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    Thanks for the kind words Dazza Some simple stuff but interesting all the same for me last week starting with @Roo32 coming in for a service,Jonny Tig 4* race intake and battery relocation kit and aftermarket pipe kit all in black Had Ben in for a service and turbo swop as the old 100,000km factory turbo had developed the "death rumble" so just a changeover with a FG mk2 factory turbo so like for like, took a video for the peps who don't know what that sounds like then I've finalised @pro_xw98's engine build and is ready to install, the pictures just don't do it justice imho new water pump and pulleys,engine mounts new sensors to go in also Alex had the new CRG lowmount HPC coated with the new rear housing and looks schmick
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    Got some shiny bits for the ute.
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    Just completed and passed a certificate 4 in “Electrical installations in hazardous areas” HV/LV/ELV and certification of existing hazardous areas with the pathway to Diploma well and truly started it was without a doubt one of the hardest assessments ever due to the risk associated with installations and having the ability to now certify others Pretty happy with myself
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    Did some yesterday and some this arvo. Pulled out the airbox, intake manifold, surge tank and a few more things. Put better stuff in.
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    Hi Guys Jet did an amazing transformation on my XR6T I enjoyed the drive from Adelaide to Sydney via Melbourne.(8.3-8.5 litres per 100km freeway driving, which is excellent economy) The car performed without any issues and was a pleasure to drive. Last Friday I went out with a few mates. I was fortunate enough to be designated driver and had the pleasure of driving my intoxicated mates home. One of them was a HSV owner who constantly told me how great his car was(which it is) and how much quicker it was than my XR6T(which it ain't. Lol) "Give it a hit, show us what the ex taxi's got. Initially, I did not respond, but, after 15min of my mates verbal abuse, I whacked into 1st, smashed the accelerator pedal, hit , 2nd, 3rd and then slowed down quickly. All, I heard after that was the whistle of the gen 2 and not much else which was music to my ears.lol The power delivery is awesome. I was impressed with the way the boost came on. I was expecting the turbo to be very laggy, however, it's not laggy at all. The transmission tune is brilliant. The gear changes are flawless and crisp. Aaron, put a lot of time and effort into the tune. It is a reflection of his commitment and attitude towards striving a perfect tune for my needs which were easily met. I honestly could not see any other workshop going to the same lengths he did. An example of this is where sourced a set of rear shocks from a colleague to fix a dreaded knock noise. He also answered any questions I had, especially, regarding fuel pumps( I think I rang him 3 times about the walbro). He kept me up to date with any changes and or issues. He knew that I had a lengthy drive back home and wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. He has assisted not only myself but many others on this forum. He is also a top bloke. The next step for me is to get some drag radials and see how the cars goes down the trac. Big numbers are great on a dyno sheet, however, small numbers on a quarter mile slip are best. Lol
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    Thought I'd share my new ride. Finally managed to pick her up after a long time looking. A huge thanks to the fordxr6turbo.com forums some great information on what to look out for! 2012 - Build 504 - Manual
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    WIDTMYC Fri night ~9.30 Decided after a few hefty scotches with family (2yo daughter's bday party) that the sooner my rear guards were given a trim the sooner I could fit the new rims. In the driveway with a work light, masking tape, 5" grinder and brotherly/brotherly-in-law (constructive-ish) criticism...result wasn't so pretty but oh well. Mossies were getting fierce and audience had disappeared inside so host's conscience got the better of me after doing one and I went back to scotch and cake. Sat Finished the other guard, fitted all 4 rims, tightened axle U-bolts & other rear bolts, then exhaust manifold, turbo & dump pipe bolts/nuts. Stuck some masking tape strips in the rear guards - half on the guard return edge and half free inside - then took it for a drive. Felt fine, didn't feel any scraping and marks on the tape shows there seems to be enough clearance now. Sun Washed it for first time this year. Had no tyre shine left but comes up alright for a 9.5yo work hack. Am convinced the usual film of dust & grime protects the paint lol Hope all pics show up for once. Will have to get some in a different light, colour of rims doesn't show up that great in the pics.
