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    While some of you guys were ripping it up at Racewars, I was doing pretty well at the Westernationals in Group 2 - Competition Bike. We top qualiified, won the round and the gold Christmas Tree (the holy grail of aussie drag racing) and reset the national record for DD/CBI to 8.339. I also ran 0.2mph off the national record terminal speed at 164.8mph. I've now got the WA Comp Bike track championship in the bag with one more round to go and at the end of the month we go to Adelaide and try to tie up the National Chmpionship. (both championships are a bit weak this season, but I'll take it) Next season's goal is to run a 7 and crack 170 mph, then we'll be proper fast!
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    Thanks for the kind words Dazza Some simple stuff but interesting all the same for me last week starting with @Roo32 coming in for a service,Jonny Tig 4* race intake and battery relocation kit and aftermarket pipe kit all in black Had Ben in for a service and turbo swop as the old 100,000km factory turbo had developed the "death rumble" so just a changeover with a FG mk2 factory turbo so like for like, took a video for the peps who don't know what that sounds like then I've finalised @pro_xw98's engine build and is ready to install, the pictures just don't do it justice imho new water pump and pulleys,engine mounts new sensors to go in also Alex had the new CRG lowmount HPC coated with the new rear housing and looks schmick
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    A bit of an update for the Rolls software. As some of you know I am the one helping Rolls in the background hunting through the assembler and finding new parameters and have just completed initial testing on a new feature for this software. I have been able to track down the independent control of the exhaust cam for the XR6 turbo and yes we have control There is a bunch of tables missing from the other products that I have found and have them in for the first release (TBA). An interesting one based on vehicle speed but currently a constant. So now the fun will begin. IH8TOADS pointed out we could do ghost cams and we have someone testing this as well. So higher overlap cams may be controllable at idle as well as removing the stuff Ford put in to reduce back pressure in the higher rev range due to the factory exhaust. I believe this is a first for us. We have been told it is not in other products.
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    (Tues) Carried on with mocking up all the bits to support the new turbo. Started on the top side of the dump. Was all going well till I used my thumb for the earth lead for my tig so called time and will crack on later in the week. It's a pretty tight fit but should turn out well. Wastegate outlet is going to be a challenge but should be nice and short and able to enter the dump at a fairly shallow angle. (Today) Has some family free time today so got to crack on with the lower section of the dump. It's longer than usual as it also deletes the cat. The extra whoop dee doo's in the middle and to tuck it up for clearance and also give me more clearance for the steering rack and steering shaft. Not the best pic but the previous dump sat well below the rail at this point and was forever dragging on driveways/speed bumps/etc etc and the cars not even that low. Unfortunately I was about 15deg short of all the bends I need (used an entire 3.5' doughnut) so had to pie cut and section a piece of straight tube to take up the gap. I'll weld the join between the down pipe and lower section last so I can clean up the transition between the bends and the sectioned straight piece after its all welded out. Now onto the next challenge..the wastegate piping...
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    So my racewars weekend was kind of odd. Had some very frustrating issues with my car that really highlighted how little time I spend prepping it. I loved helping all the boys out and getting there sh*t to run as well as we could, but next year I really need to take time to go over my car properly. Saturday saw some average runs, but I was never out to set records. Given the setup was all new and largely untested I found some issues with boost control so spent some time replumbing the wastegate. @Uberxr was a big help and even gave me a banana so I would calm down and not wind up punching on of the many passers by who where asking very silly questions or suggesting what engine should be in the car. (You're not you when you're hungry here have a banana) My next two runs saw my terminal speed go from 201 to 224, but I was still having to peddle it and on the third run, I backed out early as the car didn't seem right. Turns out gut instinct was right and on the return road the belt let go. I made a fairly hot entry (speed wise) into the pit and was out pushing before the car had rolled to a stop and the usual suspects arrived to help get the wounded army tank back into the pics Special guest appearances from a couple of forum regulars in that shot. Much finger pointing, ohhing and ahhhhing occurred and after we raided everyone's parts stashes we realised we had a spare belt but not a balancer. so my day was done. At least she looks good when hard parked Saturday night saw me lapping around Albany to return some tools I had borrowed and eventually lending some tools to a mate in need before heading home depressed to a house full of drunken happy people so before I could say "who's phuckin idea was racewars" (it was discostig's for the record) I had a beer in one hand and a piece of oddly sauceless pizza in the other. Once we where suitably liquored up we did the obvious thing and looked into whey I was still seeing 26+lb of boost on minimal gate pressure. Luckily for my car, Toads and I do some of our best work after a few and soon spotted the reason. Silly error by me when setting up a couple of alternate tunes the night before saw incorrect