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    The accelerator pedal.
    The view driving along the coast from Ocean Reef to Scarborough.
    Those two bouncy things on female joggers.
  1. Stever must be liking the wet weather for extra skids factor today. At least I got the underbody washed three times on the way to work.
  2. New stuff
  3. Well I'm so optimistic because I made sure they are not being delivered by Australia Post.
  4. It will be an even happier Wednesday if both the new mobile & case do actually both turn up tomorrow like the tracking shows.
  5. I had my mum driving me around all last weekend & the only things she found different between my G6ET & her AU XR6 were no manual in my car & the pedal feel in my car was different she said, which makes sense. My car is not highly tuned so behaves about the same as a stock XR6T.
  6. I don't know what feels weirder, being the passenger in my own car for 3 days or the feeling when you see someone else drive off when you drop it in to get work done. I did like the comment "what's making that sound like a plane taking off" from mum though.
  7. There was a conversation about this in I think it was the off topic thread & those ranges are basically normal. Some people have the non stock temp thermostat (108 farrenheight iirc) which their tuner installed. I bought my G6ET with basically XFT's stage 1 package which had the gapped spark plugs, ID1000 injectors, XCAL 3, "cooler thermostat" & tune already done by the previous owner. However the first thing I did was get it checked over & serviced & was told the thermostat was leaking. So I emailed XFT & was told by them what thermostat to get & the seal part number, as it could have been either thing that was faulty. I got both because it cost lest than $30 for both, so really cheap insurance. Just an additional tip or two, Ford apparently don't ever change the diff oil, so I would get that done plus maybe get the fuel filter changed depending on the age & K's of the car.
  8. Not legal to drive even with glases. To put it into perspective, I can stand on the opposite side of a normal 1 lane each way road & still have trouble reading a license plate, that's how blurry everything is to me even with my glasses. My glases lenses are $400 each & are specially ground in Japan & are the strongest prescription you can get. That's why I couldn't drive from 2001 to 2014 until contact lense technology improved enough. It's also why I'm pissed Toby Abbott cut funding to the CSIRO who were actually working on the only real solution to my type of eye problem.
  9. So bored right now, I have to leave my contacts out for 48 hours (I have a specialist's appointment Monday) so I cannot drive this weekend & I'm just sitting around going nuts because there's nothing to do but boring stuff like gardening.
  10. Stereo wise you can always go aftermarket. Most head units have USB & blue tooth connectivity, some even have BT streaming connectivity & the ability to use the audio controls on the steering wheel. I've looked at a few of the major manufacturers & have seen single DIN units that easily fit in the space below the factory ICC that have all the features I mentioned. Chelk Alpine & Pioneers sites for examples
  11. Quick question, any good sites that sell new mobiles that don't sell international/grey imports but proper Aus. spec models? I've been meaning to replace the S3 for the last few years but nothing really interested me, I'm looking at the LG G6 but everyone only wants to sell it for full RRP by the looks of it. I'd like to get one before end of this month, that way I can start claiming it on tax.
  12. Never seen it, I still haven't seen Gangnam style or however it's spelt either. My YouTube lists are all Chrisfix, Roadkill, XR6T, G6ET & similar stuff. I must be boring.
  13. I have no problem with the cold at all but then I'm up by 4:30 & riding to work on the bicycle by 5. So I'm well & truly used to it after 7 years of doing that Mon - Thur. The only time I don't ride is in hail or lightning. I love the rain as I know I'll have a nice hot shower when I get to my destination.
  14. Maybe my sister, her little ones are 3 going on 4 & a soon to be 5 year old who is really excited about not being a "little" boy anymore.
  15. Every time there's an attack in London we spend half a day trying to find out if my sister and her family are fine. The time difference sucks.