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    Well brought this baby today. Ford Ranger FX4
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    Got the ute back just before Christmas. Sounds great, drives pretty well, but due to the ute having other issues it didn't get a power tune done. Had an accelerator issue causing it to cut power at approx 75% throttle and throw an etc code. Got it sorted now ready for a proper tune towards the end of January. Joe got a decent video of it idling on the dyno before I picked it up. https://www.facebook.com/cmssydney/videos/1772952946056592/ Its not really noticeable in the video but the ute has got a fair bit of shake going on from the cams, certainly turns a few heads at the traffic lights. Took it for a few runs through Mac pass and Jamberoo mountain road whilst I was down south for the break. Its definitely best handling falcon I've been in that for sure, doesn't have an issue with under or over steer with the tyres on it and the heavier coils in it work really well.
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    Millennium Fairmont is gone. Replacing it is the Paw Patrol (as my eldest son calls it) Zd30 patrol. 05 St-L Has had all the NADS mods done Including a rapid chip tuned by United Fuel Injection. 3" lift with drop boxes, superior engineering panhards and steering links and Fox shocks. It's a 7 seater but had custom rear drawers installed and a pretty banging stereo. Also has a full suite of Gauges to keep an eye on things.
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    Just picked up our brand new MY18 Landcruiser Prado, pretty happy with it indeed Got the Genuine HD tow bar, floor mats and scratch protectors for door grab handles and YY plates and a full tank of diesel ( 170ltr twin tank )
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    Still havevto make a console for the shifter Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    Let the high mount setup begin [emoji41][emoji106] I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Bit of assembly for the GC Car Show this Sunday
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    Hi all Thought it was time to post some feedback on my awesome white ute after having Jeturbo beef it up with a new upgraded tail shaft, Circle D converter, flex plate, 4" race intake with battery relocation kit & tune to suit it all. Well I was absolutely stoked with the 1st round of mods which delivered 437rwkw but now with the above 2nd round of upgrades its a total game changer that has taken my ute to a whole new level of performance. So its around the 500rwkw mark now & the power delivery with the beefed up parts is amazing. My ute is just such a nice vehicle to drive. Not bad for a commercial vehicle hey! I believe any performance car with an automatic should have a stall converter & the Circle D doesn't disappoint with the way it helps deliver all that power & yet its so streetable. I spoke highly of Aaron's ability last time & once again he has delivered. Due to Aaron having a working career & only doing this as a hobby, he can only work on so few cars, so I feel privileged he was willing to transform my ute into what it is today. Anyone able to get work done on their XR6T should feel the same & my ute wont be taken to any workshop here in Adelaide. Kudos to you you mate Cheers
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    hey Jet- don't you know you need to do all the hard work for guys that can't be bothered doing it for themselves? selfish bastard. or are you more interested in spending your time on your young new family. pr1ck. or your career outside of cars. wanker. or your wife. loser.
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    No progress on the ute for the last while, until today anyway. Got my license back yesterday. Was lucky enough to be able to get Chris from Mobile Custom Fabrications to come over and sort out new cooler piping. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Left the silicone elbow on the little GTX as I plan on upgrading that later this year, no point wasting a plazmaclamp on it.
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    I just ordered one of these. I'll let the forum know how I go with it. Will still be a few months away before the new motors running.
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    After nearly 6 months, the wiring is completed and installed in the car. I cannot begin to describe my feeling of joy and relief. I really feel like crying.. I know that some will wonder why it has taken so long. The extended duration was due to my wiring guy having a full time job (At the mines), which involves being away from home. Given my familiarity with these circumstances, it has taken substantially longer than normal. However, the man is absolutely fastidious with his work and I'm sure that when you view the pictures below, you will attest to the wait being justifiable. AS you can see, we cut the harness just past the firewall and added a Motorsport connector. This will allow us to completely disconnect the wiring harness in one spot (Except coils), if engine removal is required. I wish that I'd thought of it the first time around.... We've done the same with the Thermocouple amplifiers to allow for ease of removal/installation. Note that they amplifiers are not yet installed into the engine management compartment and that they will be mounted on top of thew wideband and I/O expander modules... So, the beast has been fired, but we had a small trigger issue. It seems to be losing it's home(Can't remember exact term).. We'll put it on a scope and suss it out...
