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  1. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    the only thing I use my webcam for is Skype Have used google translate in my last trip to Japan but that's it
  2. The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread..anything Goes!

    In these moments of loss, words seem useless Truly sorry for your loss Fluff My heart goes out to you and your family
  3. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I thought that never happens with kids
  4. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    yeah I liked it sure beats a Toyota Corolla eh @Rab I don't know if you read my other post about the dash reflecting on the inside of the windscreen But that does look like a design fault to me I tried to adjust the position of my head to see if it would make a difference but same everywhere I tried ended up using the reflection of the headup display as the best "clear spot" to look through maybe a dash mat would fix it, but I really hate those things
  5. Whats On The Menu

    @Rab That looks way better than my poxy sandwich
  6. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Shall give it a try first thing tomorrow morning
  7. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Please explain
  8. Whats On The Menu

    Couldn't wait Had to grab some over priced airport food
  9. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Will you still talk to me if you make the top 10 ?
  10. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I am not worthy. I am not worthy I am not worthy
  11. Whats On The Menu

    Hang on just a minute there @Rab I'll just change my flight and I'll be in Melbourne in a couple of hours My shout for the beers
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Sitting at Brisvegas airport in Bar Roma as I type with tears welling up in my eyes. Oh hanng on- - - - - It's not tears, it's the bubbles from the glass of Taltarni I'm sipping on
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    And I thought it was just our phones cos in hick town

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