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  1. If asking for pics to prove something on the internet is creepy, then so be it haha Also, y u no gym?
  2. freaky must be weird, too, as he thought the same thing ^^
  3. I said "how non-functional it appears", not how it acutally is.
  4. I meant by just how awful it looks and how non-functional it appears, combined with the price, is what makes it rich people's furniture...
  5. get somebody to push the accelerator reasonably when the car is sitting still with the brakes on and the engine will flex about. It should barely move. If it moves a fair bit then it's likely your mounts are farked. (most likely the driver side one due to the turbo heat cycles.
  6. getting a bit wobbly?
  7. rich people's furniture... lol
  8. ^^ that's about right
  9. that's a given, Gary... pics to prove it
  10. you only need to replace them when you break them, Matty it's not too difficult to do, really.
  11. well, I was thinking about changing up my workouts. Only specific goal is to keep attending maybe the only thing I can think off of the top of my head that I'd like to change is less feeling of nausea towards the end of some of my workouts.
  12. 63kg just the once when I went to the gym with my mate. 48kg x 40 (in 3 sets) normally.
  13. strength increase, body fat percentage (how I look in the mirror comparatively), how I feel in general and just how it's been so routine for me to go to the gym 3 times a week that I go out of my way to find a gym, even when I'm on cruises interstate
  14. After my 169th visit to the gym just a moment ago and 366 days elapsing since my first visit since joining back up to a gym, I'm feeling good that I've made a fair whack of progress in my first full year