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  1. Yep a sad day this one what a shame
  2. Cheers Trent Had a bit on lately and I'm enjoying tuning the N/A V8 range alot, it's even a bit weird how much I like them and the gains are tiny in comparison to a turbo falcon where I can drag 30-40rwkw's out of the car with a tune only but having to work for each and every KW is nice for some reason haha anyway I tuned a BA Fairmont today with the 3V v8 donkey engine and it had a set of advanced Tri Y's, hi flow cats and a single 3* cat back system a F6 Typhoon lower air intake on the factory airbox and some fresh 98 fuel with the BTR hanging in there at over 200,000kms on the clock Pumped out a stout 203rwkw before (lol) and after a full custom tune ended at 219rwkw with a sizeable gain from start to finish and the 3V just wanted a bit of fuel in her where the Boss 4V takes well to a lean off of target fuel to pick up KW's,Dialled in the timing with the new "Link G" knock module and noise cancelling headphones All said n done happy days I think
  3. Jamie at Forced Performance Is the man I recommend people to use
  4. Nope I wouldn't, there's a poor pro drifter that slides a FG ute that's been through about 5 engines now and each one melts pistons 5 or 6 so they just keep replacing the engine and roll 80lb dekas also and assume the tune is still ok ... muppets everywhere I tell ya lol
  5. What a busy few days again but what an excellent wrap up for George @fun001 and his build with me and the big trip involved all the way from NSW to SA and back again ! The car has made it's way out to the Drag strip to put the finishing touch on the journey that was and nothing more satisfying than punching out what the Dyno sheet shows it can do ! Casting our minds back a few weeks I took the car from stock (240 odd rwkw to a reasonably modified 390rwkw (best of) ) and today George managed to pedal it to a best of 11.25 and a best of 128.78mph with what's considered a lazy 1.99 60ft. Car was set for racing how I suggested George went about it regarding Tyres,fuel levels,Air pressure,burnout method and shift points and all day it went deep into the 11's so consistently representing JD TUNING in the east absolutely stoked with the time and MPH and most of us know that for every 10th in the 60 equates to 2/10th in the deep end so one rock solid 1.75 60ft and there's a 10.99 in her and both very achievable targets. All said and done I believe the car has produced what it should for a genuine result and even though a larger portion of safety aspects were left in the tune due to this unique situation of George being so far away it's gone great heres some pictures from today ...
  6. 550rwkw on E85 through 80lb junkers and only 13.6afrs haha better than I thought what muppet last tuned that ?
  7. Should be the goods now @sixman
  8. Who was tune shop number 1 ?
  9. Needs moar chicken dance Trent not surprised here, also not surprised they used a Mk1 in the pictures the bellends lol http://www.msn.com/en-au/motoring/news/australias-greatest-ute-as-decided-by-you/ar-BBCKbqy?ocid=NL_ENAU_M1407_OM2-PID86502
  10. Nice graph the 280kw one
  11. Yours is going to be an animal leaving the line from the 2step and with the traction control and sequential shifting can't wait to see it in action
  12. Not on the T it's done all the hard work and you just plug in the road speed vs rpm and it plots the power generation for you based off of those factors and it can dance between a bunch of maps for more or less aggressive combinations and the ecu cuts parameters based on delivery of power or slip
  13. Wouldn't mind flying the 747 though lol ebay sniper bid coming up
  14. Traction control on the elite 2500T is a neat set up and all the hard work is done just dial it in