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  1. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    hmmm... don't want to waste half a tank of petrol just to find out nobody's coming... hence the searching
  2. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    differing priorities, eh... I should be out every time... maybe I'll go searching... hmmm
  3. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    wouldn't be the first time it went horribly off-topic [email protected] will just come back in here swinging with a massively detailed post with pictures and a YT dyno vid like always
  4. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    yeah... as if the car scene actually died... just must have moved past all us old buggers who can't be bothered with more FB groups haha
  5. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    I believe you...
  6. The likelihood of you either not re-connecting an electrical connector or not seating an electrical connector all the way is likely. There's a couple of plugs you have to remove to get the glovebox out. Make sure they're all 100% re-connected.
  7. xr6 turbo gauges -SAAS

    ^^ this guy knows ^^
  8. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    seriously... why would there be so many secrets... is it the last bastion of "good" detailers?
  9. FG Turbo cams

    who knows... wouldn't surprise me if they marketed a product that's an upgrade for B-series only. e.g. to somewhere near the same as FG.
  10. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    seems reasonable driven the ute recently?
  11. FG Turbo cams

    something like that... @HI PSI, want to confirm where you heard it from?
  12. FG Turbo cams

    no idea... it's only a rumour that they are the same.
  13. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    are you alright, TRENT?
  14. FG Turbo cams

    easy... they ground them the same dimensions.

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