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  1. sounds like you need to write up a "how-to"
  2. doesn't sound like 30min... but I'll trust you, ya filthy slurry
  3. unbolting and lifting up the tray instead? or hole cut?
  4. sounds like ford wanted to remove and then refit a whole tank For sedan: There a connection in the fuel module just underneath the rear passenger seat on the left-hand side to a float arm. If the float arm is the problem, then you will likely need to remove the tank to fix it. If the electrical sender bit connected to the float arm is the issue then it's just a matter of replacing that bit and refitting the fuel module. For ute: you do have to remove the tank from the car to install it, so the price from Ford probably included quite a few hours of labour. EDIT: didn't realise it was a ute....
  5. So, you want to buy that house, or do you want to spec out your own house like that?
  6. yep, sounds like a pulley bearing.
  7. seems like a reasonable plan to me haha
  8. ain't that the truth...
  9. that's just parts for the red one... the blue one is going nowhere fast
  10. not yet... supposed to get the last parts that I need today...
  11. haha souf strayan's
  12. it's pointless to post in a thread without at least reading the first post.
  13. it's a known issue, as per the thread. Thanks for your information.
  14. glad that you read the thread...
  15. super security...
  16. morning all
  17. what's wrong with those pictures?
  18. which ones do you even mean, ya spanner?