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    West Perth.
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    The accelerator pedal.
    The view driving along the coast from Ocean Reef to Scarborough.
    Those two bouncy things on female joggers.
  1. Or you could be like my brother & just buy another one. I just used vinegar & baking soda to clean up a pan he threw out Also a whole lemon in some water boiled in the microwave works wonders for cleaning out a microwave. He was a shocker for not covering food he nuked.
  2. Yeah well I know the K31th rule, no pics means it didn't happen
  3. I got the feet lol Apparently there was a serious three car crash which is why they are all at the hospital.
  4. There are three plain clothes & a female detective litteraly a meter from me & I dare not take photos because there's no way to take a sneaky shot.
  5. Blood pressure is a little high today.
  6. Who did you order them throught? Unless it's urgent - like needed today - I've been ordering all my cables from a site called CableChick since 2015, as they always seem to be the cheapest for brand name cables from Comsol etc. Plus they always have had stock & decent shipping times & charges. I've been bitten by cheap cables before, hence why I tend to stick with Comsol etc. now.
  7. I've been enjoying the lack of traffic this week thanks to school holidays & the Easter break, to take the time to drive to work & then cruise along the coast from Scarborough to Mullaloo & back each night. I wish it could go on forever.
  8. There's a cray fisherman up Lancelin way that's spent close to $100,000 getting a Hellcat road legal etc. I believe it's the Blue key Red key side of things the wowsers don't like. Otherwise https://www.motormag.com.au/news/1606/dodge-challenger-hellcat-available-in-australia
  9. I see Boganspeed was mentioned on the back page of today's West Motoring lift-out.
  10. Two of them.
  11. Got home, checked the car to see if anyone has messed with it. Found counterfeit $100's behind another car. Called the Police & they say take them to the AFP office in Perth. I'm so glad I can finally ger the home loan next month & get away from the bat sh!t crazy this place has become. Got video of where I found the notes including the rego of the car I found them behind.
  12. Except this was in Albany. I'm guessing some of the kids in one of the other units decided all the red dust was fun to doodle in, so no harm done. It's going to be so satisfying giving the car a wash on Wednesday (I don't go back to work until Thursday) and rinsing all the cr4p off. Many bugs committed suicide on my bonnet & I expect many more again on the way home.
  13. Nah I expect diff, input shaft etc. will be close to the last things I do. It still looks like the next round of mods will still be intercooler & piping- I really notice the heatsoak in summer after a few decent squirts - fit the growler & big mouth, from talking to one of the guys, port & flapper mod plus the tune. After that the next round will probably be closer to Christmas & be turbo back exhaust plus decide on which way to go for the turbo. As I said to Steve & Arron, apart from 3 weekends I've been going to home opens every weekend since November, as there's just so many 4 x 2's that fit my wish list, it really is a buyers market right now. So priority number 1 is the house, especially as I still have problems with people pinching stuff & finger prints on the windows from what looks to be people trying to break in. Then I can have the car all locked up away from d1ckheads
  14. Actually this weekend goes to show all the trouble makers weren't the car enthusiasts & Racewars people it was all local yobbos making the noise at night etc.
  15. What the actual f*ck? Did some decide to use my bonnet as a canvas for a mural last night?