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  1. You banter well Arron, me likey its a GTX G1 aswell so needed a bit more boost but holds that 22psi till the end well even with fat fuel in it you know you've got issues not relating to pump capacity don't you ???
  2. So a qualified mechanical metal expert yet can't make a fatigued metal diagnosis or work on his Unicorn vehicle that's so special it bucks every turbo trend power wise yet runs out of fuel at 16psi .... with over 800ltrs per hr of flow sure but hey it must of been the pure awesomeness of the car that stopped it doing 250kmh across the 1000mtrs yet stevers old taxi put you to shame in the same event yet tuned by another hobbiest... this really isn't stacking up well for you here and I'm only repeating the facts
  3. You did thousands of dollars of work for free yet couldn't take a photo or any evidence of the outcome we were all waiting for years ago yeh sure buddy, keep that Uni degree as I see those Uni grads making me coffee in the morning as real trades go to work, hate to disappoint but I don't do power points chief I'm a little further along from that and yes my hobby seems to get enough peoples "jimmies" in a ruffle so that's fine by me that you have to pay to have someone work on your car due to your Uni degree not supplying the skills to spin a spanner hey and if you forgot ( first post in this thread ) I actually went and got my ticket to perform electronic tuning/calibration on a chassis dyno and engine dyno so my hobby actually has the base ground that's required for me to do what I do #WORTHEVERYCENTATUNI Oh and another workshop pumping out 500rwkw on a single Pierberg pump on E85 and way deep into the AFR's there around redline hahahaha, can't just be me and my hobby hey lol
  4. Was only talking about it yesterday with fluff
  5. Hahaha you're a right knob Arron you talk a good talk about being some metal expert yet when @Bomber organised a set of worn FG cams to send to you and a few of us were willing to throw in money to make sure they got to you for an unbiased review you cam up with what ..... nothing, we asked and asked and now you're saying some "Ford" specialist has given you some answers regarding their aware of the situation yeh thanks for that , no chit bring "Ford" into it and they do how much R&D into what oil to run in their engines ? I would say more than any of us as they need to warrant their engines for at least 100,000kms so the fact they're saying clearly to run 15/40 SEMISYNTHETIC OIL isn't a mystery, it's in all owners manuals for any XR6T ( across all models ) that a fact princess not an aftermarket estimate Bring professionals into it and ask one simple question..... what oil should I run in a FULL roller engine ? Guess what the answer is ... the XR6T is a FULL roller engine and has been designed to run with semisynthetic engine oil, Ford have no worries in selecting expensive oils to be ised in their engines so it does not come into cost as service maintenance is coverted by owners not Ford and perfect example of this is the oil for the coyote 5.0 supercharged engine and focus platform, that stuff is pure liquid gold so cost has zero to do with it whereas actual R&D and oil weight specifications does Everyone has an option on oils and that's all it can be without evidence and to correctly compile evidence to that degree we/I/you would never spend that money to prove either way , But Ford did .... love it or hate it the DOHC 4.0 turbo is designed to run with semisynthetic oil and that's from who designed the engine not me not you so maybe you can finally do what you're supposed to be "good" at and give us a proper diagnosis of the issue regarding the cam casing wear on Bombers cams
  6. It's the Hybrid offering from Beemer,been out for a bit now
  7. You can't correctly diagnose a cooling systems operation without a thermostat and fans in place, get them back in and it will maintain temp with water in place no worries
  8. There's zero need for an aftermarket line on a factory position set up as long as the filter has been removed and the hard line is clean and free from build up most workshops stay with the hardlines nowadays
  9. Busy times guys but here's some updates of a few things on the go one amazing Circle D converter for Marks ute a set of ID1000's and walbro 460 to go with a Full Jonny Tig intercooler kit for @Gabbo_32 The one many have been waiting on for pictures and that's the Jonny Tig 1800HP kit with black pipes but polished cooler ( this is including the race intake and battery relocation kit) Those sexy welds Preparation for a full flange to yoke 1000hp Hardie Spicer tailshaft with 1350 flanges and unis for @fun001's build out with the old and looking very average at that New G2 already fitted and the rest is yet to come on this build as it's blown out to a new set of diff bushes and front hubs already with the rest of the mods but that's the way cars go sometimes
  10. The pluggiest of butts
  11. Khunt faces
  12. Thanks for reporting back mate
  13. And all very valid points mate ive never been involved with a circuit set up falcon but as you've shown it's no small challenge keeping a 4000lb barge cool and repeatable going around for minutes on WOT vs a 400mtr sprint that we're all very used to seeing
  14. Hummm so what was the point of the bigger turbo ? at 470rwkw (630hp) the Gen 1 GTX82 is more than capable of producing that at 22psi with the obvious quicker spool time the talk that ball bearing over journal bearing is only 1/10th quicker spool speed so it's negligible but why did you effectively want a laggier turbo as it couldn't be from just the power generation but are you chasing grip or something ?