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  1. Whats On The Menu

    To keep it on topic, Tonight's menu is wings.
  2. Whats On The Menu

    8-9+ marble wagyu - am sure the cow had a better life than I have. Will be cutting mine off the night before, salting it and leaving it in the fridge overnight For you @Puffwagon
  3. Whats On The Menu

    Small bit of scotch for Anzac Day BBQ. Will let the boys cut off and cook their own steaks.
  4. Am putting it up to see if there's any interest. Am looking at doing a run through the South Island of NZ in Sept, using the AFL Grand Final holiday as a free day off (Vic) 5-7 days - hiring the best (most fun) cars available and doing a tour. 28th of Sept is the public holiday in Vic and I'm confident that my team won't be involved. (We'll find a pub to watch the game in.) Anyone from Oz half keen on visiting NZ? Anyone from NZ half keen on meeting us? I've done the North Island before (hell, I was married to a chick from there for a while), but ever since I did year 8 geography I've had and urge to visit Milford Sound. Anyone tempted to take the trip with me? Flight are cheap - car hire will be cheap (shared/on rotation/short straw/shot gun/want to drive) (enough interest I'm more than happy to ship a/my/any car over to put it into rotation)
  5. They fixed or mobile? Show on your GPS?
  6. Guy came out yesterday to do the quote - was using $9-10k as his rough estimates, cash payout. I am tipping the insurer will come back to me with $3-4k coz they all suck
  7. Pics Of 275's All Round For Circuit

    Pretty much the ones casting shade were the ones getting nailed
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Allows for quick filling via a bucket
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    Nah - liquid amber - no good for smoking. Have already had 1 trailer load disappear from the footpath.
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    Tree all chopped up and stacked on the nature strip. Insurance contacted - claim processing started. I think that's enough effort for today - time for a beer
  11. The 85" UHD TV was definitely in the kids cubby house too
  12. Whats On The Menu

    Were fine. Lots of effort for minimal return though. Would be great as a croc pot casserole
  13. Slept through it. Glad it was the small house and not the big one. Just installed the cubby - is $20k a good value to give to insurance?
  14. Whats On The Menu

    Yum Needs maple syrup
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    Cooking cute lambs necks tomorrow wonder if I'll be able to taste the fear at the point the where it was sliced
  16. The Off Topic Thread.

    George Lucas would just CGI ol' blue into And say that Keith shot first
  17. The Off Topic Thread.

    Hawaiian with prawns and garlic used to be my order
  18. Whats On The Menu

    Had me til BBQ sauce - that stuff is rancid
  19. The Off Topic Thread.

    I think he's referring to menopause I don't think he's realised that there's really no time limit for blokes I think he'll work out soon he's allowed to suggest that contraception isn't a foreign delicacy
  20. The Off Topic Thread.

    Ah fark - we need a new thread "K31th's kids say the darnedest things"
  21. The Off Topic Thread.

    "and an intercooler"
  22. The Off Topic Thread.

    "But dad, I'm going to put a GT shaker on the bonnet"
  23. The Off Topic Thread.


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