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  1. This is the thread to discuss your PC and/or Gaming rigs and PICS are compulsory! enjoy.
  2. Anger first... Sorry to hear about that, Dani. #sadreact
  3. haha 1.5 years ago, approximately... but your last login/posting was about the same time ago haha
  4. F1 - Who's Watching?

    yeah, use that one and rename it (leave the old title in the first post to reference what the old name was for context).
  5. F1 - Who's Watching?

    should we have an F1 thread like the v8's thread? not sure if this will do...
  6. Fg falcon idling problem

    just carby cleaner does a good job on the intake tract, plus a clean wipe of the surfaces afterwards with either a rag or paper towel.
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    furry muff, perhaps, but still... thought it might have been this lol
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    I don't get the joke...
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    as hard as always
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    #winrar. hav fun mowing haha
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    clearly wasn't enough water in summer plenty now?
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    good stuff, puffster morning all, happy Friday
  13. Leak help!

    I'd still be checking the coils and wiring to the coils as a first step from here...
  14. Leak help!

    so it actually goes alright when you're up it? e.g only idles and cruises badly? I wouldn't trust an AFR gauge unless you've installed a separate wideband, which I assume you've done, so that doesn't matter anyway.
  15. Leak help!

    coils? maybe a coil driver from the PCM?
  16. Fg falcon idling problem

    clean the throttle body and intake tract. Check the spark plugs and coils for signs of corrosion. Otherwise it seems almost normal.
  17. The Off Topic Thread.

    haha appreciate the help, but it's not a time thing, it's a money thing
  18. The Off Topic Thread.

    nah, no news. just busy stuffing.
  19. The Off Topic Thread.

    morning all, happy Thursday
  20. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    nope, hadn't had a chance to really look at things.
  21. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    yeah, essentially they'd be losing money, rather than making money, by forcing themselves to have to charge less for each tune... but realistically if you had enough business you could tune more cars in less time and recover the cost that way.... that does seem difficult to achieve, though, from an outsiders point of view. If it's a "plug in replacement" for the entire factory tuning system, sure, live tuning is easily possible with the higher data rates, but if it's a "plug in piggyback" style then my point remains.
  22. Haltech Falcon plug & play discussing thread

    Live tuning is something that we've always wanted, but will not get, I don't think, due to the slow data rate into and out of the physical hardware. Same thing with as hardware limitations to power, the same thing happens with data rates
  23. The Off Topic Thread.

    lol uwotm8?
  24. The Off Topic Thread.

    mowing a lawn, how very manly ahha, ya filthy puppy time-waster.

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