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  1. Hi Guys, Currently we are behind a few versions with the forum software and thus need to update to the latest version. With this update the costs of getting it installed, the skin updated to ensure that it works with the updated software and as well all the plugins need to be updated to the latest versions at a cost. Unfortunately the site does not have the funds to do so, and would appreciate a donation no matter how small to ensure that we can continue to provide the community we started back in 2002. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/index.php?app=donate&module=donate&controller=index In total we are looking at about $500 in costs which includes all the plugins and updates you love such as timeslips, garage etc. Thanks in advance and I hope you have a great weekend!
  2. Why join FordXR6Turbo.com? Joining FordXR6Turbo.com enables you to become an active member on the site. You will gain access to dedicated XR6 Turbo Discussions, including modifications and workshop forums. You will be able to responsd to posts, create new topics on any question you have and participate in online live discussions. Becoming a member also grants access to forums such as Ford Performance cars, General Ford Discussion, our dedicated Ute section, Cruises & Events and many more including V8 MotorSports & our extensive Photo Gallery. and of course it's.. absolutely Free to join! You can become a member by clicking here: >> Join FordXR6Turbo.com. So join today, and be a part of the first and original site dedicated to the Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo .. FordXR6Turbo.com
  3. Hi Guys, Just wanted to apologise re the downtime this week from Sunday. We were unfortunately put in a situation where our domain name had expired whilst on auto renew and the registrar held the domain name for ransom, demanding an exorbitant fee to release it, which unfortunately the site did not have. After phone calls every day, as well as numerous support tickets, they decided to release it on the condition that we renewed the domain manually for two years in advance. This was done and the site is live. Thanks for understanding.
  4. Site Downtime - This Week

    I call this period their "ransom" period...
  5. Site Downtime - This Week

    Thanks guys. The redemption period they say is from 30 - 90 days, so we would have been fine.. I just didn't want to give into their demands when it wasn't our fault at all.
  6. Greatly appreciated Mark @Boosted Blu This will go a long way and assist with some of the much needed addons. @arronm In regards to the advertising throughout the site, this helps to pay for the monthly hosting costs / server costs. Unfortunately if we switch these off then we wont exist. The current advertiser's on the site as well go towards the cost of the monthly server / hosting. Appreciate the generosity you have given to the site in the past
  7. Thanks Paul. This went towards the "forms" addon for the site.
  8. Thanks for the latest Donation Andrew. The $20 has gone towards the Videos Addon. Thank you.
  9. Guys just wanted to say thanks for the donations! Absolutely greatly appreciated. Have managed to purchase the updates so far for: Time Slips Garage (Collections) Birthday Greeter
  10. We are currently looking for someone with some spare time on there hands to assist in growing the advertisers on the site, and assisting them with using our social media page as well to post specials and increase exposure. The role will include: Managing existing and gaining new advertisers across Australia. Managing Invoicing - Though this is done automatically at the moment on a recurring schedule. Following up on payments / dues Utilising FB and the forum to increase exposure for advertisers. The role we anticipate will only be a few hours a week at maximum, or can work with the time that you have available to put into this. As per what we did previously the role would have a commission component included in which a percentage of advertiser spend will be allocated to pay for the role. Unfortunately due to costs related to the hosting / upkeep of the site, this role is critical in keeping the site moving forward for another year. Without the assistance of our advertisers and our moderating team, the site would not be around. Any expressions of interest please send me a PM and I will respond accordingly. Would prefer a member who is active on the site and has been around for some time to be the right person for this role. Thanks
  11. Advertising Coordinator Role

    I did in limited capacity. @ROB83RWhat would you like to know? Send me a PM to discuss.
  12. Advertising Coordinator Role

    Same place I'll send mine too.. you know I appreciate what you do [emoji1303]
  13. Advertising Coordinator Role

    Keen on having a chat with @baxr6ute and @arronm I am sure that with the both of you, we can have the site running for another year. Sending you both PM's.
  14. Can you please check now have made some server changes. Thanks
  15. This is from IPB - Hi Chris, Do you have a way of consistantly replicating this? I dont seem to be seeing a problem when logging in using the username 'ralph' that you mention below. Kind Regards, Marc Stridgen
  16. Ok going to turn it off again...
  17. It's back on as you said it was still happening.
  18. So I am guessing it's not a caching problem then?
  19. Confirming this has been done.
  20. Yes will do. Will turn it off tonight and let you know.
  21. So i am presuming this is not fixed?
  22. Guys after some investigation IPB are saying that it may be a caching issue with the server configuration. I have disabled caching at the moment, can you please check it and tell me if it is working now? or we still have the same issue? Thanks
  23. Age Of Fpv Owners

    Out of curiosity wondering the age of FPV owners. I bought my first FPV at 27, and curious what you bought and whether it was new or not, as I am sure some of the older cars are now being bought by younger guys. 27 - 2004 FPV BA II Typoon (New)

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