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  1. Hey I have a Ba XR6T which is totally stock apart from a wastegate actuator that runs 7psi and a K&N air filter. Recently I have had an intermittent electrical issue that kills my engine and after pulling over the car starts again 99% of the time straight away, pretty dodgy when it happened under boost making a smallish move on the motorway! I've had it to iCar Kallangur and had some relays changed (it's happening a little less) and according to their scan it isn't earthed and shouldn't even be starting.. They said it is a computer/ electrical issue and needs to go to Ford new computer etc.. I know nothing about mechanical or performance upgrades. I figure if I am going to get a new computer that there has to be an improved solution that is better than the factory part Ford will charge me a fortune for. I love my car owned it for 6 years. Wanted one ever since I was first dusted on the highway back in 2004 outside of Orange. I'm in Brisbane north side any help/ advice that I can get would be awesome.