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  1. ({}) face
  2. morning all
  3. solidly successful day, yep
  4. sorry guys, no office pics... crazy day. no pics of going OK either, as there might be too much information in that sort of pic
  5. a slightly larger (wog/monza cooler or any XR6/F6 one that fits) is fine to replace it with, without a tune.
  6. fixed the pics for the album
  7. Fair dinkum...
  8. going OK. in the office :(
  9. Morning all
  10. haha, well, you made the choice knowing what would happen suck it up, princess
  11. fair dinkum... struggle street, eh?
  12. you don't remember? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...add forgetful to the unwanted talents list
  13. haha good tactics I approve
  14. ohhhhhhhhhhh trentttttttttt if only you'd kept your nightshift stuff going, eh?
  15. how long will it take to get the SL's fitted good to hear that there's some progress, either way
  16. just making sure your tag line is still accurate
  17. fair dinkum... does your car still have "needs", Camo?
  18. this is why you buy a car with receipts for modifications and service history documents.
  19. an drivetrain etc does make it less safe than a brand new drivetrain, but if your tuner is careful and you have reasonable power goals, then you can do it fairly safely... but it's also like asking "how long is a piece of string"
  20. it 100% depends on your power goals.
  21. gambler logic haha; pot commited