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  1. Been there, done that Will probably take one, though, haha
  2. All of them. Sequentially shifted, though, instead of H-Pattern foot-clutched operated haha. Same manual transmission gear structure, though.
  3. the wagon was a little out of puff, eh?
  4. you're serious
  5. never scary, never wasted
  6. super concerned
  7. you mean the "fun" part of the forum?
  8. ** allwhile towing a second car that'll probably also blow the doors off them
  9. it's a personal challenge morning all fair dinkum
  10. she's on my level... the other main financially controlling director is an asswipe, to put it nicely.. he and I don't get along at all
  11. I can't remember what size... just grab an allen/hex key set and it'll be in the standard sizes.
  12. Made a lot of progress and made me happier in my position within the company. The director and I are almost always on the same pathway of thinking, in terms of business direction, which is good.
  13. No, it's just a piece of plastic/metal. It's 100% unnecessary and a styling piece on certain models. If you want one, get one... if you don't want one, don't get one as that's how it comes standard
  14. that's a lot of boost 380rwkW, still... sucks to be in the NT
  15. yep, there's a spot for a hex key to turn on FG's for both up/down (1) and left/right (2) for low beam.
  16. morning all. in the office. meeting with director this arvo... should be fun
  17. yes, I bought that car ^^^ It passed a RW fairly easily and I've done a fair bit of cleaning and paint fix-ups from it sitting around for so long. But I have heaps of experience with these cars and there was nothing mechanically "wrong" with it, so I was happy to buy it in the state it was in.
  18. almost impossible to get into though...
  19. 18x8" ROH Fury, is all that's on there haha EDIT: The daily has 17x8" XR6T BAmkII wheels.
  20. yeah, they're too easy to break and cheap to replace
  21. fantastic replacement fix effort