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  2. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    yeah I liked it sure beats a Toyota Corolla eh @Rab I don't know if you read my other post about the dash reflecting on the inside of the windscreen But that does look like a design fault to me I tried to adjust the position of my head to see if it would make a difference but same everywhere I tried ended up using the reflection of the headup display as the best "clear spot" to look through maybe a dash mat would fix it, but I really hate those things
  3. Fg F6 Ute Sq Build

    Dynamat or similar makes all the difference to a stereo install. I am lucky , one of my mates is Wally from TopEnd audio in Perth. So I drive in and drive out with killa sound
  4. Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    In manual mode it blips the revs on downshift. It's a shame the ZF doesn't. It's awesome at the racetrack. But makes you look like a homho on the street. Sounds like you want to race everyone. Come on. Tell the truth. You liked the holden. So now image one with 3.45 diff instead of 2.92 and another 40rwkw. That's what I drive every day. PS- still a slug compared to the F6, but a nice seat to spend hours in.
  5. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    I fitted KPM 10 micron stainless. Cleaned after 2000ks of E85. Clean as. I assumed it would be full of crap. That being said my car only has done 42k I dont recommend using the paper filter, the E85 breaks down the glue. Maybe install a brand you stock filter and after 500ks change to a stainless mesh Read the threads. All the serious E85 guys run 10 micron stainless mesh cleanable filters. I use 20L/100 cruising around and 30-40/100 when on the gas
  6. I haven't spoken to Daryn in AGES. I'll call him tomorrow for an update. I do believe that the car has been racing, so it must be fixed..
  7. Whats On The Menu

    @Rab That looks way better than my poxy sandwich
  8. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Keefy got it sorted. Your car won't run on ethanol unless tuned for it. When you go to the dyno, you'll want a fresh and full tank of whatever juice you're using.
  9. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Basically run it as low as possible and take it to the tuner with a jerry can or two full of E85, who will then drain your tank and put the E85 in for tuning.
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    Terrible weather indeed. It's quite cold in sa right now, but the sun is still out mostly. Bring on winter!
  11. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Cool. Sounds like the go puff. The way u just put it, makes sense. Didnt know id be paying twice on the tune either. shoulda realised that!!! So when its time to do the 85 tune, do I fill with it and take in to tuna, or do u run tank nearly empty and they add some before tune?
  12. Pics Of 275's All Round For Circuit

    I gotchu fam edited your post to show the pics .
  13. Pics Of 275's All Round For Circuit

    Keith mate, can you post those imgur hoosier pics for me. Thanks! The sheer height of them and size of them is scary due to the 40 offset, seen compared to a 295 30 18 A050 in the pic. Think it was 6.2% diameter increase (over stock) so may finally be able to use a higher E85 boost tune on circuit that may still hold 2nd?
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    I know a bit late but happy Monday. Was another terrible day weather wise in Perth
  15. Whats On The Menu

    Spot on @Rab
  16. Whats On The Menu

  17. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Good advice. My car only does about 10,000km per year , it's been on e85 for around 5 years. I got 400km out of my last tank.
  18. Fg F6 Ute Sq Build

  19. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    It's a bit of a waste for commuting as it's basically a race fuel and you use about 30ish% more of it. It is next level compared to 98 though and the gains outweigh the cost if you like to go fast. If it's ya first time getting it done up then I'd get a 98 tune done first and when you get used to that, swap to e85. That way you get to enjoy two power upgrades without buying more parts. That's just what I reckon though, either way you're gonna have a much faster car than before. Haha I'm excited for ya now too lol
  20. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    It also burns almost twice as fast as regular 98 fuel, if you go E85, but it makes considerably more mid range torque due to its knock insensitivity, so it's nicer to drive, but you may end up switching tunes a lot and you pay extra for two tunes etc.
  21. Fg F6 Ute Sq Build

    So what happened with the install?? have a heap of questions for you too?
  22. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Yeah standard turbo E85s a good cleaner so loosens any crap you have in the tank.
  23. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Ok cheers mate. Have looked around and theres a few servos not too far away selling it. Sounds like the way to go hey.
  24. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    I'd recommend buying a couple of fuel filters as they will block up pretty quickly when you first switch over to e85. The first one may need changing within a week. They should be easy to blow through and if not, turf it. My third new filter is right as rain.
  25. 2010 G6E finally getting tune and mods!!!

    Fu#k that's a good time hey!!! Hope I can achieve that with mine. Pretty sure tuner said a walbro unit, so will have to make sure e85 compatible. that's standard turbo hey?
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