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    So small update, .7 Comp Cover is on, New IC Piping that doesn't leak and a non warped manifold Retuned on Eflex Fairly happy with that result Now makes 100 more kw than 98 Can't wait to take it back to the track
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    Just arrived. Have got the later version on it's way too
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    Bit of an update on the backyard. Had some plumbing issues which delayed me a while, 2k later we're full steam ahead Extra bit of concrete laid to accommodate the extra rows of travertine pavers Pavers laid on top and also did the alfresco area. Glass fence was installed yesterday with soft closing hydraulic hinges for the door. Pretty happy so far with it all and will now be purchasing some steel to make the frame for the deck in front of the pool. Will also be going to check out some composite decking as I'm still undecided on composite or hardwood.
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    Flared the [email protected]#cker. Have been wanting to fit wide offset wheels in 18" for years and finally did it this week. Pictured below are AME Tracer TM-02 in 18 X 10.5" +15 all round. Very strong, light rims. 295 30 18 A050 soft at the front 295 30 18 Nangkang AR1 on the rear (80 tread wear, soft, more like a 305 than a 295) 315 will fit, and will be the next set. Gone back to stealth mode to hopefully comply with a street registered class of the CAMS NSW Supersprint at Wakefield tomorrow.
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    3bar, any lower than that the spray pattern goes to sh*t
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    Been a fair bit going on lately and had the pleasure of helping some forum members out with parts .... did @Wilko16 say full Front to back side to side bushhhhhhhhh kit ? the old M78 XR6 Diff rebuild kit @demon1300 needed a clutch kit .. NPC 1000hp twin plate, flywheel, braided lines,remote bleeder,bolts,spigot,ultimate shifter,CSC And for anyone looking my first BA Turbo is up for sale on the old Gumtree from what can only be the 18th owner after me for a reasonable sum of $8000 lol, never spun a tyre still looks good imho Had My very good mate Paul bring his brothers G6ET in for some work after talking back n forth for what seems like a year now on how to tackle doing the mods themselves and what to get and how to do it, after helping out with some of the critical information they both did all the hard work with brilliant results and finishing on it and she's one tuff sleeper now ID1050X Processwest stage 2 kit Manta full mild steel system intake muffler delete kit new Garrett custom turbo ( specs I don't even know yet ) valvesprings walbro intank pump modded stock airbox and the trusty old K&N panel filter and of course a JD TUNING full custom Dyno tune all said and done 390rwkw @ 15psi flat on 98 fuel "IF" it had a T/B elbow and a ZF that was a bit happier it would of gone 400+ no worries with another PSI but for today it wasn't to be
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    Hope it will be a good thing. Was near half the price of the ai SPR400
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    And done. Was magical Edit: that's a large dinner plate being dwarfed by the steak
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    Sorry couldn't focus on anything home Reno related in the thread as I'm just so shocked Keith had a real girlfriend.
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    Fuchukn Donkey forum in other news, esky anyway you can !
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    when people abuse ya trust saying they gonna pay right away then disappear.... I wonder how they gonna like it when your internet stops working because the jumper in the MDF has been removed. it annoys me I literally trust somebody who agrees to do the credit card over the phone later that same day then they done disappear. almost been a month... the best bit is me going to disconnect them is entirely legal LOL. I bet they contact me all of a sudden.
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    Are you missing any rubber gloves?
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    Whatever way it panned out, sucks balls. Am I the only one who was really looking forward to a disney ending and vids of gunna cutting hoops with his arm out the window screaming "heil ze skid maschine!!!!" ?
