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    No progress on the ute for the last while, until today anyway. Got my license back yesterday. Was lucky enough to be able to get Chris from Mobile Custom Fabrications to come over and sort out new cooler piping. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Left the silicone elbow on the little GTX as I plan on upgrading that later this year, no point wasting a plazmaclamp on it.
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    I just ordered one of these. I'll let the forum know how I go with it. Will still be a few months away before the new motors running.
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    After nearly 6 months, the wiring is completed and installed in the car. I cannot begin to describe my feeling of joy and relief. I really feel like crying.. I know that some will wonder why it has taken so long. The extended duration was due to my wiring guy having a full time job (At the mines), which involves being away from home. Given my familiarity with these circumstances, it has taken substantially longer than normal. However, the man is absolutely fastidious with his work and I'm sure that when you view the pictures below, you will attest to the wait being justifiable. AS you can see, we cut the harness just past the firewall and added a Motorsport connector. This will allow us to completely disconnect the wiring harness in one spot (Except coils), if engine removal is required. I wish that I'd thought of it the first time around.... We've done the same with the Thermocouple amplifiers to allow for ease of removal/installation. Note that they amplifiers are not yet installed into the engine management compartment and that they will be mounted on top of thew wideband and I/O expander modules... So, the beast has been fired, but we had a small trigger issue. It seems to be losing it's home(Can't remember exact term).. We'll put it on a scope and suss it out...
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    Sick of my ute being in peices, decided cooler pipes are getting done properly this time. Picked up a set of 3" plazmaclamps to go with the turbosmart 50mm BOVs. Getting the new cooler piping fabbed up later this week. Hopefully turns out kinda like this but 3" not 3.5".
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    Back into doing what I really enjoy as a hobby and it’s far more exciting than playing soccer ( sorry world cup lol ) but I’ve had Alex’s built BA beast on the Dyno, marks white 500rwkw ute and last night Andrew’s FGX XR8 with the supercharged 5.0 lots going on but ive had to step up Alex’s @pro_xw98‘s boost control system as it’s making already 300rwkw @ 9psi with a progressive peak and seen over 500rwkw already at 21psi progressive with the big precision 7675 and far too much too soon when bringing it on quicker. It was worth a shot at making what he had work before spending more money but wasn’t to be Marks ute hit the rollers for a genral check up and seeing the Circle D converter has “loosened” up a small touch has made the ute increasingly more aggressive which is interesting to say the least haha then onto Andrews FGX with the sweet sweet V8 alloy supercharged goodness wanting ultimately bang for buck a Tune Only was the ticket as he had already fitted a Aeroflow pod replacement hi flow Air filter ( I typically would of used a K&N ). The FGX has a decent amount of further torque reduction and general power subtraction strategies over the FG GT/GS for instance and definitely shows up in the baseline runs 288rwkw was all she had and it’s obvious where in the graph Ford are pulling power out or adding way to much fuel in and being counter productive for generating power. All said and done 359rwkw and that makes a total of 71rwkw on a “tune only” which is bloody amazing really seeing anywhere from 60rwkw to 75rwkw is the ballpark for most workshops and the “tune only” status and most included the Pod filter after the baseline so 71 is really good and I’m very happy with the before and after and didn’t need to spin the engine past factory redline too which most lift by another 500rpm or so on the street it’s chalk and cheese the difference and now it spins the 275 sport Maxx tyres pretty hard with ease whereas it didn’t spin at all with all the torque management left on which is a bit boring for a factory supercharged vehicle stay tooned for more soon
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    New turbo who dis [emoji102]
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    Last day of push bike Weeeeee Day off to get the ute together tomorrow. Happy days.
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    Finished putting Atomic pump and timing setup on the taxi. Hopefully this 42 goes on soonish!
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    just scored a G27 wheel, pedals and shifter on gumtree for $50
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    Just called me local ford dealership for some prices on a BA XR6T sump, Indian guy picks up, puts me on hold. Finally picks up the phone again asks what I’m after I tell him I’m after a BA XR6 Turbo sump, He asks what is that I repeat myself. He asks for chassis number, I tell him I don’t have the chassis number only my rego number he reluctantly tries that, it works perfect. He then says in a surprised voice “That’s a ford falcon!?” I then explain that a XR6 Turbo is a ford falcon. Who the I <3 Bananas hires these people.
