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  1. Hey guys - any interest in a quick "Welcome to Vic, they're called SOUVLAKI'S, not kebabs, gyro's or lamb, bread, yogurt, salad combo's" for @MattyP on sunday arvo? No cruises planned as yet, just a quick catchup and match the person to the profile. Nothing in concrete, just seeing if any interest in http://www.stalactites.com.au for a meet and greet.
  2. So... Glenny's Kebabs https://www.zomato.com/melbourne/glenny-kebabs-glen-waverley Sunday arvo? 2:30ish? Who's keen?
  3. KK - Glenny it is then? Where's Glenny? Who's up for a souva?
  4. That's the next thing I need to do - sort out the spaghetti that is my server/network/NVR cabinet
  5. No worries, Only chose stalectites as somewhere close to where Mattyp is staying. If he's happy to drive somewhere to say "Hi" then it opens up options.
  6. Was last time I saw it
  7. Just grab a lift with @k31th in his N/A XR6t
  8. Scared of the onramp?
  9. Kebab Souvlaki
  10. PMSL The ex just turned up with this
  11. Would I be the only one that would love a "safe" place to post after a few stubbies? Sometimes after a late lunch, irish breakfast or drunken night of debauchery I feel an overwhelming need to jump online and start posting. It isn't until I get back on the forum in the daylight that I realise what a rambling, incoherent, dribbling mess I've been (yep - am feeling as if I'm going to wake up tomorrow and find tonight has been one of those nights) Anyway - I'm going to try and limit my philosophical, beer addled postings to this thread. If I ever start speaking crap in a forum topic, I'm probably drunk and should be sent straight back to this one. Hopefully I wont be alone
  12. kebab
  13. Nice - have a wander round the Queen Vic Market (just up the road from you) Sat or Sun arvo How would a souvlaki (or gyros/kebab - whatever the foreigners call them) and beer sound for Sunday arvo? http://www.stalactites.com.au/ (only 3 or 4 blocks from you) (it's a Melb institution for drunken 4am munchies, not a flash restaurant) Phone GPS with camera locations is pretty much required Tom Tom has crowd/user triggered warnings for mobile speedtraps which is awesome. Fixed cameras - keep under 3k's over or you're done A few places have point-point speed detection too - Tom Tom phone app will let you know and tell you if you need to slow down.
  14. Nice drop, nice price. Would highly recommend for "medicinal purposes" which we both need
  15. You old fart My mind still thinks I'm 17 where most of what I do is illegal and frowned upon
  16. Excellent choice Gives you the weekend for Pitlane and Shockworks to get the car up to scratch Could definitely catch up for a beer Sunday arvo - where are you staying? (will probably be a place nearby that'd be great to catchup - will post in the Vic thread to see if anyone else wants to say hello) You've been to Melb before haven't you? Know the deal with the tolls? And the speed cameras? edit: if you wanted to drive back via the coast you could tie the Kingslake drive in with it (or it's just a hop, skip, jump to the Hume) - GOR is the other way, but also gets to the Hume.
  17. Wow - Ok Not sure if anyone here will have the answers. Might be able to find out how many FG-X utes were produced and how many 6/8/auto/manual/NA/turbo but any deeper would probably need FoMoCo's help. Try asking a different department or on their social media until you find someone who will spend 2 mins on their computer to find the answer
  18. Holiday? Here as a tourist or work? Misses or alone? Your car or hire car? King Lake, Yarra Valley, Healesville would be a good half day trip. Drop into Healeseville Sanctuary if the misses is with you. Great Ocean Road would be a fantastic day trip (if weather and time permits) - easily doable in a day and something to tick off the bucket list. Mornington-Peninsula (my area) has some great back roads too - Arthurs Seat is definitely a fun hillclimb and some great views Yell out if you want to catch up for a beer or if you want to see if some of the crew are up for dinner (no pressure - we'll catch up with you on the Snowies Cruise now that the dates have been changed to accommodate you and weddings ) edit: quick google link to the sort of route through Kinglake and Healesville that'd be a blast http://www.caradvice.com.au/510855/top-driving-roads-around-melbourne-kinglake-and-chum-creek/ If the day was going to be wet and I had to choose between GOR or the hills I'd go that one
  19. Bloody hell - maybe we need to start a new thread - old broken forum members? Was going to put in a tasteless joke about kneeling, but decided against it.
  20. How'd you do it? Impact or mis-step?
  21. Ouch - ankles and knees bring tears to my eyes.
  22. Panadine Foirte (500/30mg) and nurofen from the bathroom let me get to sleep last night
  23. Broke my friggin pinkie toe yesterday - sore, but sort of forget about it til you try to sleep or knock it - whole leg aches :( .
  24. Email through to Ford with your VIN and questions would probably be the way to the answers.
  25. Where abouts are you staying? How far do you want to drive?