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  1. morning all; happy Friday!
  2. exactly
  3. turn off your tapatalk signature.
  4. pineapple and raspberry slurpee
  5. nice result pics of gasket?
  6. solid day late joke follow-up, there, ay-double-are.
  7. yep; good luck with your search and hopefully it's not too expensive
  8. certainly sounds like you've shorted/blown something in the ICC display circuit board and it must be sending back a "broken" signal to the BEM which may cause those fluctuations in voltage which can cause things connected to the BEM to either not work at all or work improperly (e.g. the instrument cluster) Send the ICC over to somebody like ASL for repair/replacement or get a replacement ICC from a wrecker (use your existing BEM with the new ICC otherwise the car won't start)
  9. sounds like you've either bent and shorted some pins on the plug point on the back of the ICC or you've "let the smoke out" of the electrical circuit board(s) in the ICC. I'd suggest getting a replacement ICC and/or BEM module.
  10. it's a fantastically busy day for me right now... super fun times.
  11. upload to YouTube (or wherever) and post the link here Fantastic results seems like it has heaps more in it
  12. 320ish rwkw on 98 or approx 350ish rwkw on E85 on stock turbo is about the max for the little turbo. 23 in the mid FTW!
  13. morning all