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  1. photo link not found
  2. five-eight
  3. which part are you having trouble with mate ? It`s done & dusted (I thought that was evident ?). I made a wrong assumption...moving on...
  4. As long as children are ok then people need to stick their noses out of other people's business, yes, particularly on a public forum. What's it to you if someone finds parenting harder than others? Nothing. What's it to you if someone's kid has formula or is breast fed? Nothing. I`m unsure if all/some of your comments are specifically for me or not, irrespective...all good, & yep if you can avoid medication even better, the vast majority can`t/or wont try.
  5. Yes, PND is very serious & it sounds like you are experiencing psychosomatic symptoms as well. Seeing a Clinical Psychologist in addition to medication is often therapeutic & in some cases the best line of treatment. Yep, I did make assumptions which is very easy in forums without the ability communicate properly. I can emphasize with kids/babies having medical complications, my 4-week old required open heart surgery & again at 4 years. Looking after yourself, treating yourself is very important right now...:-)
  6. I know right, but I had say say something...
  7. Seriously you have a nanny & are posting about difficulties/negative aspects of having children....oh please
  8. = look at me I`m gay
  9. Unless its new car extended warranty which really is a mirror of the 3 yr warranty from new Ford offer several different warranties https://www.ford.com.au/owners/warranties/