load axis on a couple of critical tables which resulted in excessively retarded timing and overboost. So we fixed that, drank more beer and took the piss out of @IH8TOADS early onset dementia. Luckily Repco in Albany where more than happy to lighten my by several hundred $'s (at trade price) for the parts I required and it wasn't too long before this happened. I only got 1 more 800mtr run before the 1000's started so I used this as yet another part throttle test pass and the army tank managed 222. The 1000mtr runs saw issues crop up again, I wasn't able to maintain correct fuel mixtures for the boost/timing I was running so this resulted in less than ideal trap speeds. Log below show, RPM (Red),Throttle Position(Brown) and Speed (Green) and illustrates how many times I had to roll off the throttle and back on. Obviously this shows the car is nowhere near it's potential but this was the best it could do on the day so the decision was made to park it. A couple of tweaks on @Uberxr & @-Stever- primer missles saw them both gain a couple of KMH. The decision was then made to write a balls to the wall tune for @turboknapp car which featured all of the boosts, all of the sparks and a little less of the fuels but by the time this was done and in the car the lanes where close so the big boys could duke it out, so that was racing for the weekend. Sunday night hilarity included, Rude German waitstaff, disagreements about Private Party attendance, Steak Steak and moooooar Steak, Boong Eggs, Stolen Buckets and Arguments about Dogs and was one of the best times I've had in a long time. I think these two pics pretty much sum up the experience You win some and you loose some The weekend may not have gone to plan but the opportunity to hang out with some old mates, cement some friendships with new mates, buy a new airconditioner, get a haircut and learn about Uncle Garry and collect oh so much valuable logging data was worth it. Big thanks to those mentioned above and also @mummba for the constant laughs @LazyBrennan for spend two hours helping me remove the balancer (and also @Uberxr for the stellar ignition technician work) 2018 RW programme- Built Trans and TailShaft ALL the boosts and Sparks Aero oh so much Aero. There are some pretty big brick walls around the 245/250 mark you need to punch through. If I only I knew someone who knows someone who's an Aero Engineer for a Major Nascar team.........oh wait I do. For anyone who's thought about, talked about,dreamt about running your car... Don't be a Do it! Lastly Phuck Primer cars
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    on 98 fuel . I made some mistakes jamie said . The tach adaptor that the auto electric guy fitted is wrong hooked up . Then I stuffed up with the starter motor wirering .the soldering I did did not work as it had voltage drop . It still has aftervthey re done it so it might be the new battery or the battery relocation cable that I done 3 years ago .no idea so that will take some sorting out .
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    It's a bloody shame to see a USEFUL member hang up his title after all these years and so much knowledge that he willingly hands over for nothing will walk out the door with him thank you for all your efforts around here Luke as very few will take the time to see what they've lost
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    A few facts to help everyone along Sweet feck all separates the ba/BF/FG heads flow wise, Yes the FG has a slightly different designed intake runner (the rear port has a lower short side) and chamber design (it actually shrouds the valves creating a restriction in that area) to introduce "swirl" sorry to say but zero flow gains are made here, that's more to help create a more complete burn to aid emissions and economy The rear port flowed 5cfm better, I don't see this as a gain, I'd much prefer both sides of the port flowed exactly the same so the air won't favour one side which could actually drop overall flow, and as said, it's more for economy As for the FG head making 1100hp, it's more to do with the extra 10* of duration on the cams and better flowing manifolds, both intake and exhaust Atomic would of requested the BA head as that's what his machinist would of had a Cnc program for Abit of hand crafted porn for you to look at... just remember that every CNC port at some stage started life as a hand ported design after many hours of flow testing and dyno testing.. these ports may look like everywhere has been enlarged but it definitely hasn't not all hand porters are equal Back to you Jet, this thing should crack! And love your work as always
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    Bitter sweet wmmfg. We had our new little man today.... after many issues and what felt like forever at 10.58 this morning our little William was born. 6lb 13 ounces 48cm long Completely gorgeous and petite Hes had some minor breathing issues and his blood sugar was almost 0 so he's currently in the NICU on a IV drip. We're hoping not for too long. His breathing has already settled and now they will spend a few days getting his blood sugar back to normal without the need for a drip and just my milk. Hes so precious and perfect and snuggly and stolen out hearts. [emoji173] Being stuck in recovery while they take your baby isnt ideal. We got skin to skin but then he had to be taken. I have got to go see him for an hour after and I have had to go back to the ward for a bit... so I'm trying to pump some milk for him when I can get up and go back down there. The nicu staff are amazing. And im so so proud of my amazing husband. I don't often get mushy... but when a nicu doctor comes over and says how amazing he was when Will was a bit upset and he took it upon himself to open the incubator doors before any nurses could get there and calm him without even asking, she said it was the sweetest thing they've seen. I think there are a few nicu nurses eyeing him off down there in the nursery lolol.