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    So bit bored decided I could write a thread on the build of my POS I bought this car in 2012 when I was 16 as my first car and its just got out of control since haha. I'll do a list of current specs plus pevious build specs. and probably copy most of the build from other forums.. Current pb is a [email protected] manual Specs 1996 Ef Xr6 Motor -Stock ef bottom end with ~300000km no rod bolts or new ring/bearing I popped one cap off to check bearings then put it back on because the motor had a blocked pickup and took 30secs to build oil pressure in the car I pulled it from haha -AU falcon head ported by me with pep-pro stainless valves seats all re cut by my mate at his machine shop. -Stock Au mls gasket with arp studs holding it down -Surecam custom hydraulic cam used the closest master profile he had to the specs I was looking for..basically about [email protected] 540"lift its pretty angry for a baby cam... -Crow valve springs with stock Au rockers and lifters Intake and fuel system -Tunnel vision intake manifold -Fg fly by wire throttle body -2200cc injectors -Fuel cell in the boot, 100 micron filter>1400hp holley dominator pump>10 micron filter> AN8 feed to and from rail> proflow fuel reg. Exhaust and turbo -Turbo manifold I built at home. steam pipe 6 into 1 collector divided into the t4 flange 40m pipe off each side of the collector merged into a 60mm gate -Turbosmart 60mm power gate (14psi spring) -2.5" screamer vented behind the front tire -Garret gt3788r .89 rear housing -4" dump straight off the turbo into the 4" exhaust with one big muffler before the diff. Engine management -Link G4+ Extreme ecu running sequential ign/inj. -Racepak iq3 dash -6x ls1 coils mounted on a bracket off the intake manifold bolts -Fuel/oil/coolant pressure sensors all fed to the ecu -Fuel/oil/coolant/air temp sensors all fed to the ecu -Ethrolle controled by the G4 with a BA pedal in the car and FG throttle body. -Boost controlled by the G4 with a 4 port solenoid -Launch control/2step with a switch, speed and time control so it doesnt come on when shifting gears. Gearbox and diff -T56 converted from a ba turbo -Direct ceramic solid centre twin plate. (3100lb of clamp now) -Final drive built 3.5" chro moly tailshaft with strange billet yoke, 1350 series unis front and back. -ATM it has 3.45 borgwarner diff with a spool standard 28 spline axles. Getting a 9" built atm with 35spline axles 3.7 gears strange nodular iron carrier with a full spool. that's about it really the whole car is built by me from fab work,engine building to tuning so stuff only gets done when I can be I <3 Bananased doing it.. Will start with this and add some more in another post.
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    I reckon this guy needs to lay off the drugs, of course you will crash if you take LSD and drive.
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    Small bit of scotch for Anzac Day BBQ. Will let the boys cut off and cook their own steaks.
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    Seems OT based on last page of posts but picked up my new rims this arvo... Work Emotion Kiwami 19x9.5 +25 F, 19x10.5 +22 R
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    The wife and I snuk off for a week holiday kiddy free ( cheers nanny ) loving it up the top in the penthouse with a good view and an amazing restaurant here
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    Go for a drive with my mum - will make ms camo seem a lot smoother She (fair fark) will stop at a cross road on a 100km/h stretch to make sure no-one is going to come through the stop sign. Does 90 in a 60 zone, and 50 in a 70 zone We got her a Golf because it's smaller - she still sideswipes poles, pillars and parked cars. Through the hills - fark me - those curved roads become straight (just end up with a lot of short, quick corners) There is zero comprehension between where we are, what's coming and what's up ahead. Peninsula Panels send her xmas cards :S
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    Wow its finally in and started first time this afternoon. Been a while between posts but here is some happy snaps along the way.
