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  1. Thanks Camo it's definitely a slow process but we got there not really keif as it's still effectively a smaller turbo so LTRS/hr isn't as per a big turbo, efficiency range is probably the best down low as it was running out of puff uptop as you can see but that's indicative of the small frame/spec turbo
  2. Well here's the results ! old 348rwkw/466.2hp @ 20 psi new 383rwkw/514.8hp @ 21 psi big ol team effort but reports are the customer is wrapt with it as it's a totally different car. The owner can't believe how well it idles,drives and sounds it's also gainded the use of his A/C as previously it didn't work ( that would suck for the climate up there ) its an unusual list of mods including a std FG turbo but with a wheel upgrade to 63mm a external gate with a Turbosmart 45mm to screamer with an Eboost 2 with a tach driver connected bit of a donkey brand cooler but did have some good parts in the mix also it's about as good as we can get it doing the remote tuning but it's a decent graph and the data logs stack up where I want them so that's a job done
  3. They do the snowies 1000 in NSW and that's a good event also
  4. Yeh of course buddy just send me a PM
  5. Be careful buying 2nd injectors Nathan always factor in cleaning and flow testing to know exactly what you've got
  6. Hey nathan Genuine Injector Dynamics are lazer etched on the collar with their logo and "Injector Dynamics" and they will look like this
  7. Trying something new today and that's helping my good mate Anthony out as he's regularly up in the N.T tuning drift cars for the NT circuit and one of his customers has a FG G6ET that's been to every workshop in the top end ( could only be a few up there ) and it's apparently just not right in nearly every regard. so from down in SA it's already got it's first few tunes in it and it's looking good as she's purring like a kitten and trimming sub 3% on LTFT on E85 so hopefully between the two of us we can make a customer a happy camper and bring some life to the beast best results so far for its previous tuner is 348rwkw on 20psi #remotetuninglife
  8. That's an enjoyable article indeed
  9. What two bit town are you in lol ?
  10. Bloody good price for an opt 5
  11. I do not have red hair hahaha
  12. Thanks Luis your thoughts definitely carry some serious weight as you have been there done that a few times and what can we say you've been here since nearly day dot ! looking forward to catching up with you buddy
  13. Oh geez guys I'm feeling the love #NOSOULTUNING4LYF
  14. Thanks for the kind words guys and always here to help the forum members as much as I can also don't mind taking stock ute's and turning them into 400kw beasts to, very enjoyable