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    I only understand 10% of what gets discussed in this thread but reading it all gets me slightly aroused. Disturbing I know
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    I talked the missus into having a smell yesterday. Her response was "Fark me, farken hell, wtf?"
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    I am. It doesn't get you high though, it just wakes you up a bit or smacks the sh*t out of you depending on how much you inhale.
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    7 years, 2 months - impressive but yes, lifeguard is one option for servicing the ZF. FYI, this thread is a great example of all of the fluids, not just ZF - > http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/84229-the-fluid-change/
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    Has xr6 turbo, hates working on cars... hmmm
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