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    Fanks Lhukaz Sooo a few months back Rich took his FG F6 to the track that I tuned for him and yes we managed to nab the elusive 11 second time slip with what was really a bunch of standard parts and a great achievement all in all. Well time has come to go to the next stage and in a random turn of events he decided to push this F6 to a limit I probably wouldn't of advised anyone to really do on a reliability/repeatability scale but yeh what the heck let's see what we can do with some Magical Ethanol of the 85% variety Mods are only ! Aftermarket pipe kit ID1050X injectors walbro 460 E85 pump Plazmaman 4* race intake plazmaman battery relocation kit plazmaman TB elbow kit factory cat "De ring" Cranked out a best of 364rwkw @ 14.5 psi up from 314rwkw @ 14psi on 98 fuel Predictions are we can push this factory intercooler into the 11.4/5 zone with the new gain of over 50rwkw The best part and fairly obvious that the intercooler handled the power increase much better than it did on 98 fuel but we all know the positives of E85 It went pretty much what I thought it could do and the key was to maintain the lowest possible boost level and really lean on the ability of the high octane rating fuel spent a bit of time draining the fuel tank, cleaning it out of debris and then setting up the walbro 460 passing 10ltrs of E85 through it to then fill it up direct from the bowser and getting the tune spot on for cold starts and general good behaviour Goes pretty much mental on the street with zero traction now even though it's not a typical "Agressive" tune so to speak
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    Fitted the new 360mm offset rotors. They look huge. I they ended up sitting 10.4 mm further inboard. As you can see there is now ample room to fit the caliper, even with 19" Vertini Drifts. The caliper brackets are currently being modified to suit. Should be finished by Friday.
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    Been a busy camper but apologies to anyone who's been waiting on answers or a reply as I dropped @pro_xw98's starter motor onto my Iphone 7 from a tiny ~4* off the bottom of the front sway bar it was cable tied to and obliterated it so a new Iphone 7 has only just hit my hand now ( cheers apple care for that lol ) anywhoo I had Paul bring his beautiful G6ET in for a new port & flapper job with a Genuine Garret 12psi actiator, Hardy Spice HD 1000HP rated Tailshaft including 1250 yoke&uni's and a Plazmaman 4* race intake and battery relocation kit,Plazmaman TB elbow replacement kit then coupled it up with a sweet Ngauge from @Peppy_t92 so Paul can now have high and low boost options as last time the 355rwkw tune was a bit of a tyre fryer even on the low 15psi. The best part is due to Paul being around 200kms away I have the ability to do remote tuning for him final power is lifted to now 364rwkw (high boost ) and a low boost of 325rwkw Then I've been preparing for Taylor and his ute that has decided to start the process of the old "rumble of death" turbo failure so wanting to do something slightly different I've gone a brand new Genuine Garret GT3582 (B series turbo or FG F6 however you want to look at it) with an Antisurge 4* GTX cover in 0.7 configuration. Should net around ~30rwkw more with the cover than what a standard GT3582 with the 0.50 would do but I don't think we will go that far (400rwkw +). Matched it up with my precision Port & Flapper job with a Garret 12 psi actuator and Genuine walbro 255ltr/hr intank fuel pump with new E85 submersible pressure line ( results to come ) Now my major focus has been (believe it or not ) @pro_xw98's engine/trans/diff build and we're very close to hitting the key for the first time and just finalising the last bits n bobs but she's looking good with that 1200+hp turbo hiding away under that CRG low mount manifold that's been ceramic coated with over 1000* in temp black coating and nothing but the best -10 oil drain in braid with speedflow flange fittings ( My OCD is going bananas with the blue AN fitting lol ) and general up spec everything including wrapping the fully built C4 with a SFI trans blanket ! A keen eye will see the attention to detail I've gone to on the engine dress up with all fastners being acid dipped to bring them up clean again along with painting all surfaces
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    Yep the Plazmaman 800HP kit fits brilliantly with no cutting and is a top medium/upper level intercooler kit with a lower end price tag happy to help out forum members with some good prices on anything intercooler related !
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    Some progress on the new fuel system I am installing...
