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    Almost went and got a girlfriend - luckily the forum's back up in time to stop me doing something that silly
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    Got a bit more done on the ute after work last week and over the weekend. Fitted a Hayman Reese 2300kg tow kit (for the removable hitch rather than weight rating) and got a recoed/built diff fitted on Sunday. Turns out the 2nd nizpro muffler won't fit with the hd tow kit so I'll have to get it modified again. Got a few quotes to have the diff rebuilt around Sydney with a true trac and new bearings with arp studs. The best being $2300 if I removed the axles and dropped the diff off for the day, fark that. Rang MDR in Dandenong after seeing their eBay listings and got a much better price of $2750 (plus freight) for new axles, bearings, arp studs, new gears, true trac centre in a Ba casing. Just had to swap over the brake plates from the Bf diff I was using and it was an easy swap. Only got one pic as I was busy enjoying the speedo working and having traction. Pretty happy with it even having only gone easy on it to run it in.
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    Washed it. Havnt driven it in months and been lacking motivation to fix the leaky axle seal. Gets surprisingly dirty sitting in the shed
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    To everyone who hasn't been following we have some exciting news and can finally announce that PCMTEC is live! We support flashing and editing the following PCM/TCMs (Engine ECU and Transmission ECU) BA Falcon 2002-2005 BF Falcon 2005-2008 FG Falcon 2008-2017 Territory (Petrol) 2004-2017 We are selling 3 products Enthusiast, Professional and Workshop starting at $300 AUD which makes it the cheapest solution for DIYers. See the link below for details! https://www.pcmtec.com/ Blog with updates for upcoming releases here: https://www.pcmtec.com/blog Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PCMTECAustralia/
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    had my best ever HSP on Saturday night Although I don't get HSP's normally, I normally get kebabs, this was epic
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    not my car . . . . or my rims polished these at work today they came up really nice
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    I drive a truck between Yeppoon n emerald every few weeks if you need a block or something brought out for free mate[emoji106]
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    New goodies, CP Pistons, I beam Spool Rods 14mm headstuds, Spool Girdle and a Ross racing balancer plus all the other usual fruit.
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    Noice! A few weeks ago huds and I made a kinder surprise cake
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    The beast is now complete and the tedious job of running in the new hardware ( mainly the diff ) is in full swing and clocking up ~500kms of super easy driving not exceeding 80kms followed by another 500kms of medium paced driving there afterwards few pictures for the people who are interested and no it wasn’t anywhere near that clean coming out haha Remember ladies full mineral Diff oil for TruTracks Also this week I had Paul’s supercharged FG XR6 come back into the workshop for a ZF tune and a general health check most things were on par and one of the things I really get into is the fact the car started life NA and now has a total of 8psi of intercooled boost thrown at her on what’s not the greatest platform ( hi comp and 98 octane fuel with average intake temps ) so the care needed on the timing scales has to be high priority ( imho ) and something I always do for a visual AFTER <- ( YES AFTER ) having a fully calibrated aftermarket knock detection device going and watching the halarity of the very UN CALIBRATED VCM scanner KR PID going bananas it gives a fair amount of information on exactly what is coming out the exhaust from the cylinder events in almost the same way “reading” of spark plugs is done, some old school tuners can tune from reading plugs and exhaust tips alone but more on the side of lower powered NA applications where the error factor can be greater .... a video can also show situations that might not show in any logging but possibly still having an effect on engine performance dramatically and or health like piston blow by or valve stem seals now an exhaust stream can show rich fueling and in the bad situation “puffs” when a timing mark has caused a Knock event, you’ll notice that at the ol Dyno Days there will typically be one bloke hanging back having a look as it’s quick, easier than setting up a logger and multiple KNock/ping events will kill an engine in no time !! wanted to share some of the things I do and explain why I do them for anyone keeping up with the tips n tricks I throw out throughout the course of this thread a video helps right and obviously this is showing no issues throughout the pull Here’s a well run Dyno Day from K.P.M showing the exact situation I spoke about
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    The missus made this for our daughters birthday. Should be good for a soon to be three year old!
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    The actuator is a key part to boost control in a turbo falcon and the factory/aftermarket tune needs to work to the base setting on the actuator without having the actuator set correctly and tune to suit you’ll either see boost cut or if tuned in open loop you’ll see whatever boost the set up will make and potentially blow the engine up the rating of an actuator is at the point it will start to open NOT the total amount it can hold a typical actuator can hold double it’s rating no worries beware !