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    Dunno man - I just stepped off the plane and there it was Freakiest thing ever
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    2 week since we've moved in, slowly getting there and still unpacking boxes. Entry area up to main living space, down to the garage Kitchen with new dining table Lounge room with sound bar @k31th Me Media room. For now son's xbox room.
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    Hi Guys Jet did an amazing transformation on my XR6T I enjoyed the drive from Adelaide to Sydney via Melbourne.(8.3-8.5 litres per 100km freeway driving, which is excellent economy) The car performed without any issues and was a pleasure to drive. Last Friday I went out with a few mates. I was fortunate enough to be designated driver and had the pleasure of driving my intoxicated mates home. One of them was a HSV owner who constantly told me how great his car was(which it is) and how much quicker it was than my XR6T(which it ain't. Lol) "Give it a hit, show us what the ex taxi's got. Initially, I did not respond, but, after 15min of my mates verbal abuse, I whacked into 1st, smashed the accelerator pedal, hit , 2nd, 3rd and then slowed down quickly. All, I heard after that was the whistle of the gen 2 and not much else which was music to my ears.lol The power delivery is awesome. I was impressed with the way the boost came on. I was expecting the turbo to be very laggy, however, it's not laggy at all. The transmission tune is brilliant. The gear changes are flawless and crisp. Aaron, put a lot of time and effort into the tune. It is a reflection of his commitment and attitude towards striving a perfect tune for my needs which were easily met. I honestly could not see any other workshop going to the same lengths he did. An example of this is where sourced a set of rear shocks from a colleague to fix a dreaded knock noise. He also answered any questions I had, especially, regarding fuel pumps( I think I rang him 3 times about the walbro). He kept me up to date with any changes and or issues. He knew that I had a lengthy drive back home and wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. He has assisted not only myself but many others on this forum. He is also a top bloke. The next step for me is to get some drag radials and see how the cars goes down the trac. Big numbers are great on a dyno sheet, however, small numbers on a quarter mile slip are best. Lol
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    Got the Ute finished today. Finished up all the wiring. Both the 044 and the walbro intank now have there own relays triggered from the stock pump wiring (inertia/roll-over switch will shut pumps off still). Going to put a cover over the relays eventually by won't really matter once the hardlid goes on. Gave it a much needed wash. Had 1 minor f*ck up. I was wondering why the Ute wasnt idling and 044 was making bulk noise and stuttering. After much confusion I ended up having the feed/return lines back to front on the chassis rails. So swapped em round and hooked it all back up and it ran perfect. Deleted the stock filter so now it just has the earls one in the tray. Used a male and a female 5/16th hardline adaptor. And most importantly took it for a spin! Been atleast a month since its seen boost. The shocks are much nicer now softened up. The swaybar makes a noticeable different, feels much more positive. Tramp rods work mint. No binding noises. No skids yet but gave it a stab in second and it just lit them up with no tramp what so ever. Beer time[emoji482]
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    Got through council approval for the patio today [emoji4] Settlement was supposed to be scheduled for the next business day (I.e. tomorrow), but for some reason the sellers bank won't be ready...they're hoping for the 23rd apparently. Great to know it's moving ahead now at least, just a bit of a shame it's not happening tomorrow.
