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  2. it's called a "door ajar indicator". Does it show a specific door open or does it say all are open? If it's just one, I'd be checking the switch that sends the signal to the BEM. If it's all of them, then the BEM likely has a fault that needs to be fixed by somebody with a fair whack of knowledge/experience with them.
  3. So I'm my BA xr6t the last two weeks I keep getting the warning chime for a door being open even though there's not won't go away all my door locks are fine so dnt think it's a actuator problem might be the boot?just want to no where is the actuall chime is coming from the cluster or ICC has anyone ever removed it permanently or know how too I just want it gone for good I dnt care about seat belt chime or low fuel chime I never want to here that ding noise again I can easily remove the door open globe from the cluster or if not from what I've read online might have to replace the bem then get it reprogrammed an that still might not even be the causing the issue some drives it won't beep but then some drives it doesn't stop beeping HELP anyone? Thanks in Advance
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  5. Fitted a set of guard braced from Performance Suspension. They pushed the guards out a few mm and will allow the lip to be rolled unlike the factory bracket.
  6. Surprised tranny with a breakky in bed and a day of golf at our fav course
  7. I have pulled the turbo for my old car that has been ported and larger actuator. I have tested both turbo's and they both have a small amount of movement in and out. Is that normal? I want to get the turbo reconditioned how much am I looking to and where in Melbourne is a reasonable price and reliable? Also how do I know if the actuator is a 12psi as the writing is gone? I'm dyslexic and cannot turn off simple functions in tapatalk
  8. I'm pretty sure its the 10 micron stainless steel ones which are reusable are the ones too stay away from
  9. If asking for pics to prove something on the internet is creepy, then so be it haha Also, y u no gym?
  10. cant remember haha awks I think PW, as they did start using the new style but they had to many duds from pw so they went back to the older style. the problem is when a pump goes the whole things needs to be opened much easier if the pump is already external to work on. I agree too.
  11. What surge do nizpro use ?
  12. I love the hype around this thing, 6 Cylinder, Large Sedan, Rwd, DOHC, Turbo, 270kw! Sounds awfully familiar Side note: Am part of the hype
  13. I kind of miss my 044 at least I knew if it was running or not hey azza! haha nizpro upgraded me to the pierburg last year and its wisper quiet!
  14. yep Hyundai and KIA are no longer as we all remember them by. which is good
  15. pics? how much? I find their stuff really expensive
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  17. ^creepy...
  18. I actually had an i30 as a hire car in Melbourne this week and I have to admit that Hyundai have come a long way! Last one I drove was my Nonna's old Accent back in the day and that was horrible...but I actually didn't mind driving the i30, they're actually pretty nice cars, for what they are.
  19. I quite like the kias and hyundais, etc. looking at a 'hot hatch' now and long as it does 0-100 in ~7 seconds I'll be happy.
  20. Saw one on the road yesterday. The Kia is a good looking car - kind of reminded me of when the Mustsng appeared on the roads. White with black bonnet vents- wonder if they are functional
  21. Nothing like shopping for furniture for your house. This time we went all out on our loungers seeing that the kids are older now. End up with 2 loungers. Saved $$$$ with the big sales that were on at the time. Just about the whole house has new furniture from dinning table TV master bedroom kitchen stuff. We kept the kids beds but they did get some new low boys and desk.
  22. You're all just jealous [emoji12]
  23. The disc type injector is much less likely to suffer from poor filtration. Let's just use aussie science and say, "you'll be right mate".
  24. I just went KPM 10 micron. Lets hope its good and they have done some testing to back up the 10 micron rating.
  25. Two different cars. Not sure. I think they were causing vibration. Hey I would use one but been told not to. I dont need to know whats good or bad, just go by what my tuner advises.
  26. Hurr durr my grammar
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