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  1. Whats On The Menu

    Trying out the new spit before catering for 40 hungry, drunk teenagers on thursday night (sons 18th)
  2. Not sure yet, ended up chatting with my son til 2:30am re his turning 18, school, uni and future. Seemed more important lol. Hopefully tonight.
  3. Says he that's not downloading anything
  4. 2 Wheel Transport...

    Must be some good drugs they put them on Lorenzo won a huge amount of respect from me a few years ago after going on to race after breaking his collarbone in practice - I think it was Pedrosa who did the same at the same time and was out for a fair amount of time. Could not think of much of a worse injury to have to ride with. Will be interesting to see how Maria copes. Doohan always used to be a great one to come back from injury/ride while injured too - pretty sure he raced one year with his ankle in a cast.
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    There's a joke to be had there somewhere about MBAF smashing box and cutting your grass, but am not up to it today
  6. 2 Wheel Transport...

    Rossi racing this weekend 3 weeks after destroying his leg - fark me. Was sure it'd be at least season over - maybe retirement. These guys are friggin aliens. 1st practice is at 5:45pm - will be tuning in to that.
  7. Lol - haven't looked at any reviews yet. They whinging about using a controller?
  8. Just started the 32GB download. Think I'd better get off my butt and move the rig
  9. Rooms prepared - only need to move the setup in now and get racing
  10. Weight Training For Beginners

    Could get a big ass fan http://www.bigassfans.com/au/
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    Must be - your "good morning" post got a and it's not a Friday
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning all Had chiro yesterday - first time in about 5 years. Woke up freshest I have in ages.
  13. Weight Training For Beginners

    Rookie mistake http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/man-gets-his-penis-stuck-inside-a-dumbbell-plate/news-story/a8f9c6969f8870f6ed5ebc530a8080bc
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    OT - my son's turning 18 shortly. Wants a quiet party at home. Am now catering for 40-50 17/18 yo's who want lamb spit/gyro/souva etc HELP
  15. D'oh - all good - it's something I should have had sorted years ago
  16. Just setup a Velop mesh WiFi system at home (3 nodes, 1 acting as base station, all using cat5 for the backhaul) Was previously using 3 wifi routers scattered around the house, meaning I had about a half dozen SSID's, uneven coverage, dead zones and spotty networking at best. Now I've got full coverage using the one SSID for the WiFi, using the same subnet as the wired network. No more having to change access points depending where I am and what hardware I want to use - Sonos finally works properly throughout the house with zero effort, can access the car from the loungeroom, can work outside and not have to battle to get the correct signal to reach my server etc. Decent headache I've had for years has been relieved
  17. need? Since when has this forum been about need? Definitely some potential of using a RAMdisk there too - keep meaning to have a play with them. Plus..... porn
  18. Yep - was only when my situation changed and was no longer able to attend that I fell off the wagon. Hate it when life gets in the way of things :S
  19. What worked for me for individual sessions was just by making them part of the daily routine rather than an action that was approached fresh each day. Work-Gym-Swim-Groceries-Dinner By doing that without fail there was never a choice/decision to be made, no motivation needed.
  20. Could go 2 x 500/512gb NVME in raid 0 for about the same price Good choice on the chip - I don't think the 7740 would have even supported the 8 sticks of ram, or the 128gb. Make sure you get the Aorus HB-SLI bridge rather than the Nvidia one - Nvidia one doesn't clear the waterblocks. Have a play with this to work out your cooling. https://www.ekwb.com/custom-loop-configurator/ For some reason it wouldn't let me add the 2nd GPU (maybe they don't have a suitable bridge in stock for it), so you'll need the correct water block to bridge them (or just use soft/hard pipe with the extra fittings) and it didn't add a 2nd radiator (because only 1 GPU) so will need to get that and the fittings as well. Make sure you keep the order <$1,000 (to avoid getting slugged at customs) and check local (PC Casegear) to see if local pricing is better on parts that they have available - I'd recommend using the same brand though for the whole setup rather than mix/matching. Worth getting the passive heat sinks for the NVME from them as well - the sticks do run hot and can throttle, especially with not much airflow in the case due to the WC not needing the throughput (unless the MB has a cooling solution built in)
  21. In other news.... have preordered PCars 2 and currently making room to setup the rig properly Hopefully this time I'll get the setup complete and get to have a play before life happens again. grrrr
  22. Waiting for the upgrade ends up being a vicious circle lol I've got about 5TB of games on my secondary drive and usually just play of that and don't really notice a huge inconvenience.. If there's any that I need the faster load times or am hitting pretty hard I just cut/paste from the HDD to the main one and "reinstall" - it's all pretty painless. My "sim" machine is just running a single 512gb SSD, holds most of the things I want (racing and VR titles) and is easy enough to copy stuff over the network if I need something else. Same with the lappy - although that's got a 1TB ssd for storage as well as the 512 NVME. Decent rundown below:
  23. Ah - perfect. Looks like it's designed so the EKWB "bridge" between the 2 cards would fit perfectly.
  24. Good to see Personally, I'd go a z299 board with a CPU that takes advantage of the chipset. Am running 2 gpu cards x16 pcie, (instead of x16,x8 or x8, x8) 2 nvme drives and some other sata drives on my z170 board and it's playing mix and match as to which SATA ports work and which ones don't (due to PCIE lane limitations) - normal z170, z270 (or z299 boards with the 7740) have even less pcie lanes to play with than I do (it's an odd board with an extra PCIE controller or something). If you're going 2 GPUs , the nvme and want to do some content stuff (more HDD's or SSD's) then you may wish you had the legroom. I'd probably also get aircooled GPU's and chuck waterblocks on them rather than the OEM watercooled solutions if going 2 cards. A single, decent radiator is easier to fit and cool than the 2 "smaller", chunky, ulgy ones that come with the cards (I think they'd be AIO's rather than something you can alter??) and can be part of the rest of your cooling setup - especially if going water for the rest of the setup. EKWB have a great config on their webpage where you put in your setup and it puts together a parts list. (buy/order in stages to avoid the $1k Aus trigger on orders before duty/gst etc if you purchase from them - I think PCCasegear?? stock a lot of the items) There are a few cases out there now that work with the Gigabyte AORUS RGB and others that work with whatever MSI's or ASUS's version is (cant remember which) - I usually stick with Gigabyte (even if not the smart choice - other brands have let me down real bad at different stages through the years - GB haven't yet)

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