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  1. happy Saturday, people!
  2. nice work solid result
  3. can't do lunch, but can do dinner
  4. This is the thread to discuss your PC and/or Gaming rigs and PICS are compulsory! enjoy.
  5. my favourite band since I first listened to Hybrid Theory :( :'(
  6. good job, Andy
  7. morning all; happy Friday. also, what day is it? I haven't slept yet.
  8. haha you think it's N/A?
  9. kebab > souvlaki
  10. most definitely.
  11. now it's a happy office-bound Wednesday
  12. good job to even get that much power out of it haha
  13. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/83802-show-us-ya-tips/?do=findComment&comment=1627163 ^^This is what it looks like on an FG.
  14. the title of the thread...
  15. then x-force is the cheapest for that sort of exhaust in stainless
  16. You mean you want two single tail-pipes on one side of the car or double-twins on both sides? For either, you can split it near the IRS from a single to a twin. The rear only shows the tailpipes
  17. big single > twin
  18. it's pretty much sure to be a bad/loose connection somewhere in the starting/battery system, unless there's some other symptoms you haven't told us.
  19. it's easy to check yourself. Just follow the wires from the battery directly to their connections. The engine earth strap is underneath the turbo intake piping and runs from the chassis on the strut tower and connects to the engine on the other side. The starter motor is near the firewall underneath the intake plenum. Of course a professional would sort be able to sort it out for you.
  20. sounds like a loose connection of the engine earth strap or starter motor electrical connections.
  21. happy Tuesday
  22. GSS340. Does the job for my low power goals haha
  23. well, I recently replaced mine with a 255lph and it raised the fuel pressure in a bigger replacement pod, somehow... seems to be an industry secret to how this is managed... Yes, you're right in the fact that their most common ones are 400lph as the next step up from 255lph, but 400 isn't a huge amount over 340 and the cost jump from 255lph to the 400lph model is about $80 just go with what your tuner recommends for a in-tank pump setup, based on your actual overall goals, if you're worried.