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  2. Getting rid of the dog (smell)

    So, the previous owner used to drive around with a dog in the cab. I pulled the carpets out and replaced the underlay with wool underlay, and hand scrubbed the carpet, then pressure washed it. Then put it all back. I have been looking for replacement seats and found some out of a Fairmont sedan. So I sent them to the valet company for a professional clean. they came out great. Then I pulled out the old XR6 leather (dog smelly) seats and dismantled the seat back, to get the frame out. Did the same with the Fairmont seat back. basically put the XR6 seat frame into the Fairmont seat. I had to remove the side airbags, as the ute frame doesn't support them, the seat foam is all from the Fairmont And, the XR6 drivers seat had the usual broken seat pan, the Fairmont one is good. So, the Fairmont seats are more comfortable, but less sporty, and are cloth not leather. I still have the ability to tilt the seat forward is per the normal ute function. All in all the ute is now not smelling, and today, the roof lining is getting replaced.
  3. Stock Ba xr6T mail order tune

    @Dagabond - stop making new accounts to troll us
  4. Stock Ba xr6T mail order tune

    Hi I know the whole 'mail order tune' idea is frowned upon mostly but I'm not looking to gain heaps nor continue to pursue power, but if anyone has a 10psi tune for a stock ba xr6T that that goes on a SCT X3 they could share I'd be really greatful! Thanks guys/girls
  5. Any Ideas!!

    if ya got cash id take it to a respected workshop in your state and get it worked to 500hp. good advice by rab above me there as well, maybe do suspension, brakes, cosmetics if not already done.
  6. Am talking about hire cars. 3 people per car max. If 3 come then 1 car. If 5 then 2 cars. 7 people we get 3 cars etc We'll look at the most fun cars we can hire - and put them in rotation. If more look at coming I'll look at shipping one of our cars over (my cost) for us to put into rotation,
  7. NZ Cruise 2018. Sept/Oct, South Island

    do you realise how expensive it is to shit any car from/to NZ? I just wouldn't be able to afford any of that, except to just jump into a car with somebody else... as much as I'd love to drive around all of NZ, it's not something I can actually do :(
  8. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    awww yissssss excellent work!
  9. Any Ideas!!

    Modding the XR6T's isn't just a case of bolting stuff to them. Suspension, brakes and cosmetic stuff you can do like any other car (and should do) Engine/performance mods - yeah/nah, supercheap stuff isn't an option - there is no quick, bolt on stuff. Look through the posts here and work out what you want. Ask the questions then.
  10. Any Ideas!!

    Hey, Guys I was hoping to start modding my xr6t and was hopping yous could tell me some good Australian website that sell BF XR6 turbo performance parts other then ebay, I don't really trust the quality I only live in a small mining town so don't have any choice here other then supercheap witch isn't much help to me Cheers For the help
  11. Am putting it up to see if there's any interest. Am looking at doing a run through the South Island of NZ in Sept, using the AFL Grand Final holiday as a free day off (Vic) 5-7 days - hiring the best (most fun) cars available and doing a tour. 28th of Sept is the public holiday in Vic and I'm confident that my team won't be involved. (We'll find a pub to watch the game in.) Anyone from Oz half keen on visiting NZ? Anyone from NZ half keen on meeting us? I've done the North Island before (hell, I was married to a chick from there for a while), but ever since I did year 8 geography I've had and urge to visit Milford Sound. Anyone tempted to take the trip with me? Flight are cheap - car hire will be cheap (shared/on rotation/short straw/shot gun/want to drive) (enough interest I'm more than happy to ship a/my/any car over to put it into rotation)
  12. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    true dat I think it was Tiger beer though
  13. The chicks delivering that mai tai's should have shown you how to use the equipment
  14. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    it didn't come with instructions
  15. Crap "string" hammocks are awesome - you just didn't know how to use it
  16. Ef Xr6 500kw 10sec manual sh*tter

    Copying posts over from other forums doesn't work very well with phagotbucket so here's some pics and vids from a recent last minute decision the day before Gazzanats to go do some skids. Little video from a young guy that was checking out the car and asked to come for some laps when I had spare seats. Powerskids qualifying from Saturday only did one skid to qualify then finals on Sunday for cancelled because of rain :(. Straight up dump 4th on the spot about 22psi boost 7000rpm old standard motor loves this sh*t [emoji23] For a total prep time of an hour to fit up a few sets of tyres and no prep to the car it was a mint weekend of skids and piss drinking.
  17. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    that was just a crap "string" hammock Tioman Island (Malaysia) circa 1991 a lifetime ago
  18. Wrong hammock = would live in mine if I could Yours looks like you didn't spread out - need to go side to side (diagonally) not end to end
  19. BA wagon turbo conversion using ford parts

    Almost done. A few little bits tomorrow and refill fluids after etc and pick the ECU up. 50% chance of starting her up tomorrow but may end up being Monday if I can't get everything 100%. Either way, exhaust won't be finished until next week. It's my Birthday Saturday so Sunday I won't be moving a whole lot haha
  20. Weird intake sound off throttle

    The turbo side opens up a lot of noises that weren't there before - the system over the other side muffles a hell of a lot of stuff. Would be really cautious and investigate whether you need a tune or now - the FG computers aren't really smart - they don't deal with changes really well.
  21. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    hammocks are over rated and definitely NOT comfortable
  22. Weird intake sound off throttle

    No tune. I was under the impression I wouldn't need one Definitely not a sound that was there before but quieter.
  23. Weird intake sound off throttle

    That's a pretty big change to the intake - have you tuned it/had it tuned of did you just swap to the turbo side? Maybe just hearing things happening from the turbo that you were never hearing before (muffled by the rest of the intake)?
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