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  2. FGX G6E Turbo

    Yep that's a thumbs up
  3. taking away money from the original IP owner, of course haha
  4. Found a link and put it in my drop box not really hacking the worlds supply of secure data here
  5. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Thanks mate not yet but keen as to do one !
  6. so you downloaded it dodgily... same same?
  7. Jet's Tuning ( Oh No )

    Hi Jet, finally took the time to read the whole thread, awesome work congratulations. A question, have you had the chance to fit a GTX3576 Gen 2, if so how did it perform? Cheers
  8. FGX G6E Turbo

    Its quick enough for me at the moment. 310rwkw and 821nm
  9. Meh I’m not that into it ya plum
  10. or you could have just bought the ebook, ya cheap farker
  11. Was a bit having to dig through Reddit to find a working link
  12. Found it fanks for nuffin omoh
  13. haha sucker. google the file name.
  14. Anyone have a link that still works for this ?
  15. Yesterday
  16. From the 1970s to the 80s, fun, affordable sports cars were dying a slow death. The fun European convertibles had a reputation for being unreliable, and the Americans were obsessed with stuffing low powered V8s into their muscle cars with ancient suspension. On one hand, the Japanese were gung ho with continuous releases of their turbocharged, rear wheel drive coupes, but they were mostly priced outside of people’s reach. Enter the Mazda MX-5. Released in 1989, the MX-5 won the hearts and minds of those who enjoyed pure driving, without breaking down and at a reasonable price. While the spec sheet won’t set any records on fire, the tiny convertible was rear wheel drive with exquisite 50-50 weight balance. Once you get behind the wheel, you’ll understand why it became the best selling sports car in the world, with over 900,000 sold through its generations. The steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter is placed exactly where you need them to be. You sit really low in the car, with your bum mere inches off the ground. Drive out with the roof down and it feels like a go kart, instantly responding to your inputs. The MX-5 featured here has the later 1.8L engine. While you may scoff at the sub 100kW output, it is more than enough for a car that weighs less than a ton. The beautifully balanced chassis meant every turn of the steering was responsive and joyous. The topless classic is so much fun to drive, but we feel that it can be improved even more, with a little bit of Bendix magic. The Bendix Ultimate brake pads are a perfect match for the MX-5, providing high performance braking, with a strong resistance to brake fade. It also provides better brake pedal feel, so you can dive deep into corners without fear. The special fibre impregnated rubber steel shims help prevent noise and heat transmission to the brake caliper and brake fluid. This means you can enjoy your MX-5 on winding roads or the track without fear of brake fade. Brake Pads’ Parts Numbers Mazda MX-5 1.8L 1993-2001 Front: DB1282 Ultimate Mazda MX-5 1.8L 1993-2001 Rear: DB1283 GCT For more Mazda MX-5 brake pads, click HERE. Find out more about the Bendix Ultimate brake pad HERE. To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE. For the latest Bendix news and updates, visit our Facebook page.
  17. FARRRRRRRK ME. u must be devo, sorry to hear mate. Not enough makers in the state to drown that out.
  18. The Off Topic Thread.

    you know too many shocking links
  19. The Off Topic Thread.

    *moonwalks in* Hee he....shoogachooga...shoogachooga, babeh, da, da, da, OW, yeah yeah, yeah yeah....OW!!! *heavy breathing intensifies* Sorry :D
  20. The Off Topic Thread.

    seems reasonable... any details? morning all, office day
  21. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    Place is on hold until the lawyers give us the go ahead to start. The inspection report came back last month to fix everything it's been estimate 70k + just for house repairs. The certifier is under investigation and looks like will be fined and licence taken off him. Hate the place so much I've been looking elsewhere and even went to an auction last Saturday went to our maximum but went over 26k, dame it! There is another place up road but its ready yo move in the other was a reno job. Wife doesnt want to move...............FARK!!
  22. New Build - Home Renovations - Gardens - Garages & Sheds.

    I love the ones that are flush with the ceiling - looks the business!
  23. Its like $100 difference, good investment to the whinging u will get later haha
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