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    Ok we have ghost cam working! Ghost cam on demand! Super lumpy idle 35 degrees overlap on exhaust cam Car is completely undriveable with that much overlap but it sounds super cool. Currently I can only get the lumpy cam when you have your foot on the throttle, as soon as idle mode kicks in it goes smooth again. So basically have the reverse of a ghost cam, lumpy as hell when trying to drive, smooth at idle. Will need to find the maps that control the idle exhaust cam timing to get a true ghost cam working. Anyway, progress is progress!
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    Excellent summary @Ralph Wiggum Was an awesome weekend and has just left me wanting more!! I drove the car as I drive it on the street, made a few changes to the tune but that was about it. Some observations from my point of view. My intake temps were getting hot from sitting around for long periods with the engine running and bonnet down. Would see close to 60 at the start of the run, drop to mid 40's and back up to 60 at the end of the run.....so I'll use a spray bar next time and work on keeping the car cool. As Ralphy mentioned....aero. At 250+ I could hear the factory spoiler over the external gate. It was a blur in the rear vision mirror is was flapping around so much!! Some small aero mods will go a long way we think!! When to change gears!! This was a big one for me. I changed into 6th every run...even for the 800m. Having looked at data/times etc etc, I really needed to raise my speed limiter to 6500 rpm and cross in 5th. My best 1000m run had me 9km/hr down on my best 800m. I'm certain it has a 265 in it as is. Next year will see more rpm and maybe a slightly taller tyre so I'm crossing in 5th still. Lastly the stock spaghetti rod BA bottom end and stock oil pump gears still held together. Was seeing upto 20.5psi on a 67mm compressor!! How long will this thing last!! Thanks everyone, was such a fun weekend!!
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    Thanks mate, I have a build thread here that I will be up dating soon as I get a bit of time, basically before hand it was a 9 second car with a btr 4 speed, but in the last year iv changed the setup dramatically. the car has a build engine with mostly all atomic 698 gear but with a bit of extras to hold the power better, the head is hand ported with cms spec cams, 1500hp rated th400 with custom billet bolt together converter, the turbo is a precision sportsman gen2 7685 turbo rated to 1350hp which after the second round of fine tuning I amhoping to get to 850rwkw mark, all turbosmart gate an regs an blow of valves, boost is controlled by co2 pressure ams 1000 unit, gipson tail shaft an true track 3.46 diff ratio, billet 1400 cv driveshafts ims diff hat, all autometer gauges,johnny tig 1800hp intercooler, hypertune plenum, crg turbo manifold, the car still runs the standard ecu with sct tuning software which joe from cms has been tuning this car for years,. I will be up loading more videos soon to my build thread an sharing more information on the progress of this car. The aim is to run 8.5s 160 plus mph streetcar.
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    Progress ..... After repeated and meticulous cleaning of any fibre and materials from rag use along the way everything has gone back together like a glove and the engine is ready to be installed all valve train components had been checked and tested with mechanical rotations to always make sure it's operating as intended, used sparingly my favourite is Nulon building paste that gives metal on metal some lubrication before the engine oil can circulate and gain pressure most of the construction from this point on was limited in photographs as it all happened quite quickly but I do have some final dressed up pictures, it's all ready to go back in the car and onto doing some KMS then getting her onto the dyno for some action as we are tentatively chasing a Private test and tune day at the drag strip enjoy
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    Progress ... Rotating bottom end assembly has been checked for clearances and visual wear on all main cap 360* bearings including thrust ends that would only be 50kms old maximum so seeing them "as new" is a comfortable feeling, crankshaft is immaculate and cylinder boars are all showing full cross hatch hone markings. SCAT rod big end play have all measured up exactly the same in at 0.583mm cold ( crank/rod/crank with 63FT/lb on the ARP2000 rod bolts with ARP moly lube main cap studs ( ARP 12mm ) have been installed to 15FT/lb seated then the Atomic 10mm Girdle with windage tray have been installed ontop, ARP2000 10mm washers weren't needed with the Atomic 10mm Girdle so again Moly Lube on nut seat was applied sparingly and the three stage torque up process goes into play (30/60/90)FtLb whilst rotating the crank at each set point. To keep an eye on proceedings I mark with a "white" dot the 30FtLB seat then With a purple mark the 60FTlb mark