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    For me it will do everything I need. Stage my fuel pumps, run my shift light, give me interstate support with tuning abilities so I dont need to relie on Adelaide “tunners/work shops. Provide piece of mind with all the engine protection features, wide band visibility boost ingear and heaps more. It doesn’t matter that it cant be used to tune the ZF, this is technically very difficult to achieve. Its not for everyone but for what I’m trying to do its, on paper at least perfect. Plus Dion Amato swears by it and has used it to tune his 6sec race car. live tuning, the list goes on and on. Looking forward to it!
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    It's arrived [emoji3] 1st flying lap of Bathurst 2:19 Slower than Xbox controller But grin factor is off the scale Should have bought one of these years ago
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    New fermenter. Pale ale just went in. Got myself a proper keg setup (fridge, 2 taps, gas, kegs etc) I'm currently putting together. Hopefully it'll all be setup and ready in a week or so when the beer's ready. Was so over the bottling of the brews that I'd not done any for a while - this should be a hell of a lot easier and constant. No more secondary ferment, adding sugars to carbonate etc and no more cleaning bottles. Half hour at each end of the brew instead instead of hours and only a week or so before the beer is on tap instead of a month or longer. The new fermenter will let me brew and dispense under pressure - should let everything be a closed loop from when the yeast is added til when the beer is poured. Beer should be a lot cleaner, clearer and have far less chance of infection or "off" flavours - no more banana beer Have also got a nitrogen bottle and tap coming - proper pub "Guinness" and "Kilkenny" etc will be an awesome option. Have still got the "Beer droid" fermenters - will use them for the "small batch" beers - they do 10l so will go straight from them to a 10l keg to chuck on the taps.
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    there's a lot involved... have a read of all of the N/A to Turbo threads in this forum section to get yourself a reasonable idea -> http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/forum/142-ford-40l-na-discussion/ bottom line; it's not worth it, just sell up and buy a turbo.
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    My intank works a treat. No multiple pump bs either.
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    ohh I was one of the first ones to install such a big system. At first I got 27 panels and then a couple of years later I got 5 more added in. It has paid itself off already which is good, so I have recovered the cost. I am glad I got in when I did. Now the extra payment is helping with the mortgage. :D
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    why are people servicing their ZF's anyways they are sealed for life
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    Good morning from Denmark (south west WA). Currently 8° with a max of 18° today. GF has booked is a wine tour for the day, so looking forward to that. They pick us up from our accommodation and drive is round up do a bunch of tastings, should be good!
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    Brought a new laptop, Lenovo Ideapad. i7 8550U, 16GB, GTX1050 bit over kill for browsing but thought fark it
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    Yeah I think the Haltech still has a lot of benefit. Think amazing traction control, boost by gear, safety features out the wazoo, 2-step, launch control, wideband built in, flex fuel etc. I'll definitely be looking long and hard at one in the coming months! [emoji41]
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    It is up to the job, as are all flash tuning alternatives. They don't have the same scope of tuning as the Haltech but often this isn't needed. A tuner should be able to offer the customer the choice of a well done flash tune or the Haltech unit that offers much more if needed or desired. There are some thing that flash tuning doesn't currently offer that the Haltech unit can provide. This is the case with 95% of people. This doesn't take away from what the unit has to offer. I think we should judge the unit based on it's merits rather than it's price.
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    If anyone wants one I should be able to get platinum pricing for this and hopefully pass on some discounts to forum members don't know exactly what this is yet as the haltech platinum price list only gets updated every now and then but I also requested the RRP from Matty last week at $3000 just quietly I cannot wait to use it as I really like the Elite 2500 platform
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    Bought a pool pump from a store in Melbourme or $699 delivered to the door. Was pissed off because I saw one for $645 on eBay after I had paid for it. Went to store in town here to buy some plastic elbows and some glue They had the same pump for sale Asked how much $1268 Didn't feel so bad about loosing on the eBay deal [emoji3]
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    $2300 for the FG model as well Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Change DNS server to That should bypass the blocks on such sites
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    Hi All, im kinda a new member, I hadnt logged in for about 7 years since I sold my last XR6T. On Friday I picked up a BA 5 speed XR6T ute. I decided it was time to log back in again. Its pretty much stock. Not going to modify it much I dont think, im getting old lol. We will see. Its an 03, 5 spd, 19s, K&N, Guage pod, hard cover, 173kms. Got it for 7k, which I thought was a pretty good deal.
