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  1. So my G6E just clocked 100,000kms and I got fed up with the drivers seat bolster being all crushed and mangled when sitting on it. The leather in that area was worn, still in ok condition but the foam underneath was just weak. Passenger side was immaculate so I thought...Time to swap! The backrest of the seat is not swappable due to the side airbag being on the respective side. However the bottom seat foam and leather are identical pieces left to right. Sorry for not taking photos of the process. Was my intention to do so but I got carried away. Start of by removing both seats. - Remove all the plastic trim to expose the 4 seat bolts - Using a T50 torx bit unbolt both seats - Carefully tilt the seat back and unplug the various electrical connectors - Now lift the seats out of the car into an area where you can easily work on them Now we need to get the bottom foam piece swapped - Finish removing the remainder of plastic trim from the seats - There are 2 bolts on each side holding the backrest to the bottom of the seat - Undo these and lay the seat base next to the backrest. - There are a few wires running between these two pieces for the airbag. I just left them connected - Next starting at the back of the seat unclip the leather from the seat base. - It's held on with long plastic sleeves that hook over the metal edge of the seat base - Once its all unhooked....CAREFULLY....lift the leather away from the seat base - There are strong velcro strips in each recess of the seat foam that keep the leather taught - Make sure you dont pull the velcro off with the leather! - Now that the leather is removed you should be able to see the foam. It just lifts off the seat base - The passenger side will have a sensor glued to the foam (passenger occupancy sensor) which is part of the airbag system - Carefully remove this (I used a knife and slowly cut it away) and glue it to the other foam piece with upholestry glue At this point I went to town cleaning the leather, the seat rails and the interior of the car underneath the seats. - Now just reassemble everything and your done! Took me about 4 hours Few snaps During the mess Passenger side finished. You can see the worn leather and compressed foam Drivers side looking brand new!
  2. I wanted to share my experience with everybody after jet has put his hands on my car for the second time. I haven't had a chance to drive it much since I got it back from him because my car is a weekender and the weather's just been sh*te lately but I managed to give it a decent run last night. It's an fg 2 XR6 t manual box stock when I bought it. 1st time I saw Aaron he gave it a full service with a set of injectors in got her up to 290 rwkw I was really happy with that tune it was sitting around 800nm and for a manual made it such a drivable car. 2nd time around we did Plasmaman 800 HP cooler alloy pipes plazmaman turbo side intake. intank fuel pump and now tuned to 319 kW 14.5 psi sitting around 930 NM and wow. Before this second set of mods and tune to have a bit of fun I'd change between 3 to 4000 p.m. now I don't even need to go that high. 2000 to 3000 rpm is where the fun is at with the sound of the turbo spooling up between 2 and 3000 rpm and the flutter on shift sounds are incredible. The torque is instantly there. Last night I ran through the gears changing it 5000 RPM second third then forth and the car is the missile! The rest of my setup is DBA T3 with pmu pads as Aaron suggested and she pulls up beautifully and super smooth. she sits on King's all round with kyb gas shocks, whiteline rear swaybar, 20 inch Simmons and the car performance and handles so well I'm just so happy now and thank you so much for your time, effort and attention to detail Aaron[emoji16] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. you will be visiting azz a bit more in future if the power bug gets ya hahah
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