and finally nothing for 90 as that's the movement from the purple mark once 90 is achieved it's left for 30min and re torqued again to 90ftlb. I actually did this twice to make sure ! Bottom end has been painted and fully cleaned to within a inch of it's cast iron life so new liquid sealants will work as intended and that requires had filing for that flat true surface head has been re assembled with new valve stem oil seals,those stainless valves,90lb valve springs with retainers and standard locks ( collets ) have gone one step further with an old school method of "indexing" the spark plugs ( have a google ) but in short it's Aiming the plug at the intake valves vs having the back of the plug electrode facing them, some will say it does nothing but some will say there's a few HP in it and a "fuller" cleaner burn cylinder event especially down low with the repeated spark cycle per event but either way why not it's free and it's uniform at a bare minimum
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    Still havevto make a console for the shifter Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    Let the high mount setup begin [emoji41][emoji106] I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
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    Bit of assembly for the GC Car Show this Sunday
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    Hi all Thought it was time to post some feedback on my awesome white ute after having Jeturbo beef it up with a new upgraded tail shaft, Circle D converter, flex plate, 4" race intake with battery relocation kit & tune to suit it all. Well I was absolutely stoked with the 1st round of mods which delivered 437rwkw but now with the above 2nd round of upgrades its a total game changer that has taken my ute to a whole new level of performance. So its around the 500rwkw mark now & the power delivery with the beefed up parts is amazing. My ute is just such a nice vehicle to drive. Not bad for a commercial vehicle hey! I believe any performance car with an automatic should have a stall converter & the Circle D doesn't disappoint with the way it helps deliver all that power & yet its so streetable. I spoke highly of Aaron's ability last time & once again he has delivered. Due to Aaron having a working career & only doing this as a hobby, he can only work on so few cars, so I feel privileged he was willing to transform my ute into what it is today. Anyone able to get work done on their XR6T should feel the same & my ute wont be taken to any workshop here in Adelaide. Kudos to you you mate Cheers
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    hey Jet- don't you know you need to do all the hard work for guys that can't be bothered doing it for themselves? selfish bastard. or are you more interested in spending your time on your young new family. pr1ck. or your career outside of cars. wanker. or your wife. loser.
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    Thought I would share some photos of the new look. Just added new wheels, brakes and suspension
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    Hi guys, back in a new for me. Fg F6, I sold my last fg xr6t mk 11. As I wanted to concentrate a little more on my rx3 project. And drove a diesel navara around for a year as my sorta daily, as I have a company vehicle. But missed the big barra rush. So here is the new kinda daily. Fg F6 bought with a few mods already done,had kings springs and bilsteins fitted,walbro 460,hard pipe kit,xforce stainless 4''dump pipe,xforce cat and an autotech 98 tune.Ive replace the front ssl kings springs for sl kings springs.And started collecting a few bits and pieces so I could get CMS to give the car a decent tune. It came with 318rwkws from autotech at Granville,the tune I thought was average and the zf tune was horrible. So first mod I did was install a large trans cooler with a fan. And take the car off to CMS to service and flush the gearbox for me with liquid moly synthetic fluid and genuine zf filters and gaskets.And bin the stock ford zf cooler.Next I fitted a pw stage 2 cooler which fitted the pipes already fitted to the car, plaz 4'' turbo side airbox and battery relocation kit,3.5'' catback xforce exhaust mated to the 4'' dump and cat,kpm e85 10 micron fuel filter and kpm modified bosch fuel reg,and lastly I fitted some xspurt 1000cc injs and Joe from CMS loaded a tune into my sct device so I could get the car from home to his shop with the 1000cc injs. So next off I dropped the car off to CMS and they fitted new valve springs with new retainers and Joe tuned the car for 98,e85 and the zf tune. Still with the stock f6 turbo,it made 385rwkws on 98 and 410rwks on e85,with the michellin sport cup 2 s spinning a bit on the dyno.Done with a peak on 17/18psi on both fuels. And the zf is now great to drive again. Firm but nice. Future mods would be a built tailshaft,and a more extensive fuel pump setup.And maybe a 66mm billet wheel for the f6 turbo. Once again,a big thanks to the CMS crew. Great work.
