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  1. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    Correct and the other products cannot change that value (yet). So I was saying that when it gets down around that value you seem to be able to tune around it with other tables. @ratter does a great job so I am not surprised it drives well.
  2. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    10 mins to flash, an hour to recover? PCM is about 50 seconds, TCM is even quicker (writing). Most interesting, is this the normal time for SCT?
  3. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    Nice strategy (HAEK2ME, ZF - AR29-7J105-FB). As the picture shows it is 2.5 seconds on your car. I did try this value but on the Territory (BF) I could not get it to stop and had to go even lower. Using HP Tuners I did try getting the car to downshift to 1st at higher speed but that did not help. Thanks for this, much appreciated.
  4. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    Rab, Cool, other people report it can be tuned around as well. It seems to mainly afflict the Territory Turbos and it is only on this platform has Ford increase the delay for first gear selection to 3 seconds. Sounds like it can be worked around with anything less by doing the normal changes to the tables available in other products. Normally you can get around the first gear stall up by tuning the ZF Stall time tables or the torque management tables in the PCM. For some MK IIs (the FGX XR6 Sprint is one of many) you have to disable the "ETC cut for drivetrain protection" flag to get them to stall up. Never an issue on MK Is. Do you have your tear tag/catch code off the drivers door? I am very interested to see what the factory calibration for the ZF on that car is. I suspect it is around the 2 second mark, and when I set the territory to that level I almost had it perfect. Anyway no more issues with towing.
  5. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    I asked for a fix a few years ago but no one could resolve it. So happy it is gone now. One table change. I have been in a car ratter tuned the gearbox on and I was super impressed, now he will be able to fix this as well.
  6. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    LU82, yes boost by gear is in all strategies that support it. We believe we are the only ones who have this correct in the MK IIs as well. We also support Boost and T-MAP across the range (BA/BF/FG) as well as full VCT control from the Enthusiast up. Changing strategies is also supported. So like ratter said, we do have more parameters. Our Workshop version is true OEM calibrator level access. The ZF flashing is currently working and we need to go though a couple of weeks of testing before releasing to our customers. This is really exciting and I am now fixing definitions and classifications (just brought online 2000 new parameters for the BF/FG ZF that the competition does not have). Rolls has been putting in things that tell the ZF the PCM is being flashed so that it wont throw DTCs as well as many other enhancements.
  7. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    42 lb bosch green injectors is a great match, that is where I started. 95 and LPG safe tune will probably be close to each other for power. I found when tuning a car for 98 and switching it to LPG I picked up a bit of power (don't have the dyno run but maybe 5%). Ratter will have done a great job here. I will work with Mick to see if we can get the signal from the JTG to feed back into the IMRC (not sure if it is possible). I had a piggy back Haltec Interceptor on the car at one stage and I was picking up the signal from the JTG control unit when it was actually on LPG (not priming) and that worked OK but the JTG controller needed replacing so that is no longer on the car. One of the things that may be worth considering is water injection. Your 95 will out perform race gas and maybe even e85 in terms on knock resistance. That could certainly be switch on via the IMRC controls just like NOS. I used a system on my Subaru (just water injection) and it was brilliant, especially at Winton
  8. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    From what I have seen in the ZF we can change these values and increase the temperature that it allows flashing. I would not risk this as there are comments like if the chip is over a limit then flashing will fail. I am not sure what state that would leave the ZF in and if it could be recovered.
  9. PCMTec - SCT/HP alternative?

    Rab, Are you doing this because the injectors on LPG and Petrol are not matched? Something along the lines of having factory petrol injectors and LPG have been set up for higher power? I also have a JTG system on my Territory and have looked at the IMRC but I have not been able to work out if I can use the signal from the JTG system to tell the PCM the IMRC is in a different state but mine is a BF. If the IMRC can be only be used the other way then I might get it to turn on the petrol injectors to supplement the JTG and maybe water/meth as well. Once Rolls and I get the Workshop version/scanner done for PCMTec I might be able to have a play.
  10. Diy Tuning

    Puffwagon, thank you for the feedback, greatly appreciated. We took the advice from the lawyers to it will probably be legal speak. For information of the DIY Tuner forum: Enthusiast is at a tuning level just beyond what HP Turners offers, does not include ZF tuning and costs $300 + GST Professional is at a tuning level beyond what SCT offers for both the PCM and the ZF (Editing working, flashing under development), $600 + GST Workshop is effectively OEM level tuning with extensions they do not have. Not for sale just yet. PCMTec reads the calibrations from the car,like HP Tuners and Sniper. Does not have their limitations in determining the calibration. Demo version is Workshop level
  11. Diy Tuning

    Boost a pump does not change the life of the pump, this is well researched and is a common misconception. I have been running it for over 5 years now and done 250,000kms on it. Pre Ford using the same injectors so mine is JTG on a TTG. Wifes car, tuned down to 390awkw, one pump plus a lot of secret LPG tweeks learnt getting there.
  12. Diy Tuning

    EcoLPi yes, I was told that Ford had to dumb it down as it had about 220kw so it would look the same as the petrol jobbie. Anyway we can tune them and yes if you find the matching PCM you (and we do mean you Ralph) have access to do what every you want. All the cars I have done on LI LPG make quite a bit more power than 98 but it is work getting the fuel once you get above 360rwkw on a turbo 6. Also there is another way to do fuel pump regulation, the old boost a pump (fuel pump voltage controller). That takes a single pump from about 300rwkw to over 400rwkw. MSD is programmed on pressure, which is perfect.
  13. Diy Tuning

    Ford does use a returnless system in one fuel type in the Australian Falcons. It can be done. Only available in PCMTec
  14. Diy Tuning

    Rolls (highly likely) and I will be attending the Heathcote drag meeting this weekend. It's the Sydney vs Melbourne Street outlaw meeting. PM me if you are going and want to catch up.
  15. Diy Tuning

    Much easier to read the asm and work it out. You get traction after reading a few million lines We are identifying all the routines we can and using them as a hint for where the parameter is used.

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