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  1. Ah crap - no cars you could borrow?
  2. How many k's in that year? Placebo?
  3. Depending on which way you guys are headed to Derrimut - don't forget the point to point cameras
  4. The Off Topic Thread.

    Could also try changing wifi channel on the router - could be something interfering
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    Always better off with ethernet cables. Have you tried moving the wifi around a bit? Maybe easier to get the router to a point where it's got good connection to the TV? A wifi extender may also be an option somewhere in the lounge?
  6. The Off Topic Thread.

    Nah, I suggested one as an option to puff to get net to his tv - wifi having issues keeping a connection.
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    No wonder the kids want the netflix back on the TV
  8. Lol - oops - was a quick look on a small window Anyway - just imagine there was
  9. Can imagine coming out of a corner, giving it a squirt before the next corner and it upshifts as you're coming off the throttle approaching the next when you wanted it to stay in gear for that turn. Could upset corner if you're forced to put in a downshift at the wrong time or go round in a higher gear. That said - would depend on how smart the electronics are. edit: went back to check out the vid to look for just that: Check out the vid at the corner just after the 7:05 min mark - he comes out of a corner and starting to go into the next when the car upshifts - throwing the balance and approach out - pretty sure he wasn't looking for, nor ready for that gearchange
  10. Not sure - he mentioned the "sport shift" is good for downshifts, but it upshifts on its own.
  11. Matte black and definitely debadged for me
  12. Should be fine unless you have a couple of big ones on the same circuit - kettle, aircon, dryer etc
  13. Will be interesting to see how it goes once the tuners get hold of it properly (the Kia I mean) No way to hold a gear is a definite downside though - hopefully the "smarts" in the tranny lessen that negative. Would definitely be on the shortlist if I had to purchase new tomorrow
  14. Think bigger The slots with extra space are great for the wider plugs too Could also get powerpoints with more outlets attached (or more outlets)
  15. ?? Am tipping both the modem and the TV are next to a powerpoint of some sort Plug one end to the powerboard where the TV is. Cat 5 to TV Plug the other end to the powerboard where the modem/router/switch is. Cat 5 to router No need to overthink it
  16. Probably need a 12 meter cat 5 The folks use a powerline adapter like these that work really well to get the network to the TV/Stan box with no issues (saves running a cable through the loungerooom or getting under the house, into the ceilings)
  17. The Off Topic Thread.

    Think it'll be a standard Brembo kit
  18. Didn't you have a Celica to bring?
  19. 2017 Motorsport Titles Tipping

    All resting on McLaughlin this weekend to make it 4/4 - go Ford How did you guys go in the championships I wasn't following?
  20. Hey guys, I know it's a little late to catch the start of the season for every motorsport, but thought I'd throw up a small tipping comp thing where we can put up our predictions as to who will take out the 2017 titles in their respective championships. Add in your predictions below in any class you wish to have a punt or have an interest in. Feel free to add in new ones or ones I forgot. F1 Lewis Hamilton: Rab Sebastian Vettel : bloodycrashboy Daniel Ricciardo: K31th V8SC Scott McLaughlin: Rab Jamie Whincup: bloodycrashboy Chaz Mostert: K31th MOTOGP Mark Marquez: Rab Maverick Vinales: bloodycrashboy WSBK Jonathan Rea: Rab Chaz Davies: bloodycrashboy WRC Sebastian Ogier: bloodycrashboy NHRA TF Antron Brown: K31th NHRA FC Ron Capps: K31th NHRA PS Jason Line: K31th
  21. Only 1 week to go Not too late for others to join up
  22. Sqeeky suspension?

    Shocks, springs are now on Gumtrree? "Good condition, don't squeak"

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