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  1. Today
  2. Cyclone not coming to Cairns makes me feel good. For those south of Townsville, you'd better batten down the hatches
  3. Hey Box - thanks for leading us around as well (you and Puff sure know the roads around here) Think you'd enjoy the Snowies cruise in Nov if your available for that Farrk me still awake cos just finished downloading 70GB of vids and pics from today's runs to my lappy (had a granny nap during cos couldn't see straight after tawny port and Rab's famous home brew)
  4. Fantastic bunch of pics lads. Cheers for a great couple days and it was good to finally meet ya all, perfect way to finish off a day of driving with a couple of beers and a feed at Hanhdorf. Safe trip back over to the Mexican side of the border. Cheers Rab for cooking up a storm on the bbq... Have fun tomorrow keith, gary and rab. And I will catch up with you soon Nath.
  5. A little pool of oil there is totally normal. You'll get plenty of smoke if you have a seal issue.
  6. Found the impellor housing had some oil laying in it this afternoon, looks like I'm up for a new seal/bearings, any ideas of the best place to get a turbo rebuild kit for a stock 2009 fg ute turbo.?
  7. Post car O2 sensor measures cat efficiency. It has no bearing on closed the fuelling.
  8. That explains that then. To me it seems useless anyway - why have another sensor downstream. Ive logged it and its exactly the same reading, just slightly delayed. Also, @JETURBO do you know of anyone that can supply higher flowing versions of the standard 4bar bosch fuel regs? Tia
  9. It's common for tune shops to turn off the 2nd o2 sensor especially when a big cat has been installed yes nathan it's a good idea
  10. Haha yeah, something like that. I love these sorts of cruises At the National Motor History Museum: At the Borossa Reservoir (whispering wall dam).
  11. @JETURBO Just curious as my 2nd o2 sensor has never been connected. I realise now my dislexia (derr) took over when I initially wrote the post. I meant "does the ecu only use first o2 sensor for reference after flash?"
  12. Pcmtec editor update for those of you following. Updated the axis view to show all related tables. This is very interesting for all the new tables/axis we have found to help discover what they do. We have found 94 new 2D tables, 250 Tables 1D, 70 Axis and ~6000 Scalars. As you can see a lot of these will be very easy to define as they are obviously load vs rpm tables. Another interesting one is the load and rpm axis for the MBT spark table. People regularly rescale these tables due to running more boost but it turns out they are used by 3 other unknown tables that utilise these axis. So by messing with axis you could be potentially breaking something unknown in the ECU if you use the existing software. In this case the 3 unknown tables are all zero so it is safe to rescale, however there may be others which are not. I will be implementing an auto re-interpolate function soon. So if you do change an axis it will re-interpolate any existing tables that use that axis so the resultant Z value is unchanged. If your new choice of axis means the values can't be maintained it will warn you.
  13. Hey would you recommend getting a wideband and gauge fitted to an xr as a way to keep an eye on it or is it a bit of overkill?
  14. when it's $15 a megabit they really can't afford to provision the full speed that you ordered! it's a complete scam and desperately needs to be changed. They wait until a certain amount of people in a given area complain before they upgrade the backhaul. On a side note what made me feel good today is I am loving this new test meter I have as it is freaking awesome for diagnosing problems. In most cases I can tell a customer within 5 minutes whether their internal cabling has a problem or not. Then once the modem is up and running I can even go to speedtest.net on the meter
  15. I reckon it sounds like crap, its one of the many reasons I decided to sell my old BF. I drove it pretty sedately most of the time and didn't like how the car would go tutututututut like crazy from barely any throttle input.
  16. Tramp rods/brackets painted today in hammerfinish black/charcoal. Respray chassis tomorrow then install these tomorrow fingers crossed.
  17. What do you mean as I don't reference either as I use a wideband for true lambda calculations then after the tuning is done the factory o2 sensors are only there to maintain the target lambda set by the tune ( +/- 0.02 lambda swing ) what exactly do you want to know ?
  18. Hi yall Quick question... do any tuners here use only the first o2 sensor when referencing lean/rich after flash?
  19. Thoughts are with you and family Stripes.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Fly out day..........
  22. Morning all. Beautiful day for a cruise in Adelaide
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