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    The view driving along the coast from Ocean Reef to Scarborough.
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  1. Except this was in Albany. I'm guessing some of the kids in one of the other units decided all the red dust was fun to doodle in, so no harm done. It's going to be so satisfying giving the car a wash on Wednesday (I don't go back to work until Thursday) and rinsing all the cr4p off. Many bugs committed suicide on my bonnet & I expect many more again on the way home.
  2. Nah I expect diff, input shaft etc. will be close to the last things I do. It still looks like the next round of mods will still be intercooler & piping- I really notice the heatsoak in summer after a few decent squirts - fit the growler & big mouth, from talking to one of the guys, port & flapper mod plus the tune. After that the next round will probably be closer to Christmas & be turbo back exhaust plus decide on which way to go for the turbo. As I said to Steve & Arron, apart from 3 weekends I've been going to home opens every weekend since November, as there's just so many 4 x 2's that fit my wish list, it really is a buyers market right now. So priority number 1 is the house, especially as I still have problems with people pinching stuff & finger prints on the windows from what looks to be people trying to break in. Then I can have the car all locked up away from d1ckheads
  3. Actually this weekend goes to show all the trouble makers weren't the car enthusiasts & Racewars people it was all local yobbos making the noise at night etc.
  4. What the actual f*ck? Did some decide to use my bonnet as a canvas for a mural last night?
  5. Yeah I hope Steve has some fun out there today & continues to have a great run with his car.
  6. Yeag I am definitely back next year. It was great just standing back & listening to some of the conversations & picking things up from what was being discussed. Plus there were some other FG G6E T owners I spoke to about their cars, what they had done to them etc.
  7. Have a safe trip back home everyone.
  8. Saw one of his runs & friggin' hell it was fast. Then the rest of Saturday I only saw Rob's head under other people's bonnets.
  9. I did say mostly stock, so apart from valve springs, the engine is relatively unmolested, plus mostly stock piping etc & stock turbo iirc.
  10. Steve did really well especially when you take into account his car is at around the 320,000 mark and is mostly stock & he drove it here & is driving it back. Good luck with the sprints tomorrow Steve (unfortunately only competitors can go, no spectators, so he will have to post up his videos & let us all know how he goes)
  11. After reading some of the experiences of forum members, I'd be more worried about the timing chain skipping teeth, as I doubt they would ever check anything like that unless there was an obvious problem. Then again I'm always a little paranoid when it comes to big purchases so don't mind me [emoji106]
  12. So is the power outage affecting the whole of Albany or just the area I'm in?
  13. When my friend was in WAPOL he said the coppers used to flog the sh1t out of the XR6T's & the GEN III's as he said to "get their money's worth" out of them So I would never get an ex-chaser even though they have been serviced regularly etc.
  14. I'm looking forward to putting some faces to the names, I think Stever is probably the only member I've met before. I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  15. Does it look like this? If so, I wonder if it comes as part of the premium sound upgrade, as it has a square section cut out for the Apple 30 pin cable to pass through on mine