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    I've updated it. We would absolutely under no circumstances pass your information on to third parties other than the two listed. Eway will get you details when you enter in your CC details (like paypal etc all do). Xero will get your details from eway for the purposes of generating an invoice and that is it. We won't ever send you marketing information, that was lawyer speak which was from the template they have used. I've removed it. The only people who will see your personal information are us, eway and xero. Both of these companies are Australian based, though I'm sure they operate servers out of the US so technically it could leave Australia in an encrypted format. I will make this more explicit. We don't use cookies beyond identifying your browser and giving you a login token. Technically these could personally identify you in some circumstances however we do not use them in this fashion nor is this the intent. Google analytics collects geographical data from your IP address, they also use your existing tracked information from advertising providers, we don't do this, google already do it and they correlate it to provide us with anonymous browsing stats. We don't collect or store this, they do. This information is anonymous, however if someone was attempting to track you, they could possibly do so, though this would be directly against their own privacy policy and definitely not our intent. I'm sure we can make the wording less broad and will give it another review over the coming days. TLDR; We won't send anything to anyone other than eway/xero. In the future we may use something like zendesk so they would receive your name/email only to track support requests. We won't send you spam or marketing ever. We will send you emails notifying you of updates available that you can opt out of with the "news letter" function.
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    Me three. I went outside this month
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    another hard day at the office
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    Got the new tailshaft in. Really happy with the quality, fit and lack of nvh.Driveline feels alot more solid now. Will get a better pic once it's on the hoist but here's one for now.
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    Wideband installed. Nice when things fire up first go! The wiring mess is just the aux Bluetooth thing.
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    Here's an idea for the next time the missus ticks you off(we lock down uploading files at work, hence the direct link): http://www.overclockers.com.au/image.php?pic=images/newspics/3nov17/10.jpg
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    Finally found some wheels I like so I can fit ....
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    I got 2 years 4 months and 55,000kms out of my ATR2s and there was was still more tread on em than that Anyway, for purposes of this thread 18x9.5 +10 fronts with 235/40R18 Michenlin Pilot Sport 4, these tyres don't stretch as well as I expected. 18x11 +8 rears with 265/35R18 Achilles ATR2 Front guards are rolled/pumped maybe 10-15mm further out than standard. Rears have been pushed out very little by adjustment in the wheel arch brackets but they are not yet rolled. I will need to roll them to go lower, as pictured the guards sit on the tyres with axle resting on bumpstops, raised it back up for now. The front tyres stick out slightly but this is with neutral camber. They will tuck in easily with a little negative camber. There is no scrubbing at all.
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    I got 355rwkw on stock exhaust. Jumped strait to 407 as soon as a full xforce turbo back went on though Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Winter project finally complete! Cubby house for the kids. What they don't know is I sneakily made it re-purposable as a garden shed when they grow out of it.
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    Crab, cray and prawns (and rice) Would have got a doggy bag, but not coming home from Thailand with crabs. Interesting way they do the prawns - they're so big and cheap they just lop the head and ends off them rather than peeling them - sort of like getting a banana, chopping both ends so it's a symmetrical cylinder and presenting it that way. The crab was the definite highlight of the meal - not knocking the other two plates, but mmmmmmmmmm
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    support crew = my mechanic, his offsider, me (I'm too old and fat for proper racing) the jockey is 65kg wringing wet, (dates the offsiders sister) my panel beater client, and a couple of other unpaid mates that want to see some real racing, not the bullsh*t crap on tv such as the V8SB (v8 superboring) same cars with different badging basically
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    Did a job for a guy and dropped it off, waiting for him to get back with cash How many cats should a metal fab workshop have... 14 of 18 in this pic
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    ahhhhhhhhhh 2 of my favorite food groups fat and salt
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    Yep that's the one![emoji41] New fluid looked a bit nicer! Bit of crud at the bottom of the reservoir but nothing too serious.
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    Awesome gumtree experience yesterday. Chucked a couple of left over roof sheets left over from the cubby house build on gumtree for free. Guy who picked them up gave me a 6 pack and said thanks for taking the time to put them up and not just dump them. Win win all round!
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    You know November means Snowy Cruise and I was thinking about this one tonight. I’ll see what I can extract from work tomorrow, wish me luck...
