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  1. Yeh you might be hanging onto it for a while at 16k
  2. Could probably nudge 20-23k for it to the right buyer that may want your exact combo with low kms
  3. Pop a load in her moisturiser
  4. Pi$$ in her cutlery draw job done ....
  5. BA-BF about 7psi total FG XR6T about 12psi total
  6. Nice work Joe post up the dyno videos as they are impressive
  7. Khunt arse
  8. Piks of going OK ?
  9. Haha just make sure you do bigggggg skidsssss down the street as I know my neighbors will appreciate it why are youse comming to Adelaide anyway there's nothing here haha
  10. Sorry mate a BA even with 70k on the clock will need more than just a direct swop of rods, there will be so many associated parts thet will need checking/cleaning/machining/testing and then complete assembly again even if the pistons/boar are already in good condition but I place bets on at 300+rwkw the boars will need a machine/hone/overboar to clean up at around 15-20 though as they wear "out of round" the fact is you could just do a rod swop but why would you screw less than perfect back together when going for power results ?, you just wouldn't shes a slippery slope mate as a semi built engine will swollow 7-10K easy as the "basic" upgrade list is long ! a Typical mechanic/mechanical workshop will charge with machine costs and labour close to what a good aftermarket bottom end is to buy direct from Atomic or the like a cheap option is a new FGF6 short from Ford for ~ $3800 drop it in with some good timing gear and a checked over head with new studs you should be able to get away with a solid 400rwkw capable package for around 7k if you're doing it yourself
  11. Unsure fellas as life is extremely chaotic atm
  12. Nothing just a wind up about what autotech can charge but in all seriousness that graph is less than desirable
  13. From the customer when he seen the bill and then the graph lol
  14. It's showing a decent wack of Knock Retard/detonating or it's spinning the tyres like crazy ! DD dynos don't have the smoothing feature but this is what a clean DD tune should look like
  15. Not such thing on a DD looks like Spiro let the apprentice have a go that day