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  1. Had the pleasure of tuning Nathan's FG Turbo today and with a decent but entry level spec mod list it went well and is very strong with nearly 1000nm of roller torquessss played around a fair bit with boost delivery options and this was the most fun by far and for a daily drive why not have it where you use it the most has a KPM intake,KPM1000's,walbro460,3.5dump/cat/quad system,billet wheel,port & flapper,plazmaman 700hp cooler kit 318rwkw @ 17.5 psi unfortunately my camera guy ( Adam the apprentice ) was under the pump to get a customers Mazda 121 finished before the end of the day so no video .... he gets the best cars to work on
  2. It's just spin city on the street but a 3-4 pull on the dyno loaded up showed exactly what I want to see and yes "My Spec" port and flapper is working perfectly with the tune
  3. 125Km/h is exactly 21.7 psi and 3376 rpm 115Km/h is exactly 17 psi and 3073 rpm standard T3 5 bolt 1.06 rear with my spec port & flapper
  4. The ute tank is held up by only Two big support straps that go all the way around the tank with 15mm bold heads fasteners on the FG the fuel filler is shorter and fixed to the tank and the top connections are left in place but disconnected by the 90* lower push fittings comes out like a glove the B series is a touch longer process with needing to slide the diff back 150mm but that's only a tailshaft and 8 "U" bracket bolts on the leafs see
  5. Nope Drop the whole tank down from below, never ever lifted a tub or cut a hole up on the hoist and a few support brackets and out she comes
  6. I can have an FG ute tank out, pump swop ( inc sender ) and back in all in around 30min FG is easy !!
  7. Replace the tensioner and idler, these are the aftermarket steel items and are like $50 for both easy to change out love you Trent
  8. Hey mate new to the forums - I cant PM for some reason, iv been reading through forums, could you possibly pm me the best option for a turbo upgrade on an fg to get to 350 kw at the rears - and if so any good offers you may know of, cheers :) 

  9. Yeh Spiro will do a good job on anything that comes through the door and definitely why not as the tuning market is needing to expand after the two biggest tunable platforms are all but dusted now. Heck at least this Kia thingo is turbo and RWD !!!
  10. So back to Face Book where it's all roses and praises ......
  11. Caugh caugh KIA's are being tooned already
  12. You say that like we're going to lie to you Ale
  13. FTFY
  14. Yeh I pretty much put my foot down and said it needs a shaft before I pilot the thing with a fast ramp rate and it was something he was going to need anyway what he blows up from here on in is up to him but that being said I bet it lasts forever just like that FPVHEL I did that went 566rwkw and still blazing tyres