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    Well Its arrived and is a work of art, And the antisurge ports look significantly bigger than my current turbo. Boost control is something I am worried about, But we will see once we put it on the dyno
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    I have had a busy last few weeks, slowly replacing/upgrading the front and rear bushes to complete Whiteline Also installed the IMS different hat that I had sitting on a the garage shelf for 6 months Full rotor replacement to the DBA T3's and Project MU 400 pads Brake fluid full flush and upgrade to braided lines Currently have the front end pulled apart to change the bushes over the next couple days, put it together and book in for a full wheel alignment and I'll be quite happy not to work on the car again or spend money haha At least half of the bushes were completely torn or half there guts fallen out so I know this major upgrade will definitely be worth it I have only had a slight increase of NVH, a very light hum from the diff at 80kph, even saying that it is so small I'm sure I'll forget it's there in a couple weeks Few pics for the fans, random order and not a whole lot shown, I forgot to take more pictures when I was doing the rear cradle I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    So small update, .7 Comp Cover is on, New IC Piping that doesn't leak and a non warped manifold Retuned on Eflex Fairly happy with that result Now makes 100 more kw than 98 Can't wait to take it back to the track
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    3bar, any lower than that the spray pattern goes to sh*t
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    Just arrived. Have got the later version on it's way too
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    So I met Aaron about 2 years ago when did the brakes on my car. I was having issues even back then with car stalling and running like dog sh*t. Aaron offered to fix her up and was confident he could sort out the old girl. I was hesitant as I preferred SCT and ability to change tunes. (Even though I always ran on hi boost). I was taking the car to one bigger name tuners at the time and thought I'd just get them to sort it out. After about 5-6 visits I got over it and cbf anymore so just put up with running like sh*t. I ended buying a kluger and car sat in shed. So fast forward a year I thought I <3 Bananas it I'll give Aaron a crack at as he was confident he would sort her out. I've had the car now for a few days. Car so well behaved now. No idle issues and no stalling. Drives like a stock car until you put your footdown. Absolute beast when boost comes on pulls like train. We do have one issue which Aaron will sort out for me soon.(not Aarons fault). I wish I had but the bullet earlier got Arron to fix it. Car had 354kw at one stage from previous tuner at 18psi. We now make 355kw with 15.5. I can tell you this the 355kw it makes now is sh*t loads faster and smoother. So I think previous tuner must had a happy Dyno. All in all Aaron is champ and explains everything. Work is nothing but top notch and personalised service is nothing what the big shops can offer. Now we need a tailshaft and fix the little issue happy days! Few pics after the outside detail.
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    So turns out I can tune a 44 MAGNUM Dirty Harry spec when the need arises hahaha wifey @Frederick took me out for my birthday today and after knocking a few balls down at the driving range it was time to put x4 Hand guns through their paces at the city shooting range. Had a blast (pun) working the 9mm semi automatic Glock, 45mm semi automatic Glock, 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum Good times I tell ya
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    Awesome day at Winton! New pb of 1min35.4. Off to Marulan this Sunday too. Car not overheating now with thermofan override and the one piece tailshaft made the throttle response feel instantaneous.
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    Brother in law breaking in the new pizza oven, pizza and pork roast going in. then some Jonny Walker blue label
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    should we send one to arronm for metallurgy analysis?
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    First time in a long time that I've had a chance to give it a wash. The car gets a lot of looks since this IC went in, not necessarily what I was after but it's definitely cool as hell. For anyone considering the same IC/piping kit, the standard intake won't fit at all and the Herrod intake hits the top radiator mount (as it gets shifted back to fit the IC) and will need to be modified slightly to fit correctly. Still loving this power, I've switched tunes a few times but the 335kw track tune is definitely my favorite. Has the best throttle response and torque delivery. IMS diff had is going well too, I used OE side bushes so there is no increase in NVH.
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    Heeeey finally! A dude called about my graphics card today, asked when he could pick it up and came at the arranged time and paid for it. Of course I had half a dozen cocksuckers trying to give me $300 for it and talking sh*t for the last couple of weeks. Meh all done now and that 1080ti upgrade only ended up costing $550.
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    I'm confused at what your concern is.... Gabbo answered your question adequately with regard to your tailshaft question. With regard to those specific halfshafts, they are only as good (in terms of power handling) as standard ones, but are cheaper than from ford, so they're a good replacement option if you don't want to spend thousands on billet ones. This information about these halfshafts is repeated throughout the forum if you'd been active enough during those supposed 13 years of membership, you'd have realised that a cursory search: http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/search/?&q=repco shaft
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    Happy Tuesday indeed. If I never sell something on gumtree again it will be too soon. Examples of questions I have been asked; Q: What do you have left? A: I have "a" and "b" left. Q: Ok so when can I pick up "c". A: You can't, I only have "a" and "b" left. or Q: What is the price and how many are for sale? A: The price is in the advert and there are two for sale as per the advert. or Q: Can you meet me half way? A: If you buy a minimum amount I will meet you half way. Q: Ok I will buy that amount. Arrives, only buys half, barely covers my fuel not to mention three hours of driving there and back. or Q: Hi I love it, I'll come get it tomorrow. A: No worries. Q: Can I have more pictures please? A: No worries here have another half a dozen pictures. Q: I love it I love it I'll be there at 5. Nek day 5pm comes and goes and I finally get a message saying they changed their mind. or the best one Q: Hey bro can I give you half of the listed price? A: Only if you add the other half to the first half. Q: But I can get a better version for the same price. A: Go do that then... I would have put this in the what pissed me off today thread but I aint even mad bro.
