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  2. This what you need. If you can install a cooler in the front , no fan needed. But not much room with intercoolers. This is why this kit was developed. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-XR6-Turbo-Falcon-Typhoon-ZF-6-Speed-Automatic-Transmission-Oil-Cooler-Kit-/150961837006?hash=item232606d3ce:g:GeAAAOSwwpdW3pqq
  3. Haha the only reason I even thought of that was I think I vaguely recalled using alt 255 as a space back in the day.
  4. nah tomorrow is back to work. its now Sunday. I have to google which pads now I will try. and now I seen DBA make their own pads now? then play BF1 till I fall asleep.
  5. Not everyone gets our humour. But I say fook them... I have finished the premixes time to bring out the E85 (12 year old Canadian Club ) Had a bit of a rough week so it's time to turn up the boost a tad. Tunes cranking and the drinks are going down quite nicely. Definitely no complaints...
  6. im sure he sells a complete kit with everything. I was going to get one. I prob will just organising other sh*t atm @JETURBO where are you
  7. I just Googled ascii emoticons and thought fast on my feet. Plus fb can die in a ditch for all I care.
  8. Noiiiice one. That helps a lot!
  9. I still have one in the car, think it's a 2005 edition! Doesn't have heaps of areas in it that now exist, and can't be used to much detail when you drive out of the metro area...google maps FTW I have it just in case my phone dies and I get lost though.
  10. Keith don't drink. Atleast he has Internet. I dont have intranet and drink and I couldn't be happier ..... ha ha ha ...
  11. It's late, work it out tomorrow.
  12. Yeah I have tried the battery trick and all the fuses seem to be fine no blown ones I've been quoted by ford to get it re coded but will that fix the windows and the gauges ? Dose anyone know if the windows run through the icc
  13. yer screw you guys doing my head in here
  14. ^^ he's right.
  15. Gotta feel for the guy though he is a bit of a FREAK..............
  16. Not k31th, he doesn't drink.
  17. Haha that is some funny sh*t.
  18. disconnect the battery and leave it off for a while (overnight). charge the battery up while it's off... also check all fuses and relays inside the engine bay and inside the car to make sure they're all OK. re-connect and try starting the car. If it doesn't clear the "security code" on the ICC, try an auto-elec.
  19. I skipped the chicken Maggi and went the burnt butthole variety. Two packets for double the burn.
  20. Very nice, its always good to have a bit of time alone with a 400 g steak and chips and have the misses join ya. I call that quality time..... Quality steak....that is....
  21. These work well. 32mm front discs. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BA-BF-Ford-Premium-brake-upgrade-XR6-XR8-Fairmont-FPV-sedan-/182401357250?hash=item2a77f7d5c2:g:RjQAAOSwiDFYOjLU
  22. Poor freaky hahaha
  23. Yeah it can all be replaced haha but why spend more than what there worth on fixing it!? When I can't even find what's wrong
  24. Oh yeah that's what I'm talking ABOUT. But obviously part will different for a B series. I just grab any picks of yours for the brake package. Didn't mean to confuse the Freak. He he. Ha ha...
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