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  1. Hi XR6 Turbo Family, We have just landed some CONTINENTAL 245/35R19 93Y SPORT CONTACT 6 we can do as an special deal to forum members. We can do these tyres for $275 fitted and balanced for a limited time only or while stocks last! RRP on these tyres is over $375ea! To book your car in or to order please contact us on (02) 9567 2888! Australia-Wide delivery also available! Cheers, Al

    Hi Ford XR6 Forum Members! We have some specials on the latest Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. BRAND SIZE TREAD PATTERN PRICE MICHELIN 215/45R17 PILOT SPORT 4 $150.00 MICHELIN 235/45R17 PILOT SPORT 4 $155.00 MICHELIN 225/40R18 PILOT SPORT 4 $200.00 MICHELIN 235/40R18 PILOT SPORT 4 $200.00 MICHELIN 245/40R18 PILOT SPORT 4 $220.00 MICHELIN 245/35R19 PILOT SPORT 4S $300.00 MICHELIN 255/35R19 PILOT SPORT 4S $375.00 MICHELIN 275/30R19 PILOT SPORT 4S $400.00 There are plenty of more sizes available so if you don’t see your required sizes here, Give us a call and simply mention your on the forum and we will take care of you! Cheers, Al Taleb Tyres & Wheels (02) 9567 2888
  3. Hey Mate, Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately No, No RS3's currently available in 19" ! Suppliers are currently in a drought for RS3 Hankook's.
  4. Hi Forum Members,   Please see below list of Yokohama A050 Semi-Slick that have just come into stock. The prices and qty's are listed so get in quick! Most are a 2014 Production. To order or book in call us on (02) 9567 2888. Regards, Ali   BRAND PATTERN SIZE QTY PRICE           YOKO A050 195/50R15                 7 $110 YOKO A050 195/55R15               35 $110 YOKO A050 195/60R14               51 $100 YOKO A050 205/50R16               28 $125 YOKO A050 215/50R15               14 $125 YOKO A050 215/50R16               14 $150 YOKO A050 225/45R16               10 $150 YOKO A050 225/45R17               20 $150 YOKO A050 225/50R15               14 $125 YOKO A050 235/45R17               10 $150 YOKO A050 245/40R18               21 $200 YOKO A050 255/40R18               50 $200
  5. Hi Cameron, Unfortunately the 275/35R19 Z222's are all out at the moment. Last price we had on them was $275ea We are trying to source some although may be quite some time before they come available again. Regards, Al
  6. thanks for reply guys- could I grap a price for invo's in 265 30/ 19 as well? cheers  




      Hi Mate,

      Sure! We have the 265/30R19 Nitto Invo's available instock and we will be looking at $250 per tyre.

      Let me know what you think!




  7. Nitto Specials - Australia’S Largest Nitto Dealer

    Hi Scott! Sure, We have the Nitto NT05 available instock in 275/30R19. We can do them for you at $350 per tyre delivered to your door. Let me know what you think. Cheers, Al
  8. Nitto Specials - Australia’S Largest Nitto Dealer

    Hi Mate, They actually need to be manufactured so will take a couple of weeks. I will keep you updated!
  9. Nitto Specials - Australia’S Largest Nitto Dealer

    Hey Mate, I will have a look for you if we have some more sets. I know a new batch was ordered yesterday so that should not be too long til they are back in stock. I can do them for you at $30. I like your style.. Double or nothing lol So in this case it's 60 bucks for you.
  10. Nitto Specials - Australia’S Largest Nitto Dealer

    Thanks Mate, You know it wouldn't be any other way !!
  11. Looking At New Rims And Tyre To Accomodate Brake Upgrade

    Hey Mate! Sorry had not been on here for quite a while! Did you end up finding the same wheel/finish you were after? Regards, Al
  12. Nitto Specials - Australia’S Largest Nitto Dealer

    Hi Guys! We have been restructuring and have not really been looking at the forums although we are still passing the deals through to the boys that have been calling! We are back on here now! Either send us a message, Leave a post here or give us a call for pricing or fitment assistance! We will have specials and new deals posted very soon!
  13. Nitto Specials - Australia’S Largest Nitto Dealer

    I just sent you the quote Thanks
  14. Lenso Wheels Now Available

    They don't make the D1R in 19" only 17" 18" and 20" Really wish they did make it in 19"
  15. Lenso Wheels Now Available

    At the moment 18" is the biggest size available

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