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    heya guys thought id do an update on my build as its going. so I ended up going 6 speed manual. conversion was very very easy. wiring was easy (I have reverse lights) only problem I came across was the centre bearing OD being different. anyways long story short I ended up getting a yellow sticker so in the process of getting this back on the road. vehicle is getting a few changes to comply and be registered and also for extra power after registering. Full spool is coming out and am replacing with a Harrop Truetrac. standard tailshaft will be removed and will be upgrading to a DBS custom tailshaft. 1.00AR rear housing will be getting replaced with a 1.15AR housing(due to rear housing causing restriction on last tune) Brakes are being changed to be more suitable for the power. picking up a set of Brembo 6 Piston front calipers with 355mm front discs and Brembo 4 Piston rear calipers with 330mm discs. once reregistered going to be doing the last tune for this setup. aiming for low 900rwhp at around 30psi. this will be the last tune on this vehicle as injectors only have another 15-20% left. also a few old suspension bushes will be replaced to improve handling. 2002 Ba XR6 Turbo 320rwkw @16psi (old tune) 437rwkw @22psi 1263nm of torque BTR 4 Speed Auto 590rwkw @ 25psi current tune T56 T56 Manual out of BF Xtreme Button twin plate Malwood Short Shifter Malwood Heavy Duty Alloy clutch master cylinder Malwood Braided clutch hose CrowCam Heavy Duty Valve Springs and Retainers Mahle Forged Pistons (20" Oversize) Scat Forged H beam Rods Billet Oil Pump gears ACL Race series bearings MLSR Head Gasket ARP Head Studs Precision 6766 1.00AR (1.15AR coming soon) 6Boost Hightmount Manifold Bosch 1600ccc Injectors Plazmaman 044 Twin Surge Tank Plazmaman Fuel Rail Turbosmart 2000 Fuel Pressure regulator Plazmaman Plenum Custom intercooler piping Turbo Smart 50mm External Wastegate 6Boost High mount manifold Freshly setup head including new valve steam oil seals, valve guides etc Battery relocation to rear Plazmaman 1200hp tube and fin intercooler Plazmaman full intercooler piping Plazmaman cold air intake 52mm Heavy Duty Alloy Radiator Custom Dump pipe Xforce 3.5inch hiflow cat stainless Xforce 3.5inch cat back stainless Walbro intake fuel pump Sct x3 flash tuner Whiteline 30mm adjustable sway bar with adjustable links Whiteline 22mm adjustable sway bar with adjustable links Xzy super sport coilovers Nolathane differential bushes 4.11 Diff Gears Fullspool diff center(removed now Harrop truetrac Protex street slotted and cross drilled front rotors(replaced with Brembo 6 piston front calipers 355mm slotted rotors) Protex street slotted and cross drilled rear rotors(replaced with Brembo 4 piston rear calipers 330mm slotted and x drilled rotors) Trw pads all round(going QFM with new Brembo Setup King wheel evolve 20x8.5 front 20x10 rear 225x35x20 front 275x35x20 rear 20% window tint Dewinged 8000k hid kit Alpine cda137ebt head unit Alpine mrf600 4 channel Alpine mrx m240 monoblock 2 x Rockford Fosgate T2D212 Soundstream 40 FARAD capacitor Sound stream ported box Stinger 0 gauge wiring Rockford fosgate T3169S Rockford fosgate T169
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    Got a bit more done on the ute after work last week and over the weekend. Fitted a Hayman Reese 2300kg tow kit (for the removable hitch rather than weight rating) and got a recoed/built diff fitted on Sunday. Turns out the 2nd nizpro muffler won't fit with the hd tow kit so I'll have to get it modified again. Got a few quotes to have the diff rebuilt around Sydney with a true trac and new bearings with arp studs. The best being $2300 if I removed the axles and dropped the diff off for the day, fark that. Rang MDR in Dandenong after seeing their eBay listings and got a much better price of $2750 (plus freight) for new axles, bearings, arp studs, new gears, true trac centre in a Ba casing. Just had to swap over the brake plates from the Bf diff I was using and it was an easy swap. Only got one pic as I was busy enjoying the speedo working and having traction. Pretty happy with it even having only gone easy on it to run it in.
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