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  1. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Yes that’s correct, I’m having a shot At @arronm for once in the same manner he does to nearly EVERYONE else on here ( minimal information or factual insight ) and I really don’t see this as an epic display of dummy spitting behaviour The sad part is what I’ve said in my above post seems like it’s ringing true and that’s shocking for @SeduceG6Et67 to have to have his story thrown to the side like it’s not important or the fact said workshop pipes up once in two years to basically shoot the bloke down and dismiss his claims then clearly note “he doesn’t have the time” in more or less words ( yeh congratulations XFT you didn’t have to post what people know ) professionalism with a situation separates the real workshops and no one is saying every workshop is perfect. I believe this platform is much better that Facebook for getting a point across,gathering information or a workshop having a chance to explain themselves and yes there’s threads with very little B/S in them and full of good old genuine information any platform of information sharing is open to bellends talking crap and even if you take 10% off of what facts have been posted as “inflating” the situation it’s still a super crappy situation for old mate who’s out of pocket, lucky for him Rob at Monster Torque has done the right thing by him and obviously talked him through any modification path,explained what he’s getting and how it’s suited to what he wants from his vehicle and you know what .... to bloody right he should, workshops are quick to take your money but very reluctant to engage when it goes sideways and hopefully more people see why Monster Torque should be the right choice for them and their hard earned money bugger all happens on this forum compared to what it used to be and a bulk of “New content” is dribble and jokes, don’t be so serious Brendan on that note.... are you Pro gift vouchers or Cash for Christmas.... it’s a serious thing you know just ask keify
  2. The Off Topic Thread.

    Can’t wait for the Easter egg saga of 2018 to kick off now
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

  4. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Hey guess what ... two sides of the story have been aired on this thread, one side is a customer who openly admits he knows next to nothing about mechanicals and has paid over 20k for a service/s and doesn’t seem like a tight bugger who could not afford for it to be done right ( heck he’s just shelled out another 20k to workshop B ) one side is a fully equipped well informed workshop who knows nearly everything there is to know and has admitted the customer has paid up for what would of been recommended to him considering the customer isn’t “in the know” is there anyone at fault here ? Could the well equipped workshop of recommended a better package, maybe could the customer ask for a better package, maybe also but probably not due to more than likely going on what he had been recommended by the workshop and their skills the customer has told his side of the story and also told the story of what’s just unfolded and the great service from MT Now to me this doesn’t sound like something a new punter would want to hear about if looking at workshop A to do work on their vehicle but again every workshop is open to scrutiny ( apparently ) and maybe sometimes a customer can just not be reasoned with and this could of been a good time for XFT to actually talk about all they “tried” to do and the “lengths” they went to to help resolve the situation. Instead we see a cheap shot that the customer didn’t spend the extra $4225 to be correct with his $25,000 invoice claim ...... so despite this all going down I'm fully allowed to take a shot at @arronm and the way he talks about XFT and how he can poke fun at any other workshop at his choosing and now I can do the same it wasn’t directed at anyone other than @arronm and it wasn’t defamatory it was a cheap shot to piss him off and so fhucking what .... it’s a forum, nothing happens on here anymore and a shot back n forth between two members means SFA .... the fact it’s including a prominent workshop isn’t my fault nor is it my story... but guess what it got said and said from the horses mouth, not second hand so yeh it’s a forum and banter will happen and will happen often especially with Arron as he loves to give it far more regular than anyone else .... if this was someone’s build thread or a dedicated individual thread I could understand but in the general WA chit chat thread stuff will be said and will be said in gest more often than not Happy Christmas @IH8TOADS and if there’s something you want to discuss please feel free to PM me as I don’t understand your reaction when not directed at you
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    @Frederick did all ours, hate the shops with a passion !
  6. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    It’s a combo deal with replacement muffler bearings $12.35
  7. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Alloy clevo... now we’re talking !
  8. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Nice one scotty, throw up some more pictures
  9. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    Just think it’s ironic that @arronm can poke at any and all workshops and hold XFT in some kind of stupid high regard yet the story’s coming from the Perth scene is becoming regular now can’t wait to hear the kind of bullshyit @arronm has to say from his boyfriend that could never do no wrong
  10. WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    @arronm what do you think about the king pin now ? Cant wait to hear your thoughts on this one ......
  11. What Made You Feel Good Today

    Totally not drugs !
  12. Tail shaft

    That’s the problem @masda74 apples aren’t always apples when comparing products and prices sounds like you just got a re tube/sleeve which is common
  13. Wheel Noise From Front

    Hey mate if the pads have serviceable limits left on them still it’s going to be the front wherl bearings that come complete with Hubs on this model falcon, replace both never just one if it’s low brake pads the noise will be constant but a dead hub/bearing will typically quieten down with either part left or right turning
  14. Tail shaft

    Hey Brad hardy spicer at regency park is the place to go ( we only have two tailshaft options in Adelaide ) but it’s built 1000hp shaft with bigger centre bearing and 1350 uni/yoke configurations new Front Tripod all ready to go are around $2000 all said and done ( that’s supply only no fitting ) not all built shafts are equal and theres varying levels of options have a look in my thread ive done x3 in the past three months for customers cars http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/84077-jets-tuning-oh-no/?page=170

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