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    Thought I would make a thread of what I have done to my FGX so far I took a different path to alot of other people some people like it others hate it. Enjoy MOD LIST Jonny tig 1800 cooler Process west Surge with a single walbo 460 pump Plazmaman intake and battery relocation Value Springs Head studs Oil Pump Gears Cams done by Pakenham Engines Highflow turbo X-Force quad system Turbo smart external gate Tuned BY GM-F 432.3rwkw did make more we back it off to keep the Auto happy Dyno run vid Cam Vid
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    Onwards and upwards with @pro_xw98's build the FG turbo head has had the work already completed and there's some before and after pictures to have a look at the Engine is out and ready to be pulled down now this build is having a bloody big turbo bolted to it so it's had some additional "spot facing" of the head bolt tunnels to have that dialled in square flat surface for the Atomic OS 28mm head bolt washers a keen eye will see what this is in the head normally a cylinder head might already have low "Whitness" marks where a head bolt has impacted the tunnel face but this donor head did require some additional work from the last FG head I had reconditioned on that last build but this is mass production tolerances coming into play with some areas of builds. All parts have been "Cold" tanked not the typical Hot tanking some workshops will do on engine parts Before .... after.... Before.... after....
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    Just a wee bit of poke....... Fronts will be right once rolled and camber is sorted. The rear rims sit flush with the guard but the pirrellis are pretty wide and I don't want to have the stretched look. I'll probably sort a b series axle to fix that, cant see the guards pumping out that much.
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    Ok so had the chance to lean on the new Garrett G2 GTX82 with that ex chaser that was in two weeks ago as it now has a built tailshaft so she's ok to take that initial hard hitting ramp in of boost without wondering if she's going to go all "Twister" on me and split the car in half haha so a big gain and came in a few under the "Dyno Queen" soft ramp tune last time but a respectable 498rwkw @ 21.5 PSI flat and the turbo is coming on as hard and fast as it possibly could The graph says it all .... ( again please excuse the chitty phone pictures )
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    So I own a house now... So.many.negative.numbers....
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    Started working on the backyard Luckily my yard is only small, because I have moved a sh*t load of crappy rock filled soil out and then brought 7 cubic meters of crushed rock in to try level it all out Plan is a couple small garden beds and fake turf the rest Got my rough layout, gonna brick the borders of the garden beds for a neat look, then I'll have to level and compact the crushed rock Gives me something to do when I have a free weekend Before shot - can't really see how much it actually slopes away from the house After pictures - showing all the crushed rock
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    Shibby.... Another couple of hours Tomorrow night and she'll be rolling again.
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    Had the pleasure of turning Taylors FG turbo ute from stock to a 300rwkw beast using limited but quality parts and utilising the factory hardware the best I can, the build list is only Plazmaman bolt in 700hp cooler kit Plazmaman's intake muffler delete kit ID1000's Airbox mod Venom bolt in cat section major engine service Major cooling system service full custom tune with progressive boost ramp as per request... done the closest possible to a stock vs modded overlay as all of the hardware was all fitted upon the baseline run so there's a few extra rwkw's there and a leaner than stock fuel map but you get the gist I did manage 304rwkw and a bunch more Torques but it needed a few extra psi I just felt it didn't need and the justification wasn't there imho but what would I know hey so I pulled it back to 300 on the dot !
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    neighbour crashes into a siblings parked car outfront causing $1100 damage about six months ago, refused to speak to the cops or provide footage from their 3 cctv cameras which would have shown what happened (their car suddenly had a small dent with paint that was the same colour as my siblings car). Just the other day the cops rang us saying they'd been robbed and wanted our security footage. they also blamed us for robbing them. I love karma, you sit back and bad things happen to the bad people. the cops aren't going to do anything about this. I sincerely hope if they were robbed that items of significant value were taken.