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    Same. Just buy good quality parts fit for purpose and then get contents insurance and online backup for data
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    Am sure Pedrosa must be sick of being the "also ran". Rabs prediction: Lorenzo will finish out of the top 5 at those 3 tracks (Rab doesn't really like Lorenzo) Will be good to see him and MM on equal machines next year - those two have dominated the last 6 years?? between them. Would love to see Stoner slip back in and take it to the field - no chance of that happening now :( Miller next year will hopefully do well.
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    I have fitted these on 2 cars and are great. Next oil change you dont need to drop the pan. Use this kit as it has the better gasket. Same as posted just better gasket. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ford-non-genuine-ZF-6HP26-6-Spd-Automatic-Trans-Steel-Sump-pan-Conversion-kit/201433334380?hash=item2ee65cc26c:g:r4YAAOSwFnFV~g1v Also change mechatrons unit, as pan has to be dropped if it starts leaking. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ZF-6hp26-ford-bmw-Automatic-Transmission-Mechatronic-Plug-Sleeve-six-speed-OE/191650661670?hash=item2c9f450526:g:Ow4AAOSwDNdVvfsE I would suggest getting the Gulf western. Penrite doesnt have a good track record for ZF oil. If your car hasnt done a lot of Ks say 100k, buy 20L GW, drop the oil and pan , fit mechatronics, install new pan , gasket, filter and mechatronics unit. Then after 1000ks drop oil and refill. Then wait 50k and repeat. After another 100k change the filter. If you car has done many Ks I recommend a flush.. Oil Capacity Dry Fill Capacity – 9.4 Litres (Not including Cooling System) Service Fill Capacity – 4.5 Litres (Give or take 1/2 Litre) Cooling System Capacity 0.5 – 1.5 Litre (Depending on Setup) Fluids which cause Damage Penrite ATF SYN Automatic Transmission fluid was recommended for this transmission however in December 2010 Penrite released a statement to all customers stating that ATF SYN would no longer cover this transmission. Some workshops who continued to used the oil have reported the industry where it caused clutch squawk on shifting. (Download a PDF Version of Penrite’s Statement Here PENRITE ATF DEVELOPMENTS)
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    You can buy this (below) and get some gulf western SYN-TS 20L for around a $150 if you search around distributors. Then just pay a transmission place to do it and you supply parts. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ford-non-genuine-ZF-6HP26-6-Spd-Automatic-Trans-Steel-Sump-pan-Conversion-kit-/191480556178
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    You’ll gain nothing without data to look at buddy, if you’re “learning” and don’t have data to reference your journey will be very confusing just sayn
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    See what happens with no JSA/JHA. Did you event complete a take 5. On the plane. Window seat home for you.
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    You may as well. Just use two 1080tiz to drive them and you'll be set. There should be enough change from 10 grand to buy a nice bottle of scotch.
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    Or he could offer to buff the driver out With 9" grinder and wire wheel
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    Wmmfg today? I just did my first "winter" electricity read since installing a couple of reverse cycle aircons and it's about $270 for the month. I budget $450 a month for the whole year and the summer bills came in a tad under that, so I'm pleasantly surprised that the winter ones are under $300. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying wood which I have done for the past few years.
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    I have had this one for about 10 years @Rab it has the same fittings on the one you have posted. very handy, no fuss unplug and go for a ride last battery that died, charger was telling me it was still good multi-meter even said it was good, till I tried to start it Edit: found one on Ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tecmate-Optimate-4-Desulfating-Battery-Charger-Tester-Maintainer/291986020246?epid=1469393579&hash=item43fbb91796:g:dYsAAOSw9GhYZZ1l 2nd Edit: same price I paid 10 years ago
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    New European race schedule sux for us Aussies, but can't miss Monaco. I just hope Daniels car stays together and he can go ahead and bag the win. 100% Max DNFs through crash/mistake - As brilliant as he is he just hasn't quite matured enough yet. Be great to see where young Leclerc finishes! Awesome race !!!! Will even get the old charcoal BBQ fired up for this one - Whoo whoooo. Oh and beers on ice!!
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    Fly over, dinner with the forum, get unit, fly home
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    Lol I'm sure one of us Aussies will post one over for ya.
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    How funny ear muffing...........LMFAO!! Morning good people happy weekend to all.