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    Just got home from picking the car up take 2, so as it turns out the boost leak must have been significant because it picks up so much harder/earlier now. And the anti surge cover has made it actually sound like a jet. Anyone with a 3540, do that mod cause it's unreal
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    New BBQ "Massive" 30cm across - perfect for when I only want to cook a steak and a couple of snags for myself over charcoal Definitely transportable - weekends down the van I'll be eating well :D
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    Thanks for the responses guys but ive sorted it out. A black rubber glove I had over the intercooler pipe while I was working on it must of fallen in at some point and was blocking the intercooler
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    I've personally had a bit to do with this ute and helping Marcus out over time and unfortunately he's been done over by quite a few places/people even despite he's online personally that can seem a bit clueless it's no excuse for what a leading engine builder has done to him. I genuinely feel sorry for him and wish him all the best with whatever eventuates from it as I'm sure whoever does buy it will end up with a very well built ute (after the repair) all said n done
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    Yep I've had two black falcons , woulda thought I'd learn the first time round hey but the blue flek through out the black is beautiful when polished up
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    1000hp NPC twin plate, ARP studs, new CSC, Mal wood rip shifter and all braided lines to suit. Should handle the upcoming power nicely [emoji123] Big thanks to Jetters for sorting this out [emoji106][emoji41]
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    About to go on for a reverse sear 2.4kg tomahawk
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    Well, the ex's family finally came and grabbed her furniture and stuff on the weekend. Turns out I don't really own that much (furniture and kitchen utensil wise I mean) and the house was pretty empty afterwards. Was all rather surreal actually. So anyway, I went out and bought myself a new bed, as the ex had a nice comfortable one and I didn't really wanna go back to my old crappy bed and lose my spare/guest bed in the process. Decided my room's big enough, so I'd get a king size...no regrets! It's awesome! And freaky will be happy, because headboard. The base also lifts up on gas struts, so there heaps of storage underneath. Also, not sure if I posted when I did this, but ripped out the old shower curtain in my ensuite and put in a shower screen. Was a $200 cheapy from Bunnings, but it's immensely better than having a shower curtain and makes the room feel a lot nicer.
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    decided to do all three workouts I have over sat and sunday cause I haven't been to gym enough. sore AF now. every part of me is nuked hahahaha. gotta try and go tomorrow, get back into 3 times a week!
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    I think it was the server side cache (that you didn't have access to) that was causing it. Chris would turn it off and all was good. Randomly got turned on again and started occuring again -til he turned it off. Happened a fair few times - when it broke, we'd poke him, he'd turn it off and all was good til the next time.
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    Why has this forum struggled to load the next or previous page ? It comes up with the header bar and the trusty much needed advertising campaign yet I have to hit refresh to actually get it to load the rest of the information its been this way for about three months or so now
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    800 hp Tube and Fin kit by Plazmaman fitted like a glove in my BA. Zero cutting needed. Jet can vouch for this. Should be the same for your BF. And as puff said, part with the coin now and you won't be parting with extra coin down the track when the pump isn't up to task so on and so forth. Good luck Andy and welcome.
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    No, but I find it easier to steer it gently up the kerb instead of hitting it straight on after you do an unintentional 180 on super sprint stages. heh So how'd it happen Tim?
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    Poor little rental Corolla - only had a few thou on it but after today - prolly feels like it has just done 80 thou Kept the revs up most of the way from Queenstown over Haast Pass Didn't go any earlier than today due to work and snow closing off roads (Milf was still closed off). O M G the driving scenery is just spectacular. It was like Swiss Alps, Great Ocean Road, Vic Alpine Cruise, Tassie cruise and Snowy's Cruise all rolled into one !!! I do want to do this again - maybe as a forum cruise (though Ford XRs are a bit hard to come as rentals nowadays ... ) I'll throw up some pics and stuff later on.
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    well mrpunk if you joined this forum, and did your homework before you started modding you wouldnt be in this situation. your own fault
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    no wonder jet wont swap mrs. im with you puff im showing the mrs too haahah good luck to us
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    In fairness though that was after a day of tuning. I'd probably get about 500 on the hwy if I drove normally but who tunes for e85 to drive normally?! Farken not me lol
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    First fathers day as one :-) Awesome feeling !
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    Parts coming together. Got the rods and main bolts for a great price thanks to eBay 20% off for Father's Day sale!
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    I can't really tell you much about it tbh. There is an mmo option there but all I've done so far is lick stuff and headbutt the crap out of stuff.
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    I'm more amazed the Kieth lives in a house,not upright in a locker somewhere.
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    Wasn't exactly like that, but it was a case of "given it's my house, I'd like it to be kept to the standard that I keep it myself...neat and tidy". He said that's fair enough and so far all good. It's my house, I'm not giving someone else free reign to do whatever they like...I definitely don't want to end up in a situation where I'm unhappy being in my own house, fark that! I don't NEED someone living with me to survive, financially or otherwise...so he can either fit in with how I want to live in my own house, or he's welcome to rent his own place and live how he wants.
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