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  2. what's going on, Dan?
  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  4. morning all
  5. Yesterday
  6. If you could get a 32"x14" MT drag slick under your BA's arse you'd be laughing... But MT ET street radials are what seem to be the go for these cars, don't waste your time looking for something to put on your 19's. As it turns out I noticed a guy on Ford Forums has a set in 275/40/17 on a pair of BA 17's that have done 6 passes for $500 Pretty good buy imho Link below https://fordforums.com.au/showthread.php?p=5917207 sh*t I am helpful eh
  7. Holly crap that's insane.
  8. Hi. I was wondering what width/ profile tyres and type would be best for drag racing. I have a 2005 Ba sedan on 19"x10"s running 500rwkw
  9. the sprint spoiler on a g6e on most forums seems to be a bit of a touchie subject. the only issue is that it needs to be bolted in and I dont want to be drilling holes. I was thinking spoiler white carbon, rear diffuser carbon and roof gloss black just to be different
  10. Whats the best for the drags innvo or nitto t05 and are they legal on the street, F6 380kw atw thanks.
  11. Garmin Forerunner 235 sports watch thing. Tried running with it for the first time today - is nice having lots of data. Just wish you could customise the names of the heart rate zones so I could call the top one 'Danger to the Manifold'.
  12. nah black lip spoiler is the shiz carbon fibre wrapped is ghay nah keep the f6 spoiler.
  13. dang
  14. Probably will be another 4 weeks. I'm picking up the head next Saturday and will get the final bits amd pieces through the week. But won't be able to start working on it until the 22nd of July.
  15. @aaronm how does this line up? markings on the cam gears to markings on timing chains are off? by a bit too. this = bent valves to me???
  16. where you located @Typhoon? GJ Drivelines ftw if yourn in Vic. Good enough for Nemza = good enough for me
  17. Nice mate, Lucky find Whens she back on the road?
  18. The nugget off for more fabrication on Saturday. Dump, cooler pipes and chassis connectors.
  19. all white will be too much I feel mate. having said that, prove me wrong? white with black highlights ftw. maybe lip or something similar?
  20. Hey Jet, I'm thinking of upgrading my tail shaft, who can you recommend for a tough shaft and a good job? Thanks
  21. So is my g6e in contention?
  22. I really would like to get a sprint spoiler but thinking maybe wrapped in white carbon just to be a little different
  23. yep. Experience at track > type of car* * usually
  24. don't touch it. I quite liked the upgraded sway bars on my old BF so would recommend having the front n rear done. would look at the rear end suspension linkages/bushings too if you are keen to improve handling.
  25. The hole point of a sway bar is to stop swaying who ever told u that is spitting if your getting white line on front get white line in the rear u can go double but really no need on the street
  26. worth it for a street car @JETURBO?
  27. It's a 2800/3000 unit but the beautiful part about the ZF is the calibration ability and you can basically have it fully locked or fully unlocked and everything in between from take off fully unlocked it flares up past 3000rpm like a loose old school converter due to the torque the engine produces but keep it locked more it's now the equivalent of a tight 2500rpm unit which is spot on for the street as a stock ZF converter is around 2200rpm im a big fan had a few stalled cars before and this is next level wicked
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