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  2. Hi Guys, After 6 years and 40,000k's, I am pretty sure the starter motor has had it. Car wouldn't start...so gave the starter motor a tap with a spanner and It starts now. Not sure how long it will last, but thought original may have lasted longer. (Had car since new) Anyone know approx labour time and the price of a Starter Motor for a 2011 FG XR6 Turbo sedan? Hoping it it not a big job so my local guy can do it rather than my tuner who is an hours drive away. Many Thanks for any info.
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  4. ^yep. They were never available with the btr. Ba's didn't get the zf
  5. So your saying manuals only for the BA F6's luke.
  6. If anyone is considering a WAW in the near future. There is a test and tune before the Westernationals next Wednesday 1st March, so the track will be as good as it gets for a Wednesday. Beware though, that extra grip means extra strain on driveline bits.
  7. Pretty hard to not be a manual and still be a BA F6
  8. Might be a good idea to put the original wheels back on. And de-stripe it. Other than that she's a manual so it's definitely got that going for her. Good luck with the sale buddy.
  9. Hi All,Stereo is making a ticking noise consistently approx every second. When you move the volume knob it ticks the same speed as you turn the dial. If the volume is turned down to zero it stops. The volume of the noise seems to be the same no matter how loud you turn it up. It does it on all inputs (iPod,radio,cd etc). Anyone have any ideas or had the same problem? Thanks
  10. Yeh you might be hanging onto it for a while at 16k
  11. I don't own a GT, but I can't say I have seen a coin holder in the center console, under the lid. I know that @.Stripes. had a GT before, he might know.
  12. I have used Cms,cv, and Autotech I wouldn't use anyone apart from Spiro at Autotech you may pay that little extra but I assure you it's done properly the first time, this is just my point of view, nothing worse having to take car back numerous times diving 3hrs return and still doing the same thing, and then being quoted on paper a price and then bumping it up nearly $200 a week after the quote when you arrive for the job to be done
  13. Didn't forget, was saving it.
  14. You forgot loose flywheel
  15. No its in the centre console compartment under the lid. Most just have the empty rectangular socket. The part your left arm sits on.
  16. The tissue holder under the icc?
  17. The centre console in my GT had a coin holder. Recently had the car cleaned in and out by local car wash place. Two weeks later I noticed the coin holder is gone. Thing is it came with the car new and sat in the square socket in the console, but nobody seems to have ever seen one. Anyone know what I am referring to? Thanks
  18. Ok so....this is weird....after muckin around uninstalling everything icc and cluster etc and reinstalling....I now have cluster again but no icc....ive traced all wiring along the can bus and everything is fine....but yeah still no icc... I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  19. Screw in front tire....tisk tisk tisk. Dangerous projectile at high speed.....that and stray harmonic balancer's
  20. I don't have them. Posted into race wars. Mine was blank. And todds said screw in front drivers side tyre. But I will contact racewars and get them to scan a copy and email it to me must keep everyone happy
  21. You see, that would be funny if A: My Oil level was actually incorrect of B: I failed for it. Neither happened.... Still waiting for pics of blank comment sections on your forms...
  22. Never commented on color. Did say all my oil levels were spot on though
  23. Different people use their vehicles differently, and that’s why Bendix has a range of brake pads to suit differing driving needs. Whether it’s everyday general driving, off-roading, towing or even the odd track day, Bendix has just the right brake pad to suit. For more information on Bendix’s products, visit www.bendix.com.au To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE. For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page.
  24. its still for sale!!
  25. I just scrolled up and it is there. it is embedded into the post like this.... http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92129-my-journey-to-a-empty-bank-acc-and-a-divorce-lol/ I have displayed it as a link, just above this line. Have a read of that thread. because of the skinny rods, it won't like much power. power goal of 300? why not make it 315 or 330 and see what happens to em rods??
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  27. Inspector wasn't concerned about total lack of paint on both cars?
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