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    My pleasure buddy, Always here to help Another Ngauge for a good bloke who likes "Boy George" CD's hey @pro_xw98 hahaha Big thanks to HOONTUNE for shipping before Christmas and of course @Peppy_t92 seeing other parts come through the door for Taylor who's @Panda Eyes nephew and the owner of a FG Turbo that's about to cop a stage 1 pack ( pipes/cooler/injectors/cat/tune/services ) which should push his stock FG to around 295/300rwkw and that's always something to look forward to To finish up the year on a High note I will be looking after the modifications and tuning of a forum member ( George ) from N.S.W who's organised with me to do a big road trip down to little old SA and leave his FG XR6T with me for a few weeks while it receives the stage 3 package which will include the new Garrett GTX G2 3576 and the "Jonny Tig" catalog. Really looking forward to another interstate customer and rising up above all the other options out there Now onto the Big Build that's going on head is all finished up at the machine shop with very very strict instructions and it's been followed to the letter and to go into details The FG donor head had done extremely little work so it was nice to hear that it's measured up at total of 0.0001* difference across the length of the head and a heat cycled aluminium head is acceptable to have upto 0.0003* so a measly 0.000'0'5 got taken off to have that bang on lazer flat surface for the head gasket to seal onto valve guides,cam journal,valve seats are all set to go ( big shout out to RHEMAC engine buildersin Gawler ) a full set of stainless steel valves in standard size are set to go in with Atomic 95lb race springs with the Ti retainers new lash adjusters
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    His palms are sweaty, diffs weak, clutch is heavy There's oil on his driveway already, missus not happy He's nervous, but on the surface it's been waxed, he's ready. To drop straps, but he keeps on forgettin' What the mechanic wrote down, the whole car gets so loud He opens his throttle, but the mang won't come out It's chokin' now everything's smokin' now The fuels run out, timings out, its over pow!
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    Evening all well the move is done for the most part, I cant thank @MBAF enough for helping us out, what a top bloke who also sh*t stirs the house we are very happy with the 3 car shed I am over the moon about can't wait to have some people over and show it off
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    Being home with my boys makes me feel good right about now!
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    after a much needed oil change drove down to murray bridge to fill up with E85. a quick flash tune and the drive home through the hills was amazeballs. 20rwkw on paper doesnt sound like much at the 350ish rwkw level, but the ethanol tune is much more aggressive and the Bum dyno certainly feels it... bye bye grip...
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    Lol Rab's on fire! Biz, holiday looks lush, man! WMMFG: first morning waking up on the first day of break in my new house. Woke up, made myself some French toast and a coffee and sat down at the table just loving life. Sooooo much nicer not having to worry about other housemates again [emoji4]
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    I'm confused at what your concern is.... Gabbo answered your question adequately with regard to your tailshaft question. With regard to those specific halfshafts, they are only as good (in terms of power handling) as standard ones, but are cheaper than from ford, so they're a good replacement option if you don't want to spend thousands on billet ones. This information about these halfshafts is repeated throughout the forum if you'd been active enough during those supposed 13 years of membership, you'd have realised that a cursory search: http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/search/?&q=repco shaft
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    Happy Tuesday indeed. If I never sell something on gumtree again it will be too soon. Examples of questions I have been asked; Q: What do you have left? A: I have "a" and "b" left. Q: Ok so when can I pick up "c". A: You can't, I only have "a" and "b" left. or Q: What is the price and how many are for sale? A: The price is in the advert and there are two for sale as per the advert. or Q: Can you meet me half way? A: If you buy a minimum amount I will meet you half way. Q: Ok I will buy that amount. Arrives, only buys half, barely covers my fuel not to mention three hours of driving there and back. or Q: Hi I love it, I'll come get it tomorrow. A: No worries. Q: Can I have more pictures please? A: No worries here have another half a dozen pictures. Q: I love it I love it I'll be there at 5. Nek day 5pm comes and goes and I finally get a message saying they changed their mind. or the best one Q: Hey bro can I give you half of the listed price? A: Only if you add the other half to the first half. Q: But I can get a better version for the same price. A: Go do that then... I would have put this in the what pissed me off today thread but I aint even mad bro.
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    Took my boys to a local trade expo today #1 Son's sitting in a John Deere side by side ATV thingo. Salesman asks him if he likes it...Stu asks the sales guy if it has a turbo. The sales guys say "no" Stu... "it needs more horsepower, it needs a turbo" He's 4yrs old. #prouddad
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    Before joining this forum vs after being a member for 3 months
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