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    Turbo is all fitted up and ready to go can't wait to see how the 69mm goes through the twisties
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    Updated cruise list CRUISE LIST: 1. @EvilDaifuVIC (4 days) 2. @k31th Vic (4 days) 3. @El Andrew ACT (3 days) 4. @Rab Vic (3 days) 5. @MattyP NSW (3 days) 6. @YLD127 ACT (4 days) So here's what the attendance is looking like: Day 1 Friday EvilDaifu, k31th, Rab (meet up BP Hume Highway 8am) MattyP (meet up with El Andrew and YLD127 in at Yass Caltex potentially about Fri lunch time?) El Andrew, YLD127 (meet up at Yass Caltex about Fri lunch time to cruise into Tumut with MattyP?) Day 2 Saturday EvilDaifu, k31th, El Andrew, Rab, MattyP (heading home Saturday evening), YLD127 Day 3 Sunday EvilDaifu, k31th, El Andrew (heading home Sunday morning), Rab (headng home Sunday morning), YLD127 Day 4 Monday EvilDaifu, k31th, YLD127 (everyone heading home)
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    Had a bit going on lately but still trying to keep everyone happy even if my 9-5 has had me smashing out a fair bit of away/OT work but everyone has been really good about the extended wait times and I have to apologise to the ones who I just can’t fit in these days ( only newbs unfortunately as I’ll always bend over backwards for existing customers ) Soooo had a long time lurker contact me ( @mr_greenslade )to have me do some work on his BA XR6T all the way from Kadina ( mid north SA ) and from many many emails backwards and forth we managed to come up with a plan to take the car to a happy safe level and go for some good parts along the way (ID1050X,walbro intank,Turbosmart FPR1200 + fitting kit and new lines E85 rated ) the car has a unique Custom top half BBM and a highmounted GT3582 with a Turbosmart external Gate, X force exhaust, surge tank in the boot with a Bosch 044 and at one stage Scott had installed a Adaptronic aftermarket ECU that piggy backed with the factory ECU for body control so some serious wire in then remove to just stock ECU again and patch up wiring had taken it’s toll on the loom and became apparent after I hit the dyno for the tuning with VCT not responding. Started off with a very low ~170rwkw on 98 fuel with the BTR doing the shifting and finished up the best possible I could with 217rwkw .... now Scott is very handy with the tools so we had a chat and set a chance to give the car back and let him fix up the wiring, fit some Crow valve springs and a further tidy up of some things. Knocked the essentials off and got the car back to me for a re tune and managed to take the “Ebay” spec intercooler to it’s point of unhappiness and bought it back to all it could handle (14psi) managed to flash over 290rwkw a few times but IAT’s were just far to unacceptable (imho) so ended up at 269rwkw with a very strong low/mid section and keeping the BTR exactly the way scott wanted it ( super smooth in Auto with firm and precise in sports mode ) all in all we weren't going for big numbers but reliability and consistency due to where he lives and by all reports I believe we hit the nail on the head and just look at those beautiful stats on the Dyno sheet in some side news Scott’s skills go further than the tools and onto printing/graphics so I asked nicely for him to freshen up my sticker design and he’s come up with and printed me off a pile of new awesome stickers, all positive from the existing customer base so looks like it will stay look at what no VCT does ..... then onto Chris’s G6ET I tuned a while back had come back in for a retune specifically for a firmer/quicker ZF tune and after a few days of gradual initiation of a range of parameters I managed to get the ZF shifting beautiful and up until a point of where there’s just some external factors playing into the mix as she is 130,000kms old. Standard wash before pick up has her looking tip top Made some great progress on @pro_xw98‘s Fully built BA turbo with quite a few kms already on the new engine/C4 all the dump section is mated up the the stainless 4* exhaust and screamer hiding in there to ....so it was time to get it high in the sky and pull the rear end out for it’s full makeover including IMS twin diffbush hat,Trutrack,new gear set,New half shafts seals,bearings,shims and all new bushes in the cradle set to take over 1000hp and looking swish now ! Before .....and yes it was the most disgusting diff ever hahaha After ....
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    Brb selling the wife and kids and moving to China
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    ^Makes for a much less exciting video though.
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    Glad all those moneys went into the right place for the forum to be better than ever
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    I liked @JETURBO buttpug one too lol
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    go to the 300+, or 400+, or 500+ section to check out what plenty of others have done to each those power levels. the formulas are tried and tested- you just need to read, and then read some more to get familiar with what works.
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    Will make one out of sheet metal and cover in black leather and red trim and thread. Sent from my SM-T530 using Tapatalk
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    Have a read of this thread. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/91528-modding-your-fg-xr6g6e-turbo-take-2/
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    Injectors , pump and cat. Then worry about the other stuff if it's needed.
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    I went to Africa for 6 weeks and thought I was pretty good taking about 8000 photos
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    absolutely make sure the tuner handles everything and not just WOT and if you're reasonably careful with it, it'll be fine
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    turbo is like the easiest things to do.....easier than engine mounts on the floor with a block of wood! take it to CMS coz they havent I <3 Bananased your car everytime its been there
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    Where are you located? I'm in Yeppoon and can help you out with some parts. I've got pretty much everything that you need...
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    I recently got a quote to swap my entire house from the septic tank to the street. The guy wanted 6k but I talked him down to half of that. There was nearly 50 metres of pipe laid over a metre underground. Make sure you don't spend too much on a bunch of poly pipe and fittings man.
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    Pc is all good. Easiest fix ever...just switched it off and on again
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