids they're pretty good. Plus I didn't mind them either worked well for when we're away on holidays. What are you look at getting now, the same or something different?
  6. The Off Topic Thread.

    Nice run that Matty gotta love the coast lines
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    morning good people. first day back after a nice long holiday. I dont want to gooooooo
  8. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    Whereat home or at work? Dash Cam Matty front and back. I wonder why I drink so much. This house thing is going to kill I can see it. First lawyer fark around and left the firm, didn't pass on case. So a new lawyer again and still farked around had to keep chasing him and was getting know where. Our friend is partner of the firm and though will be looked after..............NOPE!! New Firm rang them 4 weeks ago they wanted details and who the builder was to make sure there is no conflict of entrance. We got a call back to send through documents we have and had an appointment book for today 4pm. Less than 30min ago they rang us and said they can't do the meeting because of a conflict of entrance..............YOUR FARKING JOKING ME RIGHT!. BANG...........lost my sh*t, huge brain spat. I told them so you wanted to know who the builder was to make sure there was no conflict of entrance and later you asked us to send through our documents and all of a sudden there is now a conflict of entrance...............BS. I told them if these document are send to or used against us watch out because I'll be seeing you in court. They insured me that all documents have been destroyed, I bloody well hope so and what about verbally how do I know that you wont talk to them that they are being sued. FARK!!...........over it.
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    Afternoon Keith.
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    Time to build a granny flat or a really good man cave My escape was the caravan
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    Been there done that but for just over 2 years and it was me on the drink to deal with it. Good luck mate hope its only a short stay. @k31th 1 week booked at Cudgen (kingscliff) for Country Championship. Best thing is it's right next door to the surf club and on the beach. Will plan to stop on the way up for a few days somewhere the drive into cold coast to let the kids to the theme parks for the day.
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Howdy Keith. 2019 holiday booked.
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Im still on ADSL2+ @skidxr6t I'm moving to NBN soon.
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    Happy Saturday. Need to change over to NBN now. Didn't really want to as the ADSL2+ has been working fine, whilst NBN holders in my area have issues all the time. Just did speed test Ping: 32ms Download: 19.5mbps Upload: 0.9mbps Good or Bad?
  15. What Made You Feel Good Today

    @camo86T I'm sure he would love to but I've always told him it's your plan B and you need a plan A if sports dont work out. So he said he would like to be either a Builder or a architect.

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