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  1. solid work new o-ring should do the trick.
  2. Getting rid of the dog (smell)

    so it still smells? or you're happy with the rsult before the roof lining replacement?
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    happy Friday, Az and everybody else.
  4. Stock Ba xr6T mail order tune

    ahh nope...
  5. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept/Oct, South Island

    do you realise how expensive it is to shit any car from/to NZ? I just wouldn't be able to afford any of that, except to just jump into a car with somebody else... as much as I'd love to drive around all of NZ, it's not something I can actually do :(
  6. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    awww yissssss excellent work!
  7. cheers, Rab. Will keep that link for later. Looks like some good stuff there.
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    just all of the sport for this weekend that starts today keen AF
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    happy Thursday, everbody, and good morning to you all today should be an interesting day.
  10. not sure if that's a good strategy... lol
  11. Diy Tuning

    and what did the ole ball and chain think?

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