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  1. I don't and my building was built in 2012/13... but because it's an apartment building, they didn't bother plumbing gas, so everything is electricity
  2. short story: nobody regrets the actual tune (from a competent tuner). Tune only is a reasonable "stock-ish" pathway.
  3. holy crap... hope not srs....
  4. happy afternoon to you, Matty! got your Nov leave sorted, yet?
  5. he is a bit clunky
  6. Well, it's easy to check on the bushes, I guess
  7. it's not just me it's the internet
  8. haha ZF clunks when dropping back to first even with new diff bushes. Stuffed diff bush(es) would make the issue far more present in both that situation and others.
  9. solid feet
  10. hahaha just ask them to take a photo, so you can spread the word on the internet of them doing their job so awesomely
  11. 100% normal for a ZF to do that. It can be tuned out with a ZF tune.
  12. needs moar
  13. #winning
  14. morning all
  15. my instructions here -> http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92470-how-to-put-images-in-your-post/