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  1. = look at me I`m gay
  2. Unless its new car extended warranty which really is a mirror of the 3 yr warranty from new Ford offer several different warranties https://www.ford.com.au/owners/warranties/
  3. `Jib` is that a sailing term...unlike yourself I cannot be classified as a sailor...no navy here.
  4. I don`t even like Fiats, too young for a cardigan. If you are a cryptic hakr, pls deposit money into my account
  5. wtf hackr I no longer have the matching cardigan
  6. Oh no, I'm -Stever- as @hrick Time to do my usual trick and post junk threads asking to swap my XR6T for a Fiat
  7. same
  8. I had the same issue, ended up being steering rack...
  9. good, then you should realize then that, which is all I have been saying, In Australia, in both research and academia, the ranking (if you like) is masters, doctorate, phd. Do professional doctorate degree, and that bit of paper at the end says doctorate NOT PhD. they are separate degrees, all I said in the beginning was a professional doctorate is not a PhD (because it isn`t), and you said `your kidding....` time to move on I think
  10. do you have either a doctorate or a Phd ?
  11. I you wanna you could, I have friends that have 3 degrees
  12. correct, a doctorate could be by research or course work, but still a doctorate degree (engineering etc) is not the same as a PhD, there is quite a difference in requirements, breadth of research etc.
  13. I dunno, but they are 2 separate degrees, e.g., you can do a doctorate in clinical psychology, or a PhD in clinical psychology...different degrees,as I said, a doctorate is not a PhD degree