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  1. Turn the sub around Keith I always found they sounded better facing rearward
  2. Happy Birthday mate And a big thanks for organising parts for me :-) Just gotta find some time to fit them
  3. Does it ever! Haha some comments about it are very funny
  4. Yep I saw it on fullboost's facebook page Heaps of people praising your work
  5. Ken Hastings Balancing Services Of Australia 43 Chifley Drv, Preston, VIC 3072 p: (03) 94804040
  6. I'll be there !! Will work out if I'm 3 or 4 days as we get closer I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  7. Yeah could be :-p Actually I tell a lie, after losing my license for speeding She has a damn good sense if I'm ever over 100kph haha I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  8. Haha Keith she has no idea I could do the alpine cruise in an EA falcon and she would feel the same She knows it's fast but that's it
  9. Haha mine is the same freaky My missus has no idea my car has 300 killa wasps She drives it like its got 25kw, actually flogs her Cruze harder haha
  10. What would the price of all that aeroflow gear be ! Fuel setup was off it's head I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  11. ZF fluid change 4 litres out 4 new litres in Drive around the block 4 litres out again 4 new litres back in Another drive, nice smooth gearshifts Well worth it :-)
  12. Very interesting stuff and I love reading all this info you share But using a kincrome tension wrench is a big no no in my eyes At my work (diesel mechanics) every year tension wrenches get calibrated and with out fail every year anyone that had a kincrome one would get told to stop using it, as they were always to broad Your wrench is most likely fine, as you stated your using it at the tested calibration point I just thought all the money and parts going into some of these engines you would like using a proven Warren&Brown wrench or similar To make the ol gut feeling a little better
  13. Turbo with an EVO attached to it I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk