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  1. You guys have had login errors?
  2. I'll let one of the mods change, delete or expand on this thread as they see fit, but if anyone gets bumped to another users account instead of running amok and getting banned could you put in a single post in this thread then sign out? ie - post the correct username (who you should be logged in as) then log off
  3. As far as I can tell it's only ever been people who have a current session open that you get swapped with. I use the "Facebook Login" as my method of signing in. I wonder if it's only affecting others who use that and something with the client there?
  4. The black plastic rectangle sheet that's in the bottom of some of the reuseable "cloth" supermarket bags are awesome as a mouse pad. The even have two textures on them (smooth and rough)
  5. Yep - same here. Surprisingly the busiest time for me was between xmas and new year - usually totally dead at that time. At least diverting the phone and remote desktop allows me to get a bit of space. Best one was when a client called while I was doing 200 down Gardner Straight
  6. That's what this thread is for - while you're Jet (or anyone else) post here, post your normal name then log off (after replying to all @JETURBO PM's)
  7. I probably have to fill up twice as often (or more) than if I was running petrol so can't "hold off" to the monday cycle That said - gas doesn't really seem to have a cycle and yeah - <$30 for a full tank makes the issue pretty small
  8. You had outstanding notifications that were cleared or you logged in and there were some marked as read that you hadn't checked yourself? I've noticed that sometimes notifications don't trigger for me (rather than having existing ones cleared) Have also had the notification "popup" happen, but when I go to check there is absolutely nothing there. eg: "Puff liked a post or quoted you" - go to check and it never happened
  9. 66.9 I paid today - and felt ripped off :(
  10. Was backend caching that seemed to be causing the issue - that was turned off and it seemed to be fixed. Something seems to be creeping back into the system though - especially if you had the full access to another member (think that's the 1st time since caching was turned off that an incorrect login actually stuck)
  11. Would rather proxy hugs and kisses from a Gigabyte booth babe I wasn't wrong though - it was a six-pack job (as in - I drank a six-pack while typing it) The OEM stuff that gets installed on the PC is usually OK/good/excellent (designed for the computer) - it's the 3rd party stuff you need to get rid of. Sometimes it's hard to separate the 2. A lot of the stuff is often the best way to get the gear working as it's designed and allows tweaks/speed that aren't standard. Things that speed up hard drives/transfers, allow extra power to USB charging ports, run optimised drivers/tweaks for the networking, activate soundcard settings etc. Hard to differentiate from the stuff that you use vs the extra bloat - laptops are the worst, but just about everything tries to install "antivirus", "backup", "media" stuff that you don't want.
  12. I'd rather burn down my place and start again than have to move
  13. Six pack or slab is my usual mates rate (depending on the work/time needed) So yeah - $150 for Freaky
  14. Easiest/best is to get an independent valuation done (not an agent) Valuation will give an honest idea of what the place is worth rather than an agents "pulled out of their arse to make the person asking interested" price They also won't have any vested interests.
  15. The INF/chipset driver is the main one that Windows won't update. http://download.gigabyte.asia/FileList/Driver/mb_driver_chipset_intel_w10.zip Install APP center and let it do its stuff http://download.gigabyte.asia/FileList/Utility/mb_utility_appcenter.zip Should be able to update the BIOS from within it or by adding @BIOS to the app center http://download.gigabyte.asia/FileList/Utility/mb_utility_atbios.zip Latest BIOS is here if the @BIOS app can't find it and you need to point the app at it. (Check your current firmware - ignore if it's already F8 http://download.gigabyte.asia/FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_ga-z97x-gaming3_f8d.zip If the computer if fine after all that then leave it be. If you're having issues with anything then grab the drivers for it. Let the App Center do whatever updates it needs to. Otherwise: IF IT AIN'T BROKE - DON'T FIX IT
  16. It's usually about a 6 beer job
  17. Try a coat hanger and see if there's a filter? edit: E85 I'd be worried that it could eat the plastic and contaminate the fuel/pump/filter etc (probably not an issue though - considering the types of liquids those plastics contain)
  18. Drivers for what? First I do when the system is up and running is update the motherboard drivers from the manufacturer. Then the motherboard firmware. The the graphics card from nVidia or AMD (I don't use the brands drivers, just the official ones) Then let windows do it's updates. Once that's all stable I get any print drivers, soundcards drivers, etc for any extra hardware. Then I install any office products, run updates Then install the other stuff. If you have a steam library etc on a different computer you can usually copy the files to the correct place and let steam do it's stuff instead of having to download everything again.
  19. Just my dashcam (Blackvue DR650S - need to get rear cam working - dodgy cable) Will have the GoPro's synced with 10hz GPS (current phone/dashcam polls 1hz), ODBII and Laptimer next time Must remember to fire up some music.
  20. Am probably going to sign up for this one - yell out if you're interested in coming along. Had an absolute blast at Sandown and really want to try the Island. http://www.driveevents.com.au/shop/
  21. Last one - me and 2 of my mates (Red Maloo and Blue XR6)
  22. Won't be choosing the "Slow Group" next time - just far too many cars on the track. Red Maloo is my step son