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  1. Recommended Tuner / Workshop Victoria

    Yeh because a 40 minute trip would really out weigh some mechanic who “stuffs around” using your words .... buy a coffee, get in the car and get it done right ! They even have brand new loan cars
  2. Recommended Tuner / Workshop Victoria

    Mate this thread is full of recommendations for Pitlane Performance at Frankston kind of speaks volumes ......
  3. BA/BF is different to FG line/pump so make sure you got the right assembly I piss off the green o ring for a typical black o ring, works without sealant
  4. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Hi @JordyB Lots of options and considering factors but ill send you a PM
  5. Stock Ba xr6T mail order tune

  6. The Off Topic Thread.

    Had one of those funny moments last night when Shazam lets you know your last one was a good find
  7. Prostitution works ....
  8. It’s definitely an area you won’t regret spending some money on, let’s face it we do some hours in the bed so why not be comfortable. I hate the cost like everything in life but it’s never wasted money especially things like the bed itself, can be stupidly expensive for a good bed and mattress but you’ll know where that money went on the first nights sleep
  9. It’s amazing how much you can spend ( or let the wife spend ) on bedroom stuff especially when it’s super king sizes .. sadface.gif
  10. Yep, send the wife to take care of it
  11. Camshaft lob damage

    All dat full syn wearzzzzz bro

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