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  1. Happy Birthday K Citric!

  2. Happy Birthday K Citric!

  3. Happy Birthday K Citric!

  4. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, lovin it. It is Happy days(at the moment). I think like everyone of us once we get the feel of the power under our feet,we just want more and more. One thing I have learnt so far from this forum is that everyone's input is very helpful and a massive learning curve, and if people ask for help they seem to get.Cheers and look forward in meeting up.
  5. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    hey ms700, I take all my cars to V&E Rigoli racing at Wetherill park mate.You from Prestons also?
  6. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    yeh I'm not sure as to what the duty cycle was on mine, but seeing that he said it was starving for fuel and he had to bring it back, it could be 98-99%(only guessing). I could ask him tomorrow and see what he says if that helps you?
  7. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    Hi impellor, how u doing mate, not sure about records but I do know that next few savings will be towards injectors, pump and valve springs. Then I would guess another box will be a MUST....The tuner did say that it started to starve for fuel around 280 and he dropped it back to 271 where it was happy as a pig in poo...lol
  8. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    got my baby back, 271 RWKW at 9PSI. the car is so much more responsive now and a pleasure to drive even more. Yeh mate u r right in what u said regarding tuners, Vince said, soon as I got in there, he tuned it mid to high end so I don't make a toss salad withing a couple of weeks of my box, but the only thing I could say was maybe 4 weeks..lol
  9. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    Even if I drive like "driving miss Daisy"lmao(maybe not possible)
  10. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    Noooooooooooooo Damn....lol at 250rkw?
  11. (Dyno)The Wait Is Killing Me

    Have a 2004 BA XR6T 5 speed 145xxx at the tuners now. Just got the call and first run on dyno with aftermarket inter cooler, CAI and center Muffler removed came in at 205RKW at 5PSI. Mods getting done at workshop b4 next tune are Larger Flapper, 12psi actuator and 4" dump through 5" 100cpi cat and 3.5" straight through with hi flow mufflers. Hoping for 250RKW due to standard valve springs and injectors. Is this Possible? Cheers KC
  12. Happy Birthday K Citric!

  13. New Members Thread

    HI all, just got myself BA 2004 XR6T, manual in Citric acid. I had an import before this and thought was time to get back to Australian cars and this car was a the choice for me. Hope to learn and meet up with some of u guys. I'll pick up the car Friday and then I will be able to get some pics up.....car is stock from what I can see. I think the brakes have been upgraded cause it has slotted discs with black Ford PBR brakes(if this is an upgrade then first mod done....woo hoo...) Cheers KC

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