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  1. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept, South Island

    lol hope your passengers dont get car sick if im not driving id get car sick my 22 month old did hahah
  2. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept, South Island

    you must be a millionaire good luck avoiding a speeding fine in that
  3. Rab's mates FG N/A - thirsty

    id say someones pinching his fuel
  4. Rab's mates FG N/A - thirsty

    is he saying the 400kays to a tank on the range? or has he actually used the odometer to check?
  5. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    no I couldnt afford it at the time
  6. My 2010 XR50T Ute

  7. I Think Not

    if I had my time again went through all of high school wanting this too, fkn should have bought one god darn it and I wanted to convert my vl into this
  8. Sloshing noise

    hahah weird as, cant say ive stuck my head under with my car, exhaust is too loud.
  9. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    having an even faster ute will do wonders for your licence :/
  10. I Think Not

    this rocks my jocks
  11. I Think Not

    shoulda kept it, hard to find any nice examples. my cousin had a white one. loved it.
  12. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    hahahah yep im keeping the place alive with my sh*t
  13. I Think Not

    yeo and I love it same with the el xr8's red pinstripe as well want
  14. I Think Not

    ^^^ if I had a commo ss again vs for sure. oh redline, never heard it explained as a ssvr before that's all.
  15. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    depends who ya know too

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