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    Small update Have sold the T5 gearbox, and purchased a T56 6 speed with Mal Wood option 5 clutch courtesy of Brad @HI PSI While I have the box out and waiting for the new one to arrive I'll be doing the rear main seal on the motor. So tonight I pulled that measly excuse of a gearbox out. Just need to pull clutch and flywheel out tomorrow ready for pick up on the weekend. Got extensions? That's a 500mm with a 375mm wobble drive on the end
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    Roast Chicken it is then .. Can I have mine forwarded to Thailand????..
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    SOLD finally. Deposit outlay today. I agree, will never post on FB again and gumtree. Low ball offers and time and time again swap..............fark off with your swaps it's FOR SALE you MOFO. I had it on carsales also and was the winner after all. Should be going next Wednesday give me all weekend to detail it. It's now locked away in the garage.
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    furry muff, perhaps, but still... thought it might have been this lol
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    Not necessarily. I've found that the talking sign posts actually help keep you on the road and when you park up to sleep it off, there is a soothing tree beard to give you life advice such as; don't drive whilst tripping or make sure to check your tyres after a hard night out. Jk don't drink and drive kids.
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    I reckon this guy needs to lay off the drugs, of course you will crash if you take LSD and drive.
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    heya guys thought id do an update on my build as its going. so I ended up going 6 speed manual. conversion was very very easy. wiring was easy (I have reverse lights) only problem I came across was the centre bearing OD being different. anyways long story short I ended up getting a yellow sticker so in the process of getting this back on the road. vehicle is getting a few changes to comply and be registered and also for extra power after registering. Full spool is coming out and am replacing with a Harrop Truetrac. standard tailshaft will be removed and will be upgrading to a DBS custom tailshaft. 1.00AR rear housing will be getting replaced with a 1.15AR housing(due to rear housing causing restriction on last tune) Brakes are being changed to be more suitable for the power. picking up a set of Brembo 6 Piston front calipers with 355mm front discs and Brembo 4 Piston rear calipers with 330mm discs. once reregistered going to be doing the last tune for this setup. aiming for low 900rwhp at around 30psi. this will be the last tune on this vehicle as injectors only have another 15-20% left. also a few old suspension bushes will be replaced to improve handling. 2002 Ba XR6 Turbo 320rwkw @16psi (old tune) 437rwkw @22psi 1263nm of torque BTR 4 Speed Auto 590rwkw @ 25psi current tune T56 T56 Manual out of BF Xtreme Button twin plate Malwood Short Shifter Malwood Heavy Duty Alloy clutch master cylinder Malwood Braided clutch hose CrowCam Heavy Duty Valve Springs and Retainers Mahle Forged Pistons (20" Oversize) Scat Forged H beam Rods Billet Oil Pump gears ACL Race series bearings MLSR Head Gasket ARP Head Studs Precision 6766 1.00AR (1.15AR coming soon) 6Boost Hightmount Manifold Bosch 1600ccc Injectors Plazmaman 044 Twin Surge Tank Plazmaman Fuel Rail Turbosmart 2000 Fuel Pressure regulator Plazmaman Plenum Custom intercooler piping Turbo Smart 50mm External Wastegate 6Boost High mount manifold Freshly setup head including new valve steam oil seals, valve guides etc Battery relocation to rear Plazmaman 1200hp tube and fin intercooler Plazmaman full intercooler piping Plazmaman cold air intake 52mm Heavy Duty Alloy Radiator Custom Dump pipe Xforce 3.5inch hiflow cat stainless Xforce 3.5inch cat back stainless Walbro intake fuel pump Sct x3 flash tuner Whiteline 30mm adjustable sway bar with adjustable links Whiteline 22mm adjustable sway bar with adjustable links Xzy super sport coilovers Nolathane differential bushes 4.11 Diff Gears Fullspool diff center(removed now Harrop truetrac Protex street slotted and cross drilled front rotors(replaced with Brembo 6 piston front calipers 355mm slotted rotors) Protex street slotted and cross drilled rear rotors(replaced with Brembo 4 piston rear calipers 330mm slotted and x drilled rotors) Trw pads all round(going QFM with new Brembo Setup King wheel evolve 20x8.5 front 20x10 rear 225x35x20 front 275x35x20 rear 20% window tint Dewinged 8000k hid kit Alpine cda137ebt head unit Alpine mrf600 4 channel Alpine mrx m240 monoblock 2 x Rockford Fosgate T2D212 Soundstream 40 FARAD capacitor Sound stream ported box Stinger 0 gauge wiring Rockford fosgate T3169